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Performance of Punto MJD versus others

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by vikastwister, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Gopi

    Gopi Amatore

    Look at the below post at Team-BHP where a user has complained about Polo service and unavailability of spares. Poor guy waited for a month without driving his almost new polo waiting for spares only to realize that the problem was wrong diagnosis from VW service and now he has given the car back to workshop.

    http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-driv ... 0-kms.html

    Incidentally, i dont see many people bashing VW yet. If the same thing happened with a Punto, I am sure there would have been hundreds of posts bashing FIAT.
  2. Everything except Japanese cars will be bashed in t-bhp, especially European cars. There are some official writers / scoop-masters goes to the extent of saying 'Fiat is doomed', and that Punto 90 HP having serious turbo lag, and no flat out acceleration etc.
  3. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    When I had said a lot of things about the Polo are "yet to be proven" : I was bashed by many.

    Now where are they ?

    btw : doesn't "build quality" also include the way parts are put together and integrated into the systems of the car ? So where is the VW build quality now ? Wasn't it supposed to be "best in class"?
  4. redtux


    VW too !!
    Then I'm very happy... my car has one cylinder more, is more sexy, exclusive, more spacious. :p

    Sadly for that guy, he is running with turbo off. He will be damaging his engine. VW is notorious for reliability issues in US. If such a thing happens outside warranty, he'll have to pay through his nose.
  5. Sorry for OT, but running with a failed turbo can damage the engine? If so, how? Turbines getting stuck and blocking intake/exhaust?
  6. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Yes it can damage the engine if turbines gets stuck as you have mentioned but the chances are very very less.

    But in that guy case Turbo do works sometime and sometime not. So definitely not a Turbo problem. Hope his problem gets rectified as early as possible. He would be feeling very upset after spending some serious money and getting problems like these on a brand new car.
    VW isn't considered reliable in US. Now I know why it's not considered reliable. VW needs serious help.
    It have engine problem, waiting period, less features, almost non existent sales outlet, over-priced, 3 pot and lacks EBD.
    This tells about ASS of FIAT. Atleast Fiat do the needful when people email Fiat. But in case of VW they are not bothered to solve the problem.
    Hey I got OT sorry
  7. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    :lol :lol :lol

    Forget Outside of warranty, even if its inside the warranty, its found tough to get warranty claim thro' such "High-end" & "Reliable" manufacturers as they do not believe & accept failure of their parts !!
  8. nik


    Start-stop in second gear, you are right up there, with the 170, and the usual drive safe advice.
  9. vikastwister

    vikastwister Novizio

    Hi Guys, last week, I purchased my Alto K10 Vxi for my parents. And now I own both Punto 76 BHP MJD and Alto K10 Vxi and in the condition to comment on both with out any bias. The reason I went for the K10 this time, was due to budget constraint, and was not willing to buy old Alto due to less rear space and old engine. I will describe both the cars on same aspect point wise:

    Price: Punto Active MJD cost me 5.75 Lakhs on road one year back after loaing music system and plush seat covers and blah blah:
    K10 Vxi cost me 3.4 on road with UP registration and no loading has been done till now. I hope go for it this week.

    Seat Comfort both front and rear : Punto : Different league together. Never felt tired and and more stuffing is there even the ergonomic design of that is very good.
    K10 Vxi : Its OