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PETROL Hatch to DIESEL Sedan - Now Wolfed

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by nkrishnap, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Mileage update:

    93rd Refill: 244.4 kms - 17.31 liters - 14.12 KMPL (MID 14.6 kmpl) - Average Speed 17 kmph - Rs. 58.72/- per litre from BPCL - RR Nagar.
  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    krishna, really admire your perseverance on this one .
    I had initially planned on keeping a note of how much i spend on fuel but started following religiously only a year back.
    Do you maintain an excel sheet or something like that for this ? It would be good to know what the cost would be like ( if not anything the hike in fuel at least) ;)
  3. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I do maintain an excel sheet as well as using the mobile to make note of the fuel expenses.

    Currently using this My Cars (Fuel logger++) You can download it from Google play store if you are using an Android phone.
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  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

  5. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    34,000 kms in 500 days - A Look Back How Things Have Turned Out With The Ownership

    Disclaimer – Long post

    Customary Milestone Picture


    Let me pen this down in the below order

    1. How the likes and dislikes have turned out in the 500 days of ownership
    2. Issues Faced and resolutions provided
    3. Service experience, body repair and parts availability
    4. Accessorizing the car
    5. Cost of ownership
    Part 1 - Likes and Dislikes

    • Looks good from any angle and the Bosa Nova White color suits the car quite well. I would not have picked the current Pearl White color, somehow dislike it
    • 16" Turbine blade alloy wheels with meaty 205 section tyres go well with the car, though it robs a bit of the performance
    • Ride, handling and stability quite good even with the raised suspension and slightly more body roll than the pre 2012 version.
    • Steering feedback and the steering wheel is perfect
    • Chiller AC
    • Light clutch
    • Comfortable front seats
    • Good quality High beam
    • The speed masking capacity is superb with good noise insulation inside the cabin.
    • Blue n Me comes handy along with steering controls
    • Hand rest is a boon on long drives.
    • Auto headlamps quite useful when entering the basements or tunnels.
    What could have been better
    • When launched it was fully loaded, but now the segment has moved on with more features, time for Fiat to pack in some more features
    • Not so good brightness for the low beam, but the spread is decent. Projectors with HID would have been very good
    • A nice slick gearbox would have been better as the shift is rubbery but the gears slots perfectly fine.
    • No bottle holders in the car.
    • AC Blower is a little too noisy at full speed for comfort
    • The rain sensing wipers has a mind of its own and no option to disable it.
    • Atrocious audio quality from the stock speakers
    Part 2 – Issues faced

    Issue - Rattle from driver side door
    Resolution – 2 attempts, it was finally nailed and fixed, the power window wiring was the culprit
    Service Center response – Co-operative in fixing the issue, though it involved multiple attempts

    Issue – Right rear window making weird noise
    Resolution – Window rubber beading changed under warranty
    Service Center response – had to pressurize them to change it under warranty after the rubber treatment spray failed to resolve the issue

    Issue – Front left door making noise when the glass is fully down
    Resolution – The glass has slipped out of the glass guide. The guide put back in place, the noise has disappeared for good
    Service Center response – Co-operative in fixing the issue, it was done at the first attempt

    Issue – Brake shuddering
    Resolution – The rotors and brake pads replaced under warranty, the issue has not reappeared
    Service Center response – Co-operative in fixing the issue, it was done at the first attempt

    Issue – Weird noise while closing the boot
    Resolution – First the lubricant was sprayed and it did not resolve the issue. The hydraulic struts changed under warranty
    Service Center response – had to pressurize them to change it under warranty after the lubricant spray failed to resolve the issue

    Issue – Dead pedal plastic not fixed in place
    Resolution – The clip that holds the dead pedal was loose, it was fixed properly and the issue was resolved
    Service Center response – a quick fix

    Issue – Wet Carpets due to water logging
    Resolution – Carpets removed and dried.
    Service Center response – Took about 4 days to get his dried and put the interiors back in place

    Issue – Clutch judder
    Resolution – Clutch plates replaced under warranty.
    Service Center response – it was replaced under warranty though I thought I had to pay for it

    Issue – Broken Center AC vents
    Resolution – None yet as the chrome AC vents not in stock
    Service Center response – Part ordered, awaiting delivery. The status has been the same for a month now :A

    Issue – Driver Seat squeaking issue
    Resolution – Lubricate the seat rail and tighten the bolts. But appears again after a month or so. Permanent fix not found yet.
    Service Center response – Co-operative, but no permanent fix found yet.

    PS – The issues listed are not in chronological order and I did not have to visit the service center individually for these issues

    Part 3 – Service experience, Body Shop & Repair and parts availability

    Service Experience
    First Service (5000 kms) ExperienceLink
    Second Service (15000 kms) ExperienceLink
    Third Service (30000 kms) ExperienceLink

    Body Shop and Repair

    Bumper painting experienceLink
    Carpet drying experienceLink
    Bonnet repair and paint experience - Link

    Overall Impression and Parts availability

    My Linea has been serviced by Prerana Motors/Vecto Motors only. Routine service has not been an issue, the experience has been satisfactory. To be fair, the car has not given trouble (touch wood) to replace something critical and hence it would be unfair to judge on how it would have been dealt with. The regular spares are not an issue, however the critical and not so fast moving parts will need anywhere between 7-10 days to procure but this observation is not holding good for the AC vents

    The myth that one has to wait for months get parts from Fiat has not been true at least in my case.

    On a different note, it’s a good thing that a few parts can be picked up from 99rpm as backed once the car out of warranty or if one chooses to forego warranty. I am from the former category.

    Part 4 – Accessorizing the car


    I have opted for the CF wraps and the PPF at a few places on the car. The CF wrap on the doors and mirrors above the PPF. The PPF for door edges, running board and the boot lid.

    CF WrapLink



    In Car Entertainment

    The stock speakers are nothing but a piece of crap if you are an audiophile. The car saw two stages of audio set up and dampening.

    Initial set upLink

    Front ARC Audio 6.5 components with cross overs; rear Cerwin Vega 5.25 co-axial, Cerwin Vega 4 channel amp and 12 inch subwoofer in compact box for tighter bass

    Current set up thanks to water logging issue and a conked amplifierLink

    Front ARC Audio 6.5 components with cross overs, rear Stage Audio 5.25 component, ARC Class D 4 channel amp, Stinger RCA converter and 12 inch subwoofer in compact box for tighter bass

    With the current set up, it’s really hard to even hear the stock audio for a min

    Foot Well LightsLink

    Gear boot and hand brake lever leather upgradeLink

    Part 4 – Cost of ownership

    The odometer currently stands at 34013 kms which I have approximately split into city, mixed (40% city and 60% Highway) and Highway

    Odometer Split.jpg

    Fuel Costs

    The car has been quite economical to run and it is one for the reasons for the success of the Multijet engine. Total fuel cost as on date is Rs. 111,041 The car has been refueled at the PSU and a couple of times at Shell bunk.




    Mileage over 12 months

    Mileage over past 12 months.jpg

    Mileage for all refills

    Mileage vs Time.jpg

    Diesel cost over time

    Diesel Price Vs time.jpg

    Service cost – Rs. 24557

    Total Running cost has turned out to be Rs. 3.99/- per km.

    Refuel Vs Service Cost.jpg

    Cost per KM.jpg

    All costs

    Overall Expenditure.jpg

    All other costs incurred as of today from the date of purchase has been tabulated

    Expenditure Break up.jpg

    I am paranoid about the car getting dirty and I have depended on the car care. I have spent a bit on the detailing part. Of the overall expenditure, detailing has 4% share which amounts to 13001. I do get the car washed often mostly depending on how dirty it is and would have spent for about 15 odd foam washes costing around 450 each.

    The amount spent in keeping my car as good as new till date amounts to Rs. 13,001 + (15 *450) = 19,751/- for 500 days and amounts to a shade below 40 bucks a day which I find it quite reasonable.

    Overall Impression

    The car has been fantastic to drive, quite reasonable to maintain and with above average levels of service back up. I have traveled quite a bit with the car and it has helped travel across 11 states and 2 union territories. The Linea has given me fair share of driving fun, got me a good set of new friends and last but the least, the family loves the car very much. Hoping that the Linea continues to serve me well as long as I own it.

    Signing off with a few pics of the Linea











    _MG_4667 (Copy).jpg
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  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Amazing details with pictures, Krishna. I couldn't imagine to maintain the kind of statistics you have for your Linea.
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  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    We all know you keep all the details, but this above post is brilliant with putting all details in perspective.

    Excellent collection of pictures too ::T.
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  8. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    This is one of the most detailed post I have seen in an ownership thread with all those stats etc.

    Regarding auto wipers, Its surprising that there is no option to turn them off!! FIAT should have gave an option of turning off the auto wipers, just like the auto headlamp (I hope auto headlamps can be turned off).
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  9. Shri1972

    Shri1972 Amatore

    Very nice review . Liked the stats and it's presentation . Good analysis too with beautiful pics.

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  10. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Excellent analysis, Krishna Prasad. :)
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