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Planning to take a trip, but scared.:-(

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by ccprakash, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. ccprakash

    ccprakash Regolare

    Hi All - Iam planning to take a road trip to my native Rajahmundry from Bangalore and return back.(3000 kms).

    Earlier i did it thrice when Fiat is with TATA and we have service centers across the NH4 (TIRUPATHI, NELLORE, ONGOLE, GUNTUR, VIJAYAWADA, ELURU). But now I am scared to do this trip because we don't have any single service center across this road.

    Please suggest me whether I can go ahead and take this trip and what kind of precautions I need to take in case of emergency any good local mechanics in this road for FIAT.
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  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Why not service the car at your place before the start of the journey and then proceed with a peace of mind. If you are planning the journey a month later, there is a brand new Fiat dealership/workshop coming up at Vijaywada being started by a TFIian - Harsha. You can be the first one to visit him on the way. He hasnt named the dealership as yet but will in due course of time.
  3. ccprakash

    ccprakash Regolare

    Thanks @ghodlur. Iam planning on 27th of this month. Anyways i get it serviced before iam leaving.
  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Get it serviced, at least a week before, to make sure any after servicing issues can be attended to.
    Keep Tata service stations details, in case of emergency, you can request. Or use Fiat RSA service.
  5. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Like Ravi suggested, get the vehicle serviced at least a week before the journey. If the car is currently not having issues, I do not see a reason why you should be worried. Go ahead and enjoy the drive.

    Do keep the RSA handy, if in case you need any help.
  6. viveksonkhla

    viveksonkhla Amatore

    Noida, India
    Linea T-Jet
    Scared??? Why???

    Go to service center...get it checked...replace worn out parts... and get going. Cars don't breakdown on their own... its a combination of negligence and the idiot sitting on the steering wheel.
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