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Planning to buy a 2012 Punto

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by carzinger, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    if ur not in a hurry, its probably nice to wait as discounts will definitely kick in..
    and the prices mentioned is it after road tax..!??!
    i was confused.. when i bought my Santo and beat.. the on road prices was inclusive of the road tax.. but in fiat's case or the sales assistant who i negotiated with, for them it was temp registration..
    i was in a hurry.. so dint inquire the detail..
  2. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Well, doc, I have not read the replies so might repeat what others might have already said.

    Welcome to TFI Doc. (For the record I am also a doc and you'll come to know many more if you become a regular visitor.) :)

    Well, new models never get discounts. The price rise isn't huge. FIAT was going to raise prices because of higher input cost anyways. Every manufacturer has done that. On top of that, they launched 2012 models and were further giving more discounts for out going 2011 models. These 3 things contribute and make it look like a very steep rise in prices.

    Polo has 3 cylinder engine. Since the number of cylinders are odd, counter balancing has to be done but 3 cylinder engine is very noisy and makes vibrations.

    Polo is definitely way over priced in the name of German technology. It offers nothing for a price over 8 lacs. No automatic climate control system, no steering mounted controls, no voice commands, no My Car feature, no Auto check control mechanism, no speed sensitive front intermittent wipers.

    I have already answered. Also check prices of Swift, i20 etc. Every car is over priced and offers lower features. Punto has some features that are otherwise found in luxury cars like Audi, BMW etc.

    Year of manufacture matters. It is mentioned on the RC nowadays. Even I used to think about it but then why do people buy car in January after letting go all those December discounts? Simply buy the car in December with discounts and register in January. :)

    Hope you make the correct decision. BTW once a silver Polo TDi owner was waiting for his son while I was waiting for my mom in the parking (I have once talked about it on TFI in the past). Our cars were parked side by side. I was cleaning the rear windscreen washer nozzle of some white deposits when he approached me and said, "Doctors don't buy FIAT. Why didn't you buy Polo? It's German, it's VW". From there started the discussion. He had just bought the car a few days back and I didn't want to dampen his spirits. His model was comfortline (mid variant). He paid almost close to what I paid and the features he was showing just amused me inside. There was nothing close to 30% of what Punto Emotion Pack (now called Emotion from 2012 onwards) is laden with. I was virtually smiling when he drove off with his son in the noisy 3 cylinder car.
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  3. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto


  4. teky

    teky Esperto

    Wow is all I can say, europeans make their cars with understated elegance. That parking lot is indeed lucky.

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  5. My advice would be to test drive both and decide what works for you.

    Punto v/s Polo
    1) Punto engine is superior has 4 cylinder than Polo's which is 3 cylinder. punto has less turbo lag but polo has lots of lag under 2000 RPM. But after turbo kicks in polo is also quick, maybe quicker of the blocks due to gearing. Gear box in Polo is very smooth whereas Punto's one not so smooth compared to Polo's.
    2) Polo steering is an EPS , super light but does not offer any feedback like the Punto Hydraulic one. Both are accurate . Punto & Linea steering are one of the best steering wheel in this side of 10 lacs.
    3) Interior quality is high in polo , best in class according to me but design is a bit boring. Punto interior quality is also improved in 2012 models.
    4) Polo is a wide hatch so the third passenger has enough space but there is a big transmission tunnel & leg room is not very high. Punto's rear seat is more accommodating but Punto is a bit narrow compared to Polo, leg room is also a bit better in the Punto. Space at front is good in both in both cars.
    5) Punto sets the benchmark for ride & handling but Polo is not behind , it also has good straight line stability.
    6) Most important point for me is G.C . Punto wins this contest easily. G.C is very important considering our roads.

    If I was in your place I would go for the Punto. The polo does not deserve 40,000 more with less equipment.
  6. Let me put in another way ...

    If you want to buy Polo over Punto it should be because

    1.Polo's interior is much better than Punto .
    2.A.S.S MAY be better and you CAN get a decent treatment in S.C since VW dont service any taxis.
    3.If You are much inclind towards German Technology (BTW I am not sure how it scores over punto when they are providing much less features fore much more price)

    Apart from the above points I dont find any other reasons in my stupid mind to buy a 2011 manufactured Polo over a 2012 manufactured Punto that too for 40000 extra .

    Afterall you wont get a chance to follow your heart every time in your life . So if you get a chance to follow your heart , grab the opportunity with both the hands .

    And according to ME , guys should follow what your heart suggests in marraige and buying a car . :)

  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Sorry for the offtopic here, but i'm quite amazed how people go ga-ga over German engineering compared to others. This whole infatuation with the stress on the use of the term ''German engineering'' to any product coming even remotely from Germany is quite baffling.

    No doubt Germans have led innovation for sure, and i'm myself a huge fan of German engineering, but that doesn't mean others are inferior to it. Not Japanese, not English, and most definitely not Italian. The Italian engineering of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat, Alfa etc.

    So, if anyone labels Polo a better product just because it's of German parentage, then a reality check needs to be done.


    P.S. Why couldn't ''German engineering'' stop DSG failures, HPFP Failures, SMG issues, CRDI injectors melting etc etc etc. We need to look from a broader perspective.
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  8. thanks so much to each and every one of you. i am really taken aback by all ur posts.. never thought that ill receive this many.. im overwhelmed.

    btw, i have made my decision.. its PUNTO 1.3 EMOTION, BNW.

    things that made me took this decision:

    1) i hate engine sounds. ( i have owned only a petrol car (i10) before, im used to the low noise levels.. now ,its time for me to move to diesel,, due to the fuel prices.. VW polo is more noisier than punto - thanks to 3 cylinder mill)

    2). 2012 model ( no 2011 models in stock with the dealer)

    3) cost of ownership ( since i havent started earning < doing my post graduation now >, i dont want to keep asking my mom for money to spend on the service or spares in future.. if punto, i can manage with my pocket money, i hope)

    4)im a FIAt fan.. ( HISTORY: not because of their engineering or the cars they make.. but because of MICHAEL SCHUMACHER. im a die hard fan of him since 2000, thats wen i started watching F1, and i started watching it because of him, i can say.. i never used to miss a race as long as he was in F1.. when i learnt about his comeback to F1, i was very thrilled, that he is going to drive the ferrari again, but... sadly moved to merc. still whenever he comes to my mind, i can think of him only in that brilliant red colour with the "prancing horse".. miss u schumi.

    well... going to the dealer in the evening the finalise the variant and colour.

    thanking all of u once more. tc.

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    gud comparison huh
  9. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Well said Guru. If at all there had been a term "Italian Engineering", Fiat would have surely scored there. But people are not aware that it is this Italian Engineered engine that runs on many hot selling cars here . People are just attracted towards the name . German Engineering, Swift etc are some names which people blind foldly trusts in.
  10. yes.. the prices includes road taxes too..

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    finally booked the punto 1.3 emotion.. bnw.

    SA told me that he will get the VIN number in two days..

    btw, regarding the proof of address documents, will a bank passbook do?

    im taking loan in an address, which is different from the one, which i thought that i will get it registered.

    but the SA told me that they cant do like it ( loan in one address, registration in another)

    he asked me, whether im ready to register in the same address as of that loan address. i said, its not a problem. so he told me that bank passbook is more than sufficient. ( to get the loan as well as registration)

    is he correct?

    can anyone please make me clear..?

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