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Playing Ipod from AUX input

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by deepakmittal, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Oh yeah..there were few minor glitches though.
    1. Some playlists, even though it identified and displayed, failed when I attempted to play them.
    2. Also, I find the usb connected device 'always' stays in ON mode (or powered mode). I wish it goes to something like 'stand by' mode if not being used for some minutes. because I am not sure what adverse effect it can have on my player if it is always ON.

    Still, have to do some more research of making my experience more comfortable while searching for required track 'while' I am on the wheel. Will add them if I come across any!
  2. From yesterday I am again observing some gup shup going on inside my usb/media - similar to what I had mentioned some time before in this forum. It has again started not detecting my usb stix. Not sure whether it requires me to clean up (read format) every month or so, or after some heavy re-shuffling of mp3-s to/from it. I tried the earlier trix, but 'no media found' is the SOLID reply. :confused
    hav to work on it.
  3. gautam84


    New Delhi
    hey guys..
    sorry to say but you cannot plug in a AUX cable in emotion pack and connect the i pod..
    this is only possible in emotion variants where blue n me is not present..
    getting the cable in the pic..only blaupunkt systems have this kinda port at the back..
    even blaupunkt in delhi says they have stopped manufacturing this cable.. you may get this from the car dealers if they have in stock.. i luckily got 1 in delhi after a massive search.. it cost me 400 bucks along with the setup..
    this is a very rare cable.. i have a linea emotion and got it fitted.. but my friend who has a punto emotion pack was unable to do this setup because of the blue and me.. the blue and me does not recognize the aux.. it is not compatible..it recognize the usb instead..
    i even tried connecting my phone with the aux.. you can only hear the voice but your phone's mic stops working..
    the aux diables the mix of the phone.. so even this is useless.. the ipod plays gud and damn clear than the CD's...
  4. What cable are we talking about? Is it the one with two RCA males at one end (L & R) combined into a normal stereo pin (which you normally plug into iPods , music players) at the other end? If that's not available, we can easily make one at home, you just need to have the RCA males and a stereo jack good quality cables, and soldering iron. I am using such a DIY cable in my car to connect any audio source to my Blaupunkt HU.


  5. gautam84


    New Delhi
  6. Thanks for the info Gautham. I have an older BP HU in my Palio (Monterry) and it has aux output supported by the cable shown in my picture above.
  7. jehangirJ



    From what you said am i to understand that in my linea emotion pk, if i try to put this aux connector i wont be able to use Blue and Me?
  8. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Dude reset ur blue & me.Even then if it doesnt work to ur satisfaction then opt for a replacement.My BnM was not working properly,it wudnt show the title tracks on the MID and sumtimes the USB wudnt get recognised.The service guys just reset the BnM n now the lady's back to normal ::D The Works manager told me if ur facing any further prob then v shall replace it.
  9. atulkumbhar

    atulkumbhar Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi i have a Punto Dynamic purchased in October 2012 can i fitt the AUX cable to my music system...:confused:

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