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Piloting the TJet+

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by khoj, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore

    hey Buddy...

    Warm Warm Welcome to TFI...

    Hope you will enjoy your stay here as we all do... Share lots of pics and experience with all of us...


    Neel :up
  2. teky

    teky Esperto

    Khoj - Welcome on board, Nice to see you here. Would love to hear from you a comparison between the two beasts, Cedia is one vehicle which I've great respect and only if Mitusbishi & Fiat can get their act straight we would be driving some lovely cars.
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  3. Congrats on your new car...
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  4. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Welcome to the esteemed TJet club - where only a few dare and are happy that they took the plunge!!

    How long did it take you from Kalyan to Delhi?
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  5. khoj

    khoj Amatore

    for the kind words & the warm welcome.

    I am attaching here a few snaps of my Jet, these were taken by my pal Parimal, who himself is a Fiat fan and owns a 1.9 Liter Palio Diesel as well as a Punto sport. You can see his sport next to my car in one of the snaps. These were taken at the 3M facility in New Bombay while our rides were being pampered.

    In fact it was Parimal who directed me towards this forum and is responsible for putting me in the cockpit in more ways than one, (read the details in my ownership thread shortly).


    TJet+ side view.jpeg

    TJet+ rear left.jpeg

    TJet+ FR.jpeg

    Do excuse the low resolution high noise snaps, these were shot with a cell cam but then something is better than nothing

    wise words indeed but then as an uncle of mine told me eons ago

    I took 2 and a half days this time around. Had to start my return journey before the 'shradh' period began so left from Thane on the 29th afternoon and promptly got stuck in Ankleswar as both bridges had a massive jam on account of "Ganpati Viserjan". Next day took a halt at Kishangarh, the target was Jaipur but after being stuck in two jams between Vijaynagar & Nasirabad was tired. Next day met a dear friend at Jaipur bypass, chatted for an hour and collected a treasure trove of Pyaaz & Mawaa kachoris and was home in Dilli by 5.

    Hey thanks & wish granted, see above n-joy

    Apologies for the long reply. Think better type out my thread before I turn the introduction in to a narration.
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  6. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    You are a true petrolhead madman...Two best beasts available in india in your garage and not a single pic of the gorgeous couple, bring it on khoj!! Happy Jetting !!!
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  7. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Congrats khoj! Well you got your hands on the beast just in the nick of time. What was the price you ended up paying? I am assuming that the car would be registered in Delhi only. And only a serious petrolhead would go all the way to Mumbai to buy a car which will be used in Delhi. Respect!!
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  8. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    Awesome khoj! Looks like the Bronzo Scuro? Btw why did you have to buy from MH? Ain't it available in NCR anymore/

    Love your choices. I regretted not buying Cedia but made up for that by going for TJet.

    I don't think you'll want to get married for love! Two cars that love you back more and more each day!
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    linea in that color looks very premium.. great color choice
  10. khoj

    khoj Amatore

    Thank you for your kind words, I have conveyed the same to the senior petrol head at home for whom I made this trip. You are right, we were just in time to land one of the last few Jets in the country. It is being registered at our HR address.

    LOL, love the bit on marriage. Bronzo Scuro it is and NCR these days thinks, lives, eats & breathes black oil.

    Thanks man. I get very extreme reactions for this colour, most go wah wah & the colour blind go Bu!! $hi% :hit (no offence meant to any one please)

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