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Pioneer DEH-80PRS install in 3-way active network mode

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by veryindian, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. veryindian

    veryindian Timido

    Pune + Mumbai
    Hi all, I'm really pressed for time so will make the write-up to the point. If anybody wants any more details then please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Pioneer has launched a great car deck for sound quality and its quite affordable too considering the competition. So I can see lot of people ICE'ing it up with this deck and running active networks. I'm putting the details here because there are a lot of people who want to have a great sounding music system in a car but mostly don't get it for whatever reasons.. I will not venture in that direction. However, in case you want to buy this HU then allow me to highlight how to achieve a flat response from this wonderful HU for all SQL loving people. Please bear in mind the acoustics are related to my Fiat Punto 90hp.

    My current setup :
    HU - Pioneer DEH-80PRS (running a 3-way active network)
    Amp - 2 x hertz HE4.1
    Front - Focal 165VB
    Rear - Focal 165CA1
    Sub - Pioneer TS-WX303
    Stalk adapter - connects2
    Antenna convertor pin - local make

    I've retained the steering button remote with the connects2 kit. It's plug-n-play except that two buttons on the steering don't work-1.call button(tel logo) & 2.voice action button(win logo). The AM/FM radio works flawlessly.

    Had to put in a fascia plate which can be found really easy. It's not 100% matched to the ergonomics or the dash colors but guess what, the jump in SQ is soo big that I can live with it forever.

    So I'll try to explain my install..

    HU is in network mode, not in STD mode. I'm NOT using the passive crossover networks that came with the Focal components. So front door stock locations have a Focal 165VB, without the bundled network. Rear door stock locations have the Focal coaxial's. Subwoofer in the back, touching the wall of the rear seats facing the hatch.

    The lows signal & highs signal from the HU is carried to a 4 channel amp. This amp is in full range mode(not using the amps XO for LPF or HPF). Tweeter output is normal left+right and subwoofer output is bridged.

    The mids signal from the HU is fed into the second 4 channel amp. This amp too is in full range and powers the front door's components mid-bass and rear door's coax's in the regular left+right setup.

    After all the wiring was done BUT BEFORE switching it on for the first time, I made sure that all the levels were down on the amps just as a precaution to not blow my speakers up just in case the stars decided to not be in my favour. Took out a pen and pressed the microprocessor reset button. Switched on the unit, went through the initial install and started it up. Remember I did not have any sound as the levels on the amp's where kept at zero. First I dialed in the crossover settings as desired by me but within the limits permitted by the speaker manufacturer. Which in my case was as below :
    Low LPF - 100hz@12db
    Mid LPF - 80hz@24db
    Mid HPF - 8Khz@12db
    High LPF - 5Khz@12db
    Then after doing the network settings as above, I went to the position setting and selected front right. It is important to do so on this particular head-unit before running the AUTO EQ & TA because this informs the HU about the placement of the AUTO EQ & TA mic. I switched off the unit. Changed the levels on the amp to 3/4th of maximum. Connected the AUTO EQ & TA mic and placed it on the driver's seat just below the headrest. While the HU was switched off, a long press on the EQ button and voila.. AUTO EQ & TA menu comes. I selected the auto function and stepped out of the vehicle. Gave it some time by itself.

    It's suggested that you do this in a quite place but all I wanted to do was fire it up ASAP so that's the reason why I took so many steps. It really speeds up the entire install process and guess what, I can do it again anytime I want :D.

    The AUTO EQ & TA took about 8mins. Connected a USB drive and fired it up. Rocking!!:dancing:clap:wow:drinks
    I cannot explain in words how much overwhelmed I was with the SQ, mind it this was before nuance tuning.. this too on a auto calibration algorithm.. Here I was, witnessing the grand rebirth of my Punto's ICE and all I could think of was "How can Fiat get it wrong on so many levels with the factory stereo??" :uh

    Anyways, point is it's rocking like never before :dance

    First impressions:
    The screaming focal tweeters have mellowed down a lot and sounding warm and great. The mids are crisp. Bass is tight, like really tight, that too from a ported box. Now the sound is proper. Needs some more fine-tuning, majorly because of my choice of rear door speakers. More than about the make of them, its about the decision to have something in the rear door's in the first place. I had the speakers installed from before and I decided to continue having them.

