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Photoshoot FIAT Linea & Chevy CRUZE.

Discussion in 'Photography' started by jaisha8, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    hey kedarbendre..
    who can say punto is underpowered? when person like u drive her with pedal to metal...typical italian way of driving

    A little knack is needed to whack her....

    though TEKY use to say he can't surpass innova..
  2. linealover

    linealover Regolare

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  3. teky

    teky Esperto

    I'll still say that, Innova is real highway cruiser. However what excels in the Punto is the handling down the curves, But it's even better in the Linea right? Both Punto & Linea's chassis needs 1.6 MJD period. I need a car with ample torque delivery for City driving conditions and also whilst overtaking during highways. Try gunning down a Innova once you've shed speed rapidly, I want some raw power man. Can you bring that 68,000 BHP whilst you return?
  4. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    hey TEKY,
    where had you been man?..........so long time away from TFI.without your post TFI looks bland,

    Tambaram to ambattur by-pass road is where the linea is put under test along side innova,really innova did n't budge man.

    every time i surpass him,he will find any loop hole (read between two trucks) and kept on teasing me.

    wild in me started surfacing,video game like chucking in between the lorries,kept that mammoth as a dot in my IVRM....

    To be honest,innova got a torqueky engine with that he kept paralleling me till 130 KMPH, exactly this point is the end of innova's territory,wherein linea's starting..

    its an absolute fun to drive linea in curves.....1.6 MJD(VGT) is my next buy...

    Recent review of hyundai verna in team-bhp,GTO confess verna is not a car of his category, saying linea>vento>ANHC>ANHV..

    i red those lines as many times as i could....1.6 MJD(VGT) is my next buy...

    hmmm.......sure will bring.......then who will do service....TATA?????...
  5. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    innova fades post 140kmph . me overtook innova easily at 145 km... corolla altis at 160kmph.. altis couldnt gather enough courage at high speed i bid him good bye....... took ford endeavour at 150....swift 135

    no big deal for punto90hp i am sure it is potent for 180+.

    the fun is post 120km p90hp accelerates like it is just the beginning...:cool:

    ( i am afraid if it have speed governor post 165+ hope not. :)
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  6. True fun is when u fight it out with the (so called) biggies. ;)
    ..like some one had posted some where, " as the needle goes up,..when others start fumbling..., punto is just getting into its groove." Have read that line a hundred times in the mind.:))

    I always got the best out of my 1.4 when put along with bigger friends
    - getting past an innova at 160 when it was raining cats and dogs
    - hand in hand with a laura and passing him @ 170 (later at a line too straight, he got better of me though)
    - swifts and figos were always easy preys.. any ways still remember one swift vdi trying fancy with me at 120 with an evil smile. couldn't respond, as i was in running in

    hmmm...havent really got enough chances to try those maneuvers in kerala's winding rubberized highways.. that is always a to-do in my mind.;)

    - (i'v) never seen i20s trying overpowering in highways - not sure if it is the confidence (or lack of it)that one gets once behind its wheels
    - hardly seen an innovas (in highway) who is doing < 120/130 ! fully agree with its capabilities with that 2.4 diesel heart. it is the one mass mover suited for the highways..

    btw LL, u r one kind of a cool head man,...;) will catch up some time soon. when r u bak? july...?.
  7. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    hey punter..

    happy to see u,i hope u are doing well...is n't it???....ofcourse along with your punto..

    verna and i20 got potential, In a typical race they will up to the mark of 120 so quickly,but after that they will stay there holding a flag for u to go ahead.

    now both of them were out of my consideration to compete with them.During my trip from coimbatore to chennai,while getting a toll ticket,verna surges ahead and

    zipped away. Bruising me.....not my linea...

    he bruised my ego..(animal in me).....got its fuel...yet my MJD yawning from its reposed state,she took her own time to gather a momentum.

    (it is like you apply for a plan approval in government office,a guy with his specs flanked by his cheeks giving a immoral look.yelling at u...why you are so hurry?

    your application is in process,now you can go........next please....)

    i applied for acceleration,she replied wait a moment please............

    she galloped and approached at the rear of verna....linea might be seduced by verna's ........ dance

    oh my god!!!!..In plain flat air strip like tarmac,verna wobbles like anything,it must be nightmare for homo sapiens who sitting in rear seat of verna,

    on contrast,our italian beauty cradling my father,who enjoying his sleep after a dinner.not aware i am racing with other guy...hmm sometimes he woke up

    perhaps i make him cozy...he will back to repose...

    even i gave verna wide open road for him to enjoy his day,after i got bored of number uno position,but simply that gentle man refused my deal,all of a sudden

    become sane and never want to go above 140 kmph...

    i have red in sathya_sc post, where someone chuckled at him. saying verna will eat linea for lunch.he replied from his own experience that linea will eat verna for

    breakfast,lunch,dinner. i love that post.now i love more,since i myself experienced the handling prowess of Fiat...

    well,i left my beauty in the safe hands of my brother...ha...ha

    he is not taking outside her after seeing my showers of love....i told him at least start it daily...

    i have driven her 18000+km in 5 months......after 3 months left home still the ODO struggling to reach 19000km..

    hmm....punter i will be back in august....will meet....teky,sathya,bnzjon,livilyyoungman,vijay77,ns kumar...

    will make it happen again....

    p.s: mods-thanks for deleting,sorry for inconvenience,i need to explore all option buttons.
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