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Peted, K&Ned, 1,76,000 Kilometers completed

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by epicenter, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Ok Sir, I respect your choice.

    Still waiting for the audio clip of your REMUS exhaust note.

  2. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Agree 100% with you Mandeep. That's what I try and do whenever I'm in the workshop. Be friendly with the mechs and try and discuss things without intruding in their functioning. Its worked wonders for me so far and my ownership experience has been totally hassle free.

    I do understand where you're coming from Mandeep. But my commute is in mostly horrific city B2B traffic, imagine the abuse the car's components go through with the frequent low-gear driving and repeated breaking and acceleration. I noticed the deterioration in performance while I was approaching the 15k service and then again around 27-28k while getting closer to the 30k third service. Trust me, I top up oil every 5k kms religiously and clean the air filters pretty much once a month myself. Still the engine felt so restrained and cried hoarse when revved hard; it was literally begging me to show mercy on it. And the effect of the subsequent oil change and its total transformation convinced me not to wait till 15k kms for the next service interval.

    I do agree that this will jack up the car's maintenance costs per km but I'm willing to go that extra mile to ensure I keep enjoying this beauty for a long time without any hassles.

    I think I did not put my point forward clearly. What I meant was that the workshop mechs know that all the fluids need to be changed at 60k kms but they are not recommending change of fluids at the completion of 2 years but with lesser mileage (say 40-45k kms). I personally feel that the fluids should be changed on time (even if you haven't reached the suggested mileage) since they can deteriorate pretty easily in the demanding traffic and weather conditions in our country.

    Wish you many more happy miles with your Punto! Keep this thread updated as you go along.
  3. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    hi gaaij,
    finally managed to give the car for all the pending work on it.
    got the car back on saturday, duly painted, smartwaxed and windshield replaced.
    replaced the v550s and shifted to stock sized c drives.
    loved the way the car performed on the road.
    odo reads 84600. will be updating with all thats been done and how thats been done.
    a couple of days please as i clear my work backlog.
    drive safe you guys, always wear a seat belt.
  4. Sorry guys, bit off topic, are there any threads in TFI to compare b/w stock airfilters and K and N [or BMC] :anyone
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Check Modification section.
    If its not there, please open new thread in that section.
  6. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    hi gaaij,
    a million apologies for being off the board for so long but a lot of work and a lot of driving has kept me quite busy these last few days.
    just wanna share the wonderful news that the car crossed 90000 kilometers yesterday night when i was traveling back from office.
    the car goes in for service on wednesday and thats when i'll be putting up a lot of missing updates.
    till then, drive safe buddies, and always wear a seat belt.
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  7. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice, I think the thread deserves a title update. Report any post of this thread with new title if you wish to do it.
  8. omzworld


    Any update sir?
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  9. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    wow epicentre your car really "runs". updates us.
  10. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    to all those who went through the pain of reading this thread, a load of thanks buddies.
    the car's 95857 kilometers old as i prepare to tank it up for the trip to udaipur tomorrow.
    will be back on sunday late night and lazy and drowned in work as i am, i promise all of you the final update of the last 10000 kilometers latest by tuesday or you can have my head on a platter.
    take care all you brothers out there, always wear a seatbelt.
    and yeah, a very belated diwali wishes and new year compliments to all of you.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2011

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