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Petrol poured in to diesel Tank & leakage in tank - How to fix it

Discussion in 'Technical' started by varoon9999, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. One my friends Indigo TDI had full tank of petrol, I was driving the car when I cranked the car initially I though accelerator got stuck as RPM were raising with out me pressing the pedal.
    It went upto 7000 RPM !!! that's when I switched off the engine, engine might be on for about 90 seconds or so.
    after removing the petrol and filling the Diesel car wouldn't start, we pushed the car and from road side dhaba we got hot water and poured it on the engine after removing the black plastic on it viola engine started!!, we never switched off after that.

    Car had damages to fuel pump lot of rubber seals in many places glow plugs got burnt and with in few months of getting every thing set right car was sold off by my friend.


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