    I further took some time out to fine-tune some settings to tailor it to my tastes. Lowered down the mid-HPF to -4db, increased Low-LPF to +1db. increased SLA for USB to +1 and I'm thinking it sounds just about right. :D

    That's not the end though, fished out my playbook with a Sine-wave generator app, connected to the aux-in on the front of the HU, flattened out the 16 band EQ curves(at vol level 44) with an RTA to control clipping. That's it. The science part is done for now. Rest tuning if required will happen with the old school way of using my ears :p

    Check out the below image for a picture of the resulting EQ levels.
    2012-10-09 14.16.17.jpg

    If any of you lives in Mumbai/Pune and wants to check out the install then you can ping me. I'll be happy to oblige whenever next I'm in that city.

    That's it!! :bye
  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Hay nice setup. Can you please let me know the price of this setup. Please provide the breakup.
  3. How much was the budget?steering control is the only prob stopping me from going for other HU
  4. veryindian

    veryindian Timido

    Pune + Mumbai
    Cost and other small details


    To get a better idea of the overall cost, I'll repost my previous install too ;)

    Front Speakers : Focal Polyglass 165VB components
    Rear Speakers : Focal Access 165CA1
    Amplifier : Hertz HE4.1(below front passenger seat)
    SubWoofer : Pioneer TS-WX303
    Damping: Bass FX (all doors)
    Wiring : audison
    Total was close to 49K.

    In this install the cost components were :
    1. Head Unit : Pioneer DEH-80PRS - 19.5k (USD370 from amazon.com)
    2. Amplifiers : Hertz 4 channel amp HE4.1(below drivers seat) - 9k
    3. Audison RCA cables & other cables - 2.5k
    4. Connects2 Stalk adapter - 4k
    5. 1DIN fascia adapter - 1.2k
    6. 2nos fuse - dont remember
    7. Antenna convertor pin - FOC
    Labour - FOC | Total - 37k

    Now taking both installs in consideration, I've spent 49k+37k=86k

    Now I know some people will not find the total spend appealing at all, but considering the SQ now, IMO the spend is just about okay :D

    Some pictures..
    2012-04-12 19.30.47.jpg 2012-04-15 12.43.05.jpg 2012-10-09 14.23.48.jpg 2012-10-12 11.00.52.jpg 2012-10-12 11.01.37.jpg
  5. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    Your pic explains why my Connects2 interface doesnt work. Can you please share where you bought your C2 from?

    I got mine directly from Dynamic Sounds UK and my model number is CTSFA004 (without the IN).
  6. veryindian

    veryindian Timido

    Pune + Mumbai
    I got the install done at Poona Motors(at Pune). They sourced it from some local guy. Your model number seems okay, that IN should not matter much as the indian spec grande punto has got the same technical's and wiring as the UK sibling. Can't be sure why your adapter isn't working. I suggest you check the wires and leads with the help of a multimeter before buying a new one.


  7. puntolover

    puntolover Novizio

    Hi, dj

    Please follow the below TBHP link & connect as per instruction & please let me know,

    ICE ICE baby. Punto"ICE"fied - Team-BHP

    I got this answer after shipped back CT2 to ebay, if this works, again i will get the same........

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    Last edited: Oct 15, 2012
  8. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    Checked everything a long time back (my install happened in Apr-May 2012!). Seems there's a problem with the EU spec black box (STK 277). I've sent back the box to them, asking for a replacement. The working box number is STK 272 (as confirmed by actual users). But Dynamic Sounds has gone silent now. In fact they are saying there is no STK 272 box! Can you please confirm your adapter/black box part number?
    I've already shipped back the adapter to them months back, so cannot try out this method. Waiting for a replacement.

    Moreover, my HU is JVC 926 and not Pioneer. Maybe this is also a Pio patch lead specific thingy?
  9. hey real liked ur ice setup.i'm too planning one for punto .can u plz tell me what would be cost for the side 4 speakers and damping.how is focal on punto without sub.i mean bass
  10. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    @veryindian, reviving an old thread.

    Asking this on behalf of a good friend of mine. If one chooses to install with the provided crossovers like in Morel Maximo (front) and Focal Access (back) how would the settings change. Would it entirely defeat the purpose of a network mode. He too has it imported, the Pioneer 80PRS. Also in install is a Cadence Sub and Cadence Monoblock along with a Cadence 4 channel for components. The dampening done is very minuscule and entire panels aren't covered.

    Incidentally his install too goes in a 90bhp Punto. Could be nice if crossover points for the Morel Maximo 6.5 and Focal Access 165A1SG can be suggested.


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