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Peted, K&Ned, 1,76,000 Kilometers completed

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by epicenter, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    H Gaaij,
    Posting this in 2 parts so that you dont get bored. Apologies for these lengthy ramblings, but i just cant control my hands when they start on the keyboard, so kindly excuse if you find this boring. Also will be taking up the earlier replies after the 2nd part so please bear with me.

    So the odo reads 137800 and I am back from a nice nippy drive in the rains.

    Last time we talked, the car was limping around on shot elastic pads, the front left shock absorber from the newer setup which made the car stand crooked and made one doubt that the front right damper had gone bad, the tires were almost bald and aquaplaned as soon as they even sensed moisture, the car idled bad when cold, spewed out white smoke when cold started, the engine check light came on every time I tried pushing it in the 3rd and the 4th gear, bent alloys coupled to bad tires made it a literal death trap on the highways. Had limited using it to only emergencies and rode my 500 to work and back till I got everything sorted out.

    So one fine day, talked to Kawa Auto, Mumbai regarding the elastic pads. Vijay bhai was kind enough to let me know that he had them in stock and they would be mine at 1200 bucks for the set. I was shell shocked. The service center had quoted 2800 plus taxes for one and here I was getting the set for 1200. Definitely sounded fishy. Called up Vijaybhai again regarding this and he told me that the ones he had were also OE pads only without the packing and hence the huge price difference. He also said that if I didn’t feel confident using them, I could go for the original ones from the service center. Slightly more confident, went for them and asked a friend to pick them up from Kawa.

    The pads arrived that night itself. Checked them out and found them to be perfectly alright. Called up a mechanic who had just started his own show after spending a lot of time at the Tata workshop where my car went in for services regularly. Found out that he had worked on my car many times and knew most of the things that had been replaced and the problems that had been sorted out. Fixed the appointment with him and took the next day off. The suspension had to be set right first and the other things would follow. Just to be cautious, had also picked up a set of brake pads since the car was crossing the 135000 mark and the history showed replacement almost every 30000 kilometers approximately. Also had already arranged for a complete set of four shock absorbers from another source at the authorized service center. They were from a 1000 kilometer old Punto and the owner had wanted to switch over to the new “improved ground clearance” setup. They had cost me around 4500 bucks plus a free fitment whenever I wanted to get it done. Called up the guy to set up the fitment with this mechanic I was going to. He agreed, looked like a set day for all the work. Some other small problems could also be taken care of, including the one serious enough to give me nightmares, the engine check light.

    Getting up early and getting ready to go anywhere is not too hard for me, especially when it concerns any car or bike or anything mobile with an engine, gearbox and wheels. So 8.30 found me showered, dressed and picking up my One X and the desmodronic key to the car, slipping the wallet (empty till then save for10 bucks) and my usual executive blue pinstriped handkerchief into my black Levis. A pair of Woodlands later, I was in the elevator going down to the parking. The car had already been washed by the watchman and I unlocked it, slipped in, started the car, waited for the erratic idling to regularize, slotted into first and headed to the mechanic, the engine making its usual cold clatters, trying to shake the chills out of itself.

    The mechanic, Kaushik, had also just opened the garage and since I was the first one there, there were chances that I’d be free by noon. Telling him the car troubles was a five minute job and while he drove the car around to diagnose what was wrong, almost everything matched with what I had figured it would be. The killer was again the engine check light. We would check the piping for leaks and the EGR for any problems while we were at it.

    As the wheels were removed and put aside, I took a chance to see how they were holding. The condition of the tires was bad, that much I knew, the alloys were in pretty bad shape too. Fiat definitely needs to go up on the strength of the alloys. I’d talked to Vishal in Ahmedabad a couple of days ago about the tires and from what we discussed, 53000 kilometers was good life for C Drives, especially the kind of mixed terrain I drove on. One other factor that aided in these tires wearing out slightly faster was the asymmetric pattern which would only let one rotate the tires front and back and not all round like conventional pattern tires. But 53000 kilometers was definitely good life for the Cees. We were already debating between stock sized C Drives again or upsized A Drives. The Cees would be superior on comfort and handling, the Az would be better on life. We would decide when we put in the tires. That would be the last job on the car.

