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Peted, K&Ned, 1,76,000 Kilometers completed

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by epicenter, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Re: Peted, K&Ned, 22K Kilometers, 4 Months


    Car pulling better in cooler climes is intersting as well as confusing. It is said that diesel engines require higher operating temperatures to work well. The only reason I can infer from this observation by some members is that that the density of air going into the engine is higher and hence results in better compression whereas the density of air is less and thin in hotter temperature climes and results in a leaner mixture while the the engine temperature remains constant as per manufacurers spec.
    This can be a subject of interesting debate. May be we should fix an aircooler with a bit of refrigerant before the air intake to cool the air at all times !!. This could be a situation that european cars in their homeland do not experience.

  2. royj

    royj Esperto

    Re: Peted, K&Ned, 22K Kilometers, 4 Months

    I guess our cars miss an intercooler :)
  3. redtux


    Re: Peted, K&Ned, 22K Kilometers, 4 Months

    I think that 1.3 Multijet has an intercooler, albeit a small one. Its under one of the headlights.
    Source: FIATForum
  4. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Re: Peted, K&Ned, 22K Kilometers, 4 Months

    MJD does have an intercooler. Near the front RHS head lamp
  5. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    Re: Peted, K&Ned, 22K Kilometers, 4 Months

    hey guys,
    had been having some mad fun in a swift since the last couple of days. it only had a pipercross filter and supersynth but the funky gearbox made us want to push it to its limits again and again.
    anyways i am back to fiat mode today and was checking out the thread. one thing saddens me is that we dont know our car too well and usually try to compare the setup to other cars with the same engine. but one is always learning and anything learnt the hard way is remembered for an entire lifetime.
    the mileage factor is well considered. the air being denser at lesser air onto air filter temperatures, the mass increases and helps in efficient burning of diesel, which in turn releases more energy for a better running car.
    the plus one setting is just a ghost like i've been insisting since a very long time. everything looks good on paper but the figures dont matter much when it comes to the performance of the car. a petes running at stock settings can kill a petes running at plus one.
    the grunt you talk about is due to resonance which happens because of the increased number of fuel injections and quantity. since the fuel hits the piston top more often, it makes its own music. a less restricted air filter also makes more induction sound.
    @sat paaji,
    winters make the punto go mad. i simply love it more and more each day. by the way clocked 52k and never been more happy about owning a car.
    @ jumu,
    a car pulling better in cooler climates is not confusing at all.
    its not the leaner mix that makes the cars not perform during humid or hot weathers since our cars are not equipped with fuel pumps that can be mechanically adjusted for fuel supply. its that as the air on temperature to the air filter goes up, the mass air flow sensor tries to compensate by sending signals to the fuelling system. since the temperatures are already high (with them being more in the engine bay than outside), the system compensates by trying to inject either more fuel which in turn makes the car sluggish to drive or by automatically derating the engine performance so that it can run in the optimum state of tune with a specific amount of air and a specific amount of fuel at a specific temperature. basically it makes a correction. as the temperatures go down, the air becomes denser and packs in more molecules of oxygen which when flowing through the intercooler, cool down even more and since the relative humidity is less than 30 percent, and the ambients around 25 to 30 degrees, these figures almost match the conditions at which the engines were designed, manufactured and tested as per the ISO 3046 norms. one point again though is that the temperatures are also low in monsoons, but since humidity is more, and sometimes almost 100 percent, the corrections are far more drastic and also account for a poorly performing car.
    @ royj
    no our cars do not miss an intercooler, it is very much there.
    it is not under any headlight either.
    it is not near the front rhs headlamp. it is behind the lower grill of the front bumper and unlike the swift diesel, where it is mounted vertically in the front here it is mounted horizontally.
    for more info check out the plumbing lines of the cooling system or whenever the car is up for repairs or washing.
    my guess (only a guess) is that the tata guys have used the top mounted intercooler of the indigo tdi and modded it up a bit to fit the punto.

    the car otherwise is performing so nicely that i cant make any comments as of now. will have to keep a thorough check on it throughout the winters to see any fluctuations in the performance though.
    one more interesting point for all you guys owning swift diesels, altos, wagon rs or the sx4s is that a close friend has a set of 3 filters each for these cars lying with him which he wants to dispose off for around 2 to 2.5 grand. they are pipercross make and i can vouch for the performance of the swift. though not in the league of a k&n these are a good alternative to the stock filters. unlike the k&ns which constitute of cotton encased in wiremesh, these are made of specially "burnt" polyurethane foam.
    anyone interested can please pm me without any hassles.

    drive safe all you guys,
    always wear a seatbelt.
  6. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
  7. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    Re: Peted, K&Ned, 22K Kilometers, 4 Months

    hey epicente was great to read how you have explained the winter effect on the engines. since we are talking about air i have a question. the air intake in petrol lineas is not facing the front i.e its not vertically placed. its intake mouth is horizontal. i somehow feel that if the intake mouth be in front facing posotion it will allow better air flow to the engine. any suggestions here. i am also thinking of doin k&n filter, will this really help??
  8. Re: Peted, K&Ned, 22K Kilometers, 4 Months


    Awaiting your sound clip and cost details, also would like to know how is the engine sound inside the cabin at 2500 RPM and above.
    Did you get a pollution check for your car after the Remus mod, did id pass the test.

  9. Re: Peted, K&Ned, 22K Kilometers, 4 Months

    Cost details. what I meant was, cost of K&N filter and Remus mod, I am some how skeptical about K&N as i suspect it might allow small dust particles of few microns, how about pippercross filter (PU one), My car is good sounds good until 2500 RPM, after that I hear boomy noise from the engine.
    Which I hate most, what I can do to get swiftish kind of muted sound at 3000RPM and above?I do have tuning box, would like to get rid of it if i can get good performance with Remus and airfilter.

  10. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    Re: Peted, K&Ned, 22K Kilometers, 4 Months

    thanks karan.
    since yours is a petrol, a cold air intake would be more suitable. i agree with you on the direction of the air intake being towards the windstream but then these guys mustve used some brains and designed it the way it is.
    a k&n would definitely make a difference.
    drive safe buddy.

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