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Planning to buy Punto 90 HP , Need some suggestions and comments

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by guruprasad, May 29, 2013.

  1. guruprasad

    guruprasad Novizio

    Hi All TFI members,

    After using Alto for 5+ years,looking for a hatch back with Safety as my primary concern

    1. ABS + Airbags (twice i met in danger for not having ABS not to blame Alto, But not having technology in my car)
    2. Better Ground clearance (as i would be travelling to my village where roads are very bad) and Suspension as some times my car will be overloaded with 5 + 1 kid

    My first preference was 7+ seater, due to limitation in Parking space and other factors. I stick to hatch back. with Google and other websites started searching cars with more Ground clearance, ABS + Airbag, Diesel and Millage. Initially my plan was to buy a car which has good resale value and after 3 or more years sell this off and buy utility 7+ vehicle. As usual Maruti Suzuki Swift ZDi came to my list and then started comparing other, then came Polo (Bit Respect to German engineers who are pioneer in Automobile). But Punto joined to my list (as it had Higher Ground clearance). My friend always used to say about his Palio its Road handling and its build quality, But he warned me that FIAT ASS is quite not good as others. Got confidence after Ravi Sir cleared all my questions which i was in confidence of Punto.

    After thinking about safety and drive comfort, i am not looking for resale value. As we consider car as the second home, i need as safety as home and pleasure driving.

    Maruti Suzuki ZDi : (Only mentioning the cons)
    Not good in build quality, quite impressed with break assist, but sadly when i enquired the service engineer in MASS none of them know about break assist and all were mentioning some non related info about its actual intention, then i thought Break assist is not that big added feature to consider this as priority.
    On higher speed 100+ felt like flying on the road, not enough road grip. Loves to drift while in cornering, etc..

    Polo :
    Before going to TD, got reviews about its High NVH factor. for my preference its better in road handing, Superior build quality , But Low pick up , felt engine under powered. when the polo was in parked in basement where there was bit quite, i could make sense of its Noise level and on servicing side expensive maintenance.

    Punto : (which made me to impressive)
    1. 195 / 60 R15 (wide tyre), Build quality, Highest Ground clearance, FIAT as a brand in terms of there Diesel engine, Ferrari.
    2. Good looking design and its dynamics to keep the car pressing from top to not loose the road.

    Info (for this its still not clear or making be stopping from buying the Grande Punto).

    1. Will there be any major refresh in 2014 for this Punto 90 HP, due to which i would regret waiting till that time (Diesel model)
    2. Even though Punto has 15 HP more than other competitor, Others says the initial pick up is not good (Below 1.7 RPM or so) :confused:.
    3. I not keen on the interior, but i should not feel the plastic smell once i get inside the car (which i feel in my present car and also i hope this continuous for all their bunch of siblings). Do i get the same smell of the quality of interiors used in Punto.
    4. I should respect for the Driver seat comfort in Punto (During my TD) and also the same said around the world including my colleague and my friends. Will the same comfort carries to rear seat (at least for 2 in back side).
    5. One of the sales man said, ABS will only kick in if you are in a higher speed, but theoretically it should work regardless of the speed you are travelling and based on the slippery / locking of the tyre which kicks the ABS. Will the ABS works even in lower speed .
    6. ASS is not that impressive from FIAT Authorized centers or its more waiting time to get appointment, But can't this be get serviced from BOSCH service centers or others.
    7. What's the FE (my friend who owns Punto 90 HP, all of a sudden he got bit serious and said "Dont buy Punto if you are looking for FE"). This i felt that there are other factor which influence the Punto , which indeed i am satisfied with the specification on paper, reviews from website and also my friends.
    8. Lack of Break assist here in Punto. Will this be a really considering point here.
    9. Sales executive in FIAT cafe said Only "New Pearl white", "Exotica Red" and "Hip Hop Black" is available for Punto 90 HP. But i didn't find this on the Specification sheet. Is this true.
    10. With Highest Ground clearance, Chances of Getting topled or car might not have enough road grip as the Dynamics of air will be lifting the car upward. With all the review and personal experiences of others said, this is not a point to consider, bit curious about its high way handling.

    This is my first post in TFI, if i am asking wrong question, please pardon me.. Any suggestion or review if its good or bad please update.

  2. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    1. There is no concrete information about Fiat launching refreshed version of Punto (Punto Evo as called in European markets).

    2. You are referring to Turbo lag upto 1700 rpm. Most of the diesel cars suffer with this syndrome, its because the turbo charger becomes active above 1500 RPM, but once you learn to keep the car in that RPM range and get used to the gear ratios, you shouldn't face any issues. Migration from petrol engine to diesel engine is a challenge especially in city but in the end, its all about getting used to the car !!

