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Planning to Buy Punto Diesel- pls share ur views

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by amaralways, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. aramling

    aramling Timido

    HI... I am from HYD ... planning to buy punto 1.3 MJD Emotion in a weeks time. The current price at tejaswi motors is at 6,79,662 with the discounts ... The sales person says he has only 3 colors for (grey,white and red) ... I wanted to go for Tuscan wine however my second option is Grey ... the sales guy told me that if i would want Tuscan wine then i would have to book it in the month of January .... the price will be increased by 10,000 rs for punto in Jan and i would also have to pay more since the tax will be increased to 16%.

    I want to know if the price offered to me is gud ... i would be thankful if anyone from HYD helped me out ...

    Email me at ( arunbharani at yahoo dot com )

  2. talkraghu

    talkraghu Timido

    Amar, I too have booked Active car at Prerana motors on Lalbagh road. I had been talking to Aadya motors as well. Prerana was offering more accessories compared to Aadya. However, I had booked the car during November. The car after discounts costed 6.04 L..
    Below is the breakup

    Other offer given are

    1.1st year insurance free
    2.RSA 50 months free

    3.Floor mats(set of 4)
    4.Mud flaps(set of 4)
    5.Teplon coating
    6.Sun flim OR Reverse parking sensor
    7.Body cover

    Try your nego skills...
  3. @Arun,

    Recently I got quote from Concorde Motors, Hyd. for Punto 1.3 MJD the discount offered 5K for 76 HP and 90 HP = 10K + Insurance + RSA + EW + Basic Ass..

    You inquire now, because Dec. 2011 discount will be more, might be they got it now 6/12/2011.

    Regarding price increase, I don't think they will increase, yes they can wave off discount, which is 5~10K + insurance might be extra (which is around 10~15K extra depend on insurance co & discount.), same time you will get new model 2012.

    So I am waiting to see new model than old one. Only Maruti new models disappointing me than any other and I am happy to own WagonR old model than new.

    BTW, You can consider EPK model than Emotion, EPK is real VFM than Emotion.
  4. aramling

    aramling Timido

    Thanks Rakesh!!! ... it seems fiat has freezed prod for Tuscan wine ... even the guy from concorde motors gave the same info. Which one do you refer Tejaswi or concorde.

  5. Booked long back one Palio Stile 1.3 SDX, now its unavailable. They want to convert my booking towards to Punto MJD.

    I don't have any buying experience with Tejaswni or Concorde. I heard Malik Motors have good service setup than others, so consider good service setup 1st than sales.

    So are you waiting till Jan 2012 for New Model ? If yes, pl ask the 2 Punto MJD deal than 1, we can buy it together.
  6. aramling

    aramling Timido

    @Rakesh I will check with the guy from Tejaswi tomorrow ... i think the price for 1.3 MJD Emotion will up by 25K next month (10K showroom increase + 16% tax ) ... so not sure if i am ready for that... but let me check out ...
  7. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I think buying a car in the last 2 weeks of December (around Christmas to avail festive offers) makes more sense as the discounts usually make up for the depreciation of buying the vehicle in December at the time of resale. Even then, its of benefit as the burden on pocket was still lesser (technically) nd lower EMI (in case of getting a car loan as you would need lesser principle amount).
  8. I don't feel that RTO registration charges will increase upto 16%, yes for at least 3 months we will not get discount of 10K.

    but sooner or later TATA & Fiat will offer insurance at Re. 1/- for sure.
  9. Hello Friends,

    I am also planning to buy a Punto Emotion variant.Planning to buy the car from my hometown. I have inquired about the new model coming in 2012. The SC confirmed that new model is coming in jan 1st week. He is not sure about the changes in the new model.
  10. aramling

    aramling Timido

    Booked my first car ... punto 1.3 MJD Emotion pack... :drinks

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