    The brake pads were good for another 5000 kilometers or so, but the discs had scoured out some. We decided to face them off instead of changing them. Would do that during the service which was due in another 4000 odd kilometers. The brake pedal would have slightly more travel and the bite would be slightly less, but then I’d wasn’t going fast with those bad tires either, was I?
    Opening up the brake discs made removing the shock absorbers and the elastic pads that much easier. Once they were out, we could actually see how bad the elastic pads had gone. You could see the play in the bearings. While we were at that, we also decided to dismantle the entire shock absorber assembly, wash it clean and then put it back together. The washing guys were just a common wall away and while the dampers and springs enjoyed the first shampoo of their lifetime, we checked out the rest of the auxiliary systems to see if anything more needed to be replaced. Everything was AOK and we were happy.

    I’d also come across an article on AWRS, alloy wheel repair specialists coming to India. Finding a link to their website, I had sent them a request for a quote to true up my alloys. The prices had been right through the roof initially and I was not very optimistic whether I could afford to get them done or not. Budget definitely was a constraint. It was getting them done up professionally at AWRS or getting them done the old fashioned way. Heat them up. I guess, luck was on my side. Got a call from AWRS and Yashodhan, the owner there talked to me for quite some time. A gentleman at heart, we also found we had friends in common and just for the heck of it, we decided to meet. He invited me over to his workshop in Thane and offered to do up the alloys for me. The prices would be strictly confidential and not to be revealed to anyone. I agreed and when he told me that he also worked on Sundays, it was so much the better for me. Wouldn’t have to leave a scowling boss behind when I took another day off. The rendezvous was fixed, the venue known.

    So while the new pads were being checked out by Kaushik and the old stuff was being cleared out, the dampers and springs were also being dried out. Kaushik pronounced that the pads were absolutely ok and that was a huge relief. The helper got the dampers back to the workshop where they were again wiped dry and judicious amounts of grease applied at crucial rust points. They were assembled back and in they went. The lathe shop called to say that the discs were faced and ready and when asked how much material they had to cut, the guy said that both the discs were down by 1 millimeter and of exactly the same width as the other one. We wouldn’t want uneven width discs, would we? Screw up the new pads by uneven wear. Nevertheless, we checked them out with the vernier when we got them back. Satisfied, Kaushik plonked them in, and then the new pads on the calipers.
    The rear setup was perfectly alright and hence needed no tinkering around with. Taking care to bleed the brakes just to be on the safe side, the wheels were put in and the car taken off the jack. It stood perfect. The lines looking amazing. But that was not all. Once the trial for the suspension was done, Kaushik wanted to sort out the check light issue. So did I.

    The car rolled perfectly horizontal. It felt slightly smoother, but the tires were still playing havoc with the handling. Unless the tires were replaced, we wouldn’t know the extent of perfection of the job. Even the alignment seemed out but then with bald tires, who cared? Everything when the new tires go in. It was only a few days away. After I visited AWRS on Sunday.
    A thorough check in the engine bay revealed no leakages near or around the intercooler or its hoses. The sensors all looked fine and with no diagnostic tool around, it would only be possible to detect the problem at the Authorized Service Center. Harrumphing, we gave the car next door for a well deserved wash. 40 minutes later, it stood shining outside the garage, the droplets of water looking like diamonds, glittering in the setting sun. Drove around the town to get a feel of the car. Definitely felt better but needed much more work.

    While the suspension problem was sorted out, the engine check light was harassing me constantly. Took a couple of hours off from the office and drove to the Authorized Service Center. A couple of guys there still know how to react when the number 98 pulls into the workshop. The others have shifted to other workshops and work for different brands. Just in time for the warranty to get over. So Sanjay came over to give the car a look-see. Told him the problem and he yelled for the guys to bring in the diagnostic tool and hook it up. Fortunately, the Fiat holds the error codes like a grudge. As soon as the tool went into the diagnosis mode, the error popped up with the probable points of problem. The turbocharger, the mass air flow sensor, the intercooler piping, the intake manifold or the EGR valve. Since even the workshop was about to close, they just opened up the EGR to intake manifold piping and removed a lot of kludge from it. Also gave it a shot of the carb/injector cleaner spray. The car smoothened out some more after spewing a lot of smoke for a while but the light issue didn’t go. The guys asked if it was ok to take it slow for a while and since the service was coming up, they would sort out the issue then as they would keep the car overnight and do it up. I wasn’t going anywhere with the bad tires, so I agreed. One more thing that the guys told me was that the Puntoes and especially the Lineas had been having major problems with the timing chains. Some became extremely noisy and some developed play and didn’t let the engine fire properly giving a lot of problems. Fiat had been replacing these in warranty for a long time and due to this consistent problem, they had put timing chain replacement as a paid service schedule for every 60000 kilometers. The chain, two timing gears, the tension/slider pads and a vent pipe cost around 10000 bucks plus labor charges. Since my car was running on stock chain since day one, it would be in the schedule during the upcoming service. One thing that made me very glad was that the workshop had had only one another car that had done very high mileage and that was also under the 100000 mark but had had the timing chain replaced once under warranty and once during a paid service. Mine was one of the very few cars running on stock timing chain and that too the only one with such a high odo reading. Some consolation.

    Sunday found me ready at 7.00 AM and heading for Thane. Reaching the workshop was no big deal as it is right on the main road and only 20 minutes from Ghodbunder towards Thane. Met Yashodhan ad we warmed up to each other instantly. The guys working on the car were also quite efficient and fast. Within 10 minutes, while we talked, the wheels were off the car and being washed. The one good thing about this setup is that it is an American company. They work on a set of principles and no matter what happens, they do not deviate from it. So the guys were cleaning the wheels with the standard issue AWRS kit. After cleaning them up, Yash examined the wheels and marked the points that had gone bad. One wheel, which I had got done from a lathe shop in Ahmedabad a long time ago, was screwed the worst. But it was nothing serious when he showed me the jobs they had carried out on different cars. Feeling quite confident and buoyant that this would also turn out alright, I went shopping, leaving the car at AWRS. It was 10.00 AM and the mall which was only about 200 feet from the workshop had just opened. My favorite time to shop. I was also hungry. So a couple of burgers, a big strong coffee, a Tom Clancy and a Frederick Forsyth later, I checked the time. It was 1.15. Walking back to AWRS was not even a 2 minute job.

    Yashodhan was just finishing the last wheel when I entered his office. One thing that amazed me was that the guys didn’t need to remove the tire from the alloy to true it up. I’d already been told that they wouldn’t be heating it. Theirs was a completely different setup and while everything else was accessible, they wouldn’t show me their truing machine. I didn’t have a problem with that as far as my job was being carried out. While the fourth alloy was done and Yash handed over the air filling, balancing and fitting job to the helpers, we sipped tea. I wanted to watch the balancing part of it as it would be the true benchmark of how the job had been carried out. The first time I laid my eyes on the alloys, I was impressed. They were nicely cleaned inside out. All the old weights had been stripped off and the gum rubbed off and cleaned. Even the insides were nice and shiny. Once the tires were up to recommended pressure, the balancing act began. Checking the wheel at both the outside and inside reference proved that it had been trued by a professional workshop. It required 45 gms of weight per wheel for 3 wheels and 25 grams for one. Well under the factory spec or almost the same. I will leave the monetary part out of this review but I will say this. If you want your wheels to be actually true, avoid the lathe guys and go to AWRS. They may seem to cost slightly, but they do a good job in a very professional way. 2.00 PM saw me making turns towards NH 8 and 2.20 saw me paying the toll at Ghodbunder.

    The car on the highway behaved totally different now. The unnecessary vibrations were gone. The steering didn’t vibrate like crazy. The wheels didn’t hum. The only noise was tires fighting for grip on the rain soaked roads. I was home at 5.00 PM. Now remained the final chapter. The tires.

    Drive Safe Gaaij,
    Always wear a seatbelt!

    Part 2 coming up by midnight!
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  2. Did you change your tires Mandeep bro.
  3. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    I have myopia and have been wearing specs since I was in the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] standard. The number had stabilized long back but I never contemplated LASIK as an option to remove the specs totally. I also do long distance commuting on motorcycles quite a lot of times. The rains play havoc with the eyesight and me wearing specs inside a helmet only compound the night driving scenario. The last time I’d been to Ahmedabad to pick up a friend’s Jetta, I’d taken time out to show a reputed ophthalmologist and get his opinion on getting the LASIK surgery done. He had assured me that it was very much possible and with a slightly customized procedure, I would see perfectly without glasses and would have none of the anomalies linked to normal LASIK procedures. I was thinking about getting this done very seriously when the stars aligned and an opportunity was presented to kill two birds with one stone.

    The tires were long overdue ad the old ones were getting worst every day. Talking to dad one evening about the tires and the operation gave him an idea. Since I wouldn’t be doing any driving for a couple of days and he hates to drive around in Ahmedabad, why not club both the things together and get not only my vision but even the car sorted out once and for all? I took the bait and Wednesday saw us trawling the highway towards Ahmedabad. The tires had turned so bad that doing 3 digit speeds was out of the question so I stuck to a noble 90 kph all the way. It not only made the drive totally boring but much to Vishal’s chagrin (once again) gave a fantastic fuel economy of 24 to the liter. Dad joked that if the car was in better condition, we’d be getting around 28 to the liter. We reached Ahmedabad in slightly over 4 hours and 30 minutes. The doctor gave us a pre operation appointment for the same day and while he dilated my pupils, I squinted and dialed Vishal’s number to let him know I was in Ahmedabad. He had a surprise for me up his sleeve.

    Since Wednesday was the only day I could go out before the operation, I decided to make the most of it. As soon as my vision returned to normal, I headed off to Neighborhood Motors where the car would be a guest for two days and be pampered and brought back to its almost best. Vishal was missing and when I called him to tell him that I was at Neighborhood he asked me to come next door to Tej Motors and come right in. I started the car and headed for Tej. The entire workshop was in chaos. All the Tata Motor badging was gone and all the stores were empty. Neighborhood people were all over the place cleaning it up for God knows What!

    Vishal came into sight and asked how I liked the place. I said it was quite big. He said he’d taken it on lease and it was going to be Gujarat’s biggest Hyundai Authorized Service Center. At roughly 28 bays and some more, the guys can service at least 40 cars there at the same time with no parking problems, the biggest situation in Ahmedabad. This was a surprise. A pleasant one. It is always good to see a friend grow and prosper. The old shop would be kept for bodywork and slowly converted to a workshop for specialty jobs.

    While we talked about this and that, Ashiq, his workshop in charge came around to greet me. Vishal asked me what needed to be done with the car and since they were shifting to new premises, any bodywork would not be possible. While Ashiq looked around for a job card, Vishal and I went out for a spin. We diagnosed a couple of more points and as we put the car back in the workshop, I asked Vishal to just get it over with and instruct Ashiq to do whatever needed to be done with the car. A decarb was necessary, so were the tires and so was the check light job. These were priority one and if time permitted, the a/c needed reconditioning too. So we were back to the Mexican standoff on the tires. Vishal gave me logical advice that since the car had already clocked the ton, I’d anyways be selling it off in some time sooner or later. The basic point was not to spend any money replacing tires when the car was up for sale. And even otherwise, he put his point across, that I had already driven his Punto shod with A Drives and Bilsteins and found it good enough. I agreed to his points but I had a question. The car had been nose-diving since the suspension was becoming softer as the car aged. He had a solution for that too. Cushion Tec pads. They would go in between the coil springs and take up the compression. Since they would make the springing action stiffer and dissipate the load, the car suspension would feel firm. Not only that, since the suspension wouldn’t flex a lot, the braking efficiency, the driving dynamics and the handling around the corners would be almost as good as a stock factory car. So we chose the upsize in A Drives taking it back to 205/60 R 15 with the Cushion Tech Pads. This would also give the car a slightly taller characteristic as the car wouldn’t just squat on its haunches but be ready to sprint on the balls of its feet. The overall height would be slightly less than the newer cars but without that nasty body roll, which would be good.

    I got operated the next day and since I had to rest the entire day, I couldn’t call up Vishal to know what had transpired. Friday morning, the phone rang and Vishal told me to come over whenever I could. I had a post operative check in half an hour and if everything went well, I could start driving the same day. Everything was ok and after the cursory instructions the doctor let me go. The car was almost ready and they were stuck with the only problem that was the engine check light. Luckily since Tej was the old Tata Service Center, they had the diagnosis tools and while they checked everything they could, the problem simply didn’t go away. The only relief being that none of the sensors was bad, the intercooler didn’t have any leakage and neither did any of the plumbing, the turbocharger was perfect. This left only one area unchecked. The Fiats have a plastic inlet manifold and a neoprene or such gasket in-between. It seemed like there was a puncture there somewhere which was causing the problem. Since the parts were not available with them and since the workshop was shifting, I asked them if I could get it done in Valsad itself during the service. They agreed also telling me to take it slow and easy and not floor the throttle in the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] and 4[SUP]th[/SUP]. I agreed.

    So we checked out the tires and the Cushion Tec pads. The Punto looks best with 15 inchers, no matter what anyone says and it looks even more good when the alloys are shod with 205/60 R 15S. I have been a Yokohama fan for a long time now and I have tried almost all the Yokos on almost all the cars that my friends and I have owned. Even my Vento is running S Drives with Cushion Tec Pads and you can bet your ass, it handles.

    At first glance you couldn’t see the difference. Put another Punto next to mine and it was visible. The car looked taller. The gaps on the wheel arches prominent, the only time the car screams out for 17 inchers. The lift from the ground more than stock. My guess is (if my mathematics is right and I know how to count) the car is at least 180 mm off the ground right now which makes it only 5 mm lower than the new Puntoes. It was time to test drive it.

    Keying the ignition and starting the car, for a moment I thought I had gone deaf. The car was silent. Almost. The only thrum coming because of the tuning box in the +1 setting. Requested Ashiq to bring it back to stock. The choked EGR was due to the tuning box running in the top setting. Since dad drove the car around a lot and didn’t do 3 digit speeds, the carbon build up was a lot faster. As soon as the box was back to stock settings, the car smoothed out. Blipping the throttle made the revcounter needle dance. Slotting the car in first, I let out the clutch. The car begged to be let free. But the engine check light issue always remained at the back of my mind. Set the car rolling forward smoothly. The entire way that the car moved had changed. Thanks to the Cushion Tec Pads. The suspension felt firm and the car didn’t even roll once over the undulations of concrete as it came onto the road. The unevenness of the tarmac seemed to be a thing of the past.

    Heading out on the S. G. Road, it felt like I was sitting in a mature car. Almost like a Skoda Laura or a Volkswagen Jetta or a C Class. The slight irregularities of the road were absorbed by the Nylon 6 that the pads were made of. The rest of the stuff was taken care of by the tires. The only negative point about the A Drives is that they take a long time to warm up. But once they do, they do the job best done by them. Although slightly noisier that the V550s and the C Drives, the abilities to corner or go through small puddles of water are not diminished and neither is the braking prowess which I learnt later when I had to brake hard a couple of times. The city traffic didn’t give me time to actually benchmark the improvements on the car and I could only actually start appreciating them once we had started for home the next day.

    The 350 kilometers drive inspired a lot of confidence and instilled my faith back in the car. I loved every moment of it. Since it was a Saturday and the next day a Sunday, got the car a well deserved wash. While it was on the ramp, checked out a few rust spots on the underbody. Nothing serious but, will be taking care of them once the rains stop wreaking havoc.

    Monday was the day for office. The doc had advised at least 5 days of absolute care for the eyes but I had to be at the office. It was raining like crazy and what better time to check out the prowess of the car than wet weather. Throwing caution to the wind, took the car to office. The road has a couple of awesome turns with arrangements for water logging, courtesy NHAI and IRB. These would be the proving grounds for the tires and the Cushion Tec Pad solution. Taking the car up to 80 in the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] gear and then shifting to the 5[SUP]th[/SUP] and taking it to three digit speeds did not bring the light up. The traffic due to the rains was a killer but as I crossed Vapi, it started thinning out and near Bhilad it almost vanished, giving me more time to keep the car in the 3 digit speed range. Approaching the first hard right with a puddle of water bang in the middle of it, I kept on driving, determined not to hit the brakes. The car went through with slight resistance that is typical with any car that passes water. It didn’t skid or slew sideways. I was impressed, mighty impressed. The second turn, a hard left would tell me whether it was fun both ways or not. It was. But since these were new highways with nary a pothole or rough patch, the real fun would begin once I left the highway and took the internal village road to the factory.

    Leaving the highway and heading off under the flyover, the road started worsening. Rough patches turned to pothole strewn remnants of roads, a couple of new causeway bridges, silent witnesses of the corruption taking place while building them were being repaired with jagged rock like stones being thrown in and then stamped with weighted logs to bring back the semblance of a well maintained road. The workers were failing miserably at that but at the same time, the car was just shrugging its shoulders and going over everything that the road or the so called road threw at it. I was frankly taken aback at how easy this road, that I travelled every day with some difficulty, cringing every time the bash plate grated over a stone, passed. None of the stones or small rocks was even able to touch the bottom of the car let alone scrape the paint and leave their mark on it. It was definitely money well spent.

    Now the only thing that remains to be done is give the car in for service at the Authorized Service Center. Once the fluids and lubricants are changed, the car will smoothen out even more. The timing chain change will also help and most importantly, the engine check light problem will be solved. Once this is done, the car will b good for another 50000 kilometers or so, needing only the regular 15000 kilometer service or so.
    Here ends the story of GJ 15 AD 98 till the odo reading of 137800 kilometers with the hope of more to come.

    Drive safe, always wear a seatbelt.
    Oh and yeah, some photos for your viewing pleasure if any.








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  4. Fiat-Yamaha

    Fiat-Yamaha Superiore

    Just finished reading ur experience. when reading felt like as if being beside u all the time.

    wanted to knw where can we get these pads and their cost. any places available in Bangalore please let me knw.


    Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  5. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    Thanks Sunil.
    Dont know where you could get them in Bangalore, but if you want them, just PM me whenever you want to and i will give you the details from where to order those.

    One more update,
    Drove the car to mumbai and back day before yesterday with 5 people including me onboard and man, did the car perform. the suspension, tautened due to the cushion tec pads, kept the car from bottoming out. this rigidity also helped in absolutely mind blowing cornering at 3 digit speeds with an entry level tires such as the A Drives. Just imagining if the car had actual performance tires what it would do!
    the entire behaviour and drive dynamics of the car have turned a new leaf and i will go to say that anyone who has a car that has seen much driving and even changing the suspension hasnt helped in the slight mushiness going away, these pads are THE answer for them.
    Drive safe, always wear a seatbelt.
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  6. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    my friend bought them for his elantra and n went for a rally with it and said its great !! thought its some jugaad..
    and he is also now in ahmedabad... is it a commonly done technique there?
  7. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    Hi varun
    I suppose you are talking about John Jayanth Godwin, right?
    He got them done from the same place that i did. They are not jugaads, they are an engineered product and since they do the job they are designed to do, no harm in considering them as performance products.
    I dont know whether it is a common practice here or not, but the pads sure do make a difference.

    Drive safe, always wear a seatbelt!
  8. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    The coil spring adjusters AKA the cushion pads reduce the spring rate. Its very useful for cars like civic which bottom out. But Civic has lousy suspensions from factory itself.

    Fiat suspensions are damn good and dont bottom out. The right approach should be changing the coil springs and dampers instead of putting in those cushion pads (AKA STOP GAP JUGAAD)

    There are N number of companies producing this. They are sold at hefty price even when the manufacturing cost is not more than 200-300Rs each.
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  9. Even Dezire bottoms out,this may help .
  10. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    Hi Italia Linea,
    The Civic never was a bad handler.
    It just had a softer suspension setup and a lower ground clearance. If that means lousy, the Fiat suspension is not far from it, is it?
    I dont think you have driven a Punto that has crossed the 1.30 k mark.
    Let me put it clearly for you so that you get the point:

    The cushion tech pads, cushion tech being the name of the company that makes them. they are made from nylon 6, the reason of using this material and the properties being high tensile strength, elasticity and luster as well as their tendency to be wrinkle free.

    these come in various sizes (heights and circumferences) and some cars use a combination of one or more size for best results. the photos show, how they are installed. its a 10 minute job

    what they do is that once they are fitted, they maintain the heights of the springs and prevent the car suspension from bottoming out. As they are acting as spacers between the springs, they basically modify the spring ratings and make them stiffer, in turn making it difficult for the suspension to act mushy.

    not only that, since the setup becomes stiffer, they also prevent the unnecessary body roll of the car at high speeds and during cornering. this also helps in slightly better braking efficiency as the car stops nosediving and the duration of maximum contact of the tire to the road surface is more (atleast this is what they say).

    since the car doesnt squat on its haunches like earlier due to these, the ground clearance issue is sorted out.

    If you wouldve gone through my thread, there are N number of times when i talked about the Bilstien suspension setup, of which I am a huge fan. I've always liked cars that have a stiffer suspension setup and i wouldve gladly gone for the Bilstiens (they were being offered at 50 percent of the price by a very close friend) but at the sort of mileage the car has clocked, some other mechanical matters require top priority.

    So if, at this point of time, i am offered a solution that is somewhere between the stock suspension and a stiffer suspension, and costs around 15 to 20 percent of the stiffer suspension setup, i would definitely go for it.

    My only request to you is dont talk about something unless you have tried it first hand. I've had had my share of experiences and i have learnt from them and taken care not to suggest something to somebody if it isnt worth it.

    There are many friends here whom i am in touch with and we do share our experience with various products. None of us has even dared to suggest a wrong or a substandard product to anybody else, so rest assured, this so called "STOPGAP JUGAAD" of yours is a permanent solution to many maladys of the car and is here to stay.

    Hope you take this in the right sense.

    Yes Sat Paaji,

    This will fit the Dzire and will definitely help.

    Drive Safe, Always Wear a Seatbelt!

    A Special Request to the Mods: Since i am ignorant about a lot of things, will one of you be kind enough to change the odo reading to 1, 39, 000 kilometers please?

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