    3. Brand new cars smell a bit, that's just for 2-3 months. Now my car smells of 3M floor mats and ambi pur perfume :) it doesn't smell like a Maruti though !!

    4. There is decent amount of space at rear for 2 passengers. 3rd person getting accommodated is a challenge if you have Punto. 4 people with Good built and height below 6 feet can easily have a comfortable journey on Punto. i have driven with 5 people onboard too !!!

    5. As per my knowledge, ABS works all the time, its just noticed during panic braking on high speeds. Basically, ABS sensor directs the calipers to hold the disc in cycles. This happens at the speeds like 15 cycles per second which avoids slipping or locking of tyres and let's you steer while you brake. (When talking about brakes, one thing you ll notice while driving Punto/Linea on highways is their lovely behaviour when you brake, the cars remain calm and composed and induce confidence even at the speeds of 120-130 kmph - personal experience)

    6. FIAT is working hard to establish their service centers across the country. Hope we have them at the earliest.

    7. When you talk about FE, in city you will definitely get 13.0 km/ltr with 90HP and out on highways its 18-19 km/ltr for sure (considering speeds of 120 kmph). I stay in Bangalore and I get roughly same figures driving in peak traffic hours.

    8. Break assist ? You mean Road side assistance ? If yes, then FIAT as well has road side assistance. If its some technology specific to Maruti, them am sorry, I don't know about it.

    9. Yes, Punto 90HP is available only in 3 colours, Bossa Nova white has been replaced by Pearl white, Exotica Red and Hip Hop black. You have other color options in 75HP variant.

    10. Lastly, about the highway behavior of car, I can go on and on and yet not finish the list. Even though the GC is increased, the car doesn't show any signs of toppling. It's planted at higher speeds and the meaty steering gives you loads of confidence to take the corners with ease. The engine feels relaxed and happy cruising at speeds of 120 kmph and the driver holding the steering wheel is left with a smile on face :D (drove 1300 kms in 4 days early this month and not even a minute I was disappointed with choosing Punto 90HP).

    Only problem am facing in my car is ride quality and that's specific to my car I guess due to Goodyear GT3 tyres. I would suggest you to avoid that set of tyres in case you get it from the showroom and opt for Apollo Acelers which come preinstalled. Just my opinion based on the experience :)

    Hope that answers all your questions.

    Good Luck :thumbup:

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  3. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Who said brake assist is a feature and who said fiat does not have it? Suzuki guys probably displayed this as a great feature in the brochure like they do with every other stupid feature on the car.

    Fyi- all mordern cars have brake assist. Its just a vaccuum pump with a cylinder under the brake pedal which amplifies the braking force when u step on the pedal.

    Be Rest assured, the braking capability of the current fiats are unmatched, they offer the best in class braking even on the non abs variants.

    Fyi the abs variant comes along with EBD. You can google to know more abt the technologies.

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  4. Gaurav Chakraborty

    Gaurav Chakraborty Amatore

    New Delhi
    Go for punto..if u want a car and u really want to feel the pleasure of driving.
  5. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Welcome to Team Fiat India, Guru Prasad. You can introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself section. :)

    If safety is the priority, then Punto gets full marks. If ride and handling qualities are the requirements, then again, Punto gets distinction. :) As I mentioned earlier, test-drive all the vehicles, not once, but many times, and then, decide.

    I wish you all the best.
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  6. Prash1407

    Prash1407 Amatore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Welcome to TFI...
    If you are concerned about the FE figures, there are innumerable posts and figures which will prove that the FE is actually very good for 90 HP. I drive in the peak hour from West B'lore to EC via Koramagala and always get around 14-15 with 60% AC. I am yet to get the first service done.
    Be rest assured.. This is the best car which you have finalised. Have a good time ahead and do post some lovely pictures... Seeing the beauty again and again doesnt bother anybody right :-D
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  7. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I have driven my 90 HP more than 50000 KMs. Only difference, i decided my buy 1 yr. in advance & just waited to get the finance in place. Awesome car, driving fun-factor didn't go less a bit, chilling AC with Aircon set at 24 deg. in peaks (temp in Delhi is over 46 deg.), brilliant chassis/suspension, a comfortable ride as well as a scorcher based on your mood (at least by indian standards!!), very friendly to pocket by both FE & Aftersales point of view, very forgiving on bad indian roads where best of the brands get unscrewed in a matter of 2-3 yrs & above all, you will love it every single day like it's just delivered.

