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Pioneer in-dash GPS

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by infernal, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. infernal



    I will be getting a pioneer in dash gps touch screen unit (z-120 bt) for my car from the US next week. Im sure the default maps that come loaded wont work in India, is there any way i can get the maps updated for India? Do map my india or satnav people do it if i pay them?

    Or is there any alternate gps in dash unit available in India?

  2. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I have the mapmyindia navigator LX 130. It is a small unit which can be mounted on to the front windshield using a bracket. It can be powered from the cig lighter. I have put a photo of this bracket in another post "What do I feel after 20000 kms? Grande Punto 1.3 – Emotion!" in the "ownership reviews" >"Grande Punto". Since there is no wire cutting involved, it will not affect your warranty. In-dash may require some wire-cutting.

    It has fairly good maps of the bigger cities. Smaller villages etc are not mapped. It more or less paid for itself when I once drove from Dehra Dun to Delhi during the winter with fairly thick fog. The voice commands (it is a lady) indicated every turn and bend in the road precisely - gave a lot of confidence in driving in those conditions.

    As I have mentioned in my earlier post, the manual for the navigator mentions that use of sun-films on the front windshield is to be avoided since it can affect the GPS signals.

    What I like about the product is that it will calculate a route. If you change this route for any reason, it quickly re-calculates the new route and gives you the necessary guidance. They put out a map upgrade once in six months to a year.

  3. go in for Map my india make use of the old gps system ...that should work
    the In dash gps unit are there which wont get adequate support or for that matter will suffer
    incompatibility for feeding in the maps via satnav or mapmyindia.com
    Like to tell u that the mapmyindia guys will have no issues shipping you the SDCard with their
    latest maps for a nominal charge ...You can call their helpline # for the same ...
    THE VX 140 is VFM product

  4. MMI map is sold at Rs. 7000 and Satnav at Rs. 1000.
    I see no big difference in both the maps but MMI is definetely "marginally" better than Satnav.

    I see no justification for Rs. 6000 difference between the two.

    You get the maps in SD cards if you order them online from their respective websites.
  5. You can easily get the Map My India SD cards Map for India. I have got one for my Garmin Nuvi unit that I was using in US.

    The Poineer In Dash unit that you are planning to bring is that a dual din one or a single din pop out screen system. From the looks of it, you can only acmodate a signle DIN system in FIAT cars.

    There are many in dash units avialable in India but then the issue is most of them are dual din.
  6. infernal


    its a double din system, wouldnt be a problem installing it, everyting can be customised mate
    anyways, iv dropped the plan for the gps system, might upgrade my head unit though


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