    Suggestion (other than Punto): If it's not Punto, do a lucky draw for rest of the cars & buy whoever wins the lucky draw:up.

    Only plight: ahhhh... A 2-door version with 1.6 MJD + 4 discs all around:A!!
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  8. guruprasad

    guruprasad Novizio


    Yes its very much true, All mass market hatch back which i felt is common, its a pretty choice. But i wont do that. My next car would be Punto 90 HP or if i am able to afford and wait it will be "ABARTH" (Hope i would get Diesel version not the petrol to burn my cash).
    My initial thoughts was to have Good resale value. But what will you gain with that , if you are not happy with its behavior in terms of Road handing, Comfort, under powered engine or Noisy engine, Low quality material , High expensive service bill, etc as every one known. There are so many points which impressed in Punto (thought not to mention early, But not able to stop sharing here).
    1. Door sound , as soon as i opened the door its hardness and that Thadd sound,, None gave that feeling. (for some seconds, i was about to do that repeated times.)
    2. About the Dynamics and suspension which is mentioned all over the world. (Personally not experienced by drive it, but i could sense from its spec).
    3. Steering wheel which holds the Thumb in a curvy holder (none can compete with this). had a bad habit of driving in one hand which is not safe , but after holding this steering i bet , my both hands will be on the steering.

    1. Its quite ambiance and a European touch, As its a brand new i could feel this show room has opened recently. not much to express here i felt good compared to other showrooms.
    2. Felt bit sad as there were only two Punto and Linea , most of us need more numbers. for the current situation, they might keep different colors and variants. (Hope , Abarth and new Linea new gen will fill this place).
    3. Even though the interiors were good, i felt bit low light in one of the CAFE here in Bangalore, and wrote low light in there feed back form, suddenly the SE switch on the light, and that was Good. (I expect this should not be told by customer , the SE or some one in back end would have switched on the light).
    4. Need to highlight the +ve points in a Demostration note or Laminated Ad in front of the car, instead of displaying the variants name
    a. Smoother suspension , Best in class wide TYRE, Higher Ground clearance , Linear Turbo (First time in Hatch back, or so) etc.. which makes people to feel that "I am the one who can drive you safe"
    b. There were 1 or 2 SE and 4 or 5 back end employees which are doing there own work , without caring what's happening out there. I feel SE should train enough to clear all the questions which i had and answered.
    c. Visuals digests faster than words, It would be great to have a LED TV (not big nor too small) which should have show the History, Advertise or etc (Ad guys can pitch in with Great sound and visual effect) . This i felt once i was in Delphi, Accenture, Some of the OOH media which has some nice fun and interesting topics.

    Not but not least , More Service centers
  9. guruprasad

    guruprasad Novizio

    Bit setback as no offer or discount for 2013 refresh Punto which are manufactured after April 2013.
  10. sidindica


    Contrary to the reports of only 3 colour options in the 2013 90 HP, the MY 2013 90 HP is available in all colours. I have personally seen a silver shade at kashyap with chrome handles and "emotion" logo and also got a chance to drive it.

    Now, coming to the 2013 models, the 90 HP sees the following change:
    -Gunmetal aloys
    -remote control (hand) for audio
    -earlier only seats and gear knob was red stitched. Now the steering carries a red stitching as well.
    -The light grey base colour with dark grey dotted upholstery finds its wa onto the 90 HP as well, though the outer seat parts and door trims continue to be dark grey, the seats have red stitching with the "P" logo embroidered.

    Besides, if we compare to the 2012-march 2013 90 HP models, the overall interior fitting precision has gone up a notch and I liked it a lot. Drive wise the short gears in 1 and 2 remain, but the first gear is now more user friendly. Second aids driveability, but the real fun comes after 3rd. The turbo spools up and acceleration is strong with linear power delivery. Refinement and in cabin NVH has always been impressive and continues to be in this version as well. It has all the features that we want and unlike the unnecessary gimmicks in the i20 at the cost of chassis dynamics, the raised GC has been a boon to me for my 76 hp punto. For out and out handling, the figo still has a wee bit more edge, though.

    But, living in bangalore, keep in mind that service quality is still on transition stage and workshops are overloaded, from what I have seen or as per the feedback I have had interactions with people, but if the locals can assure of the same, its worth buying for the repertoire of talents it offers. Just be careful of one thing. The stepney in the 2013 90 HP continues to be 165 R14 with 14" steel rim that is a kind of a space saver designed to run on max 80 kmph. Its cost cutting like the VW. Better option is to buy a linea rim costing 1050 approx and a tyre of 195/60r15 for long run.

    Personally, I prefer the car in stock form without any abarth stickers.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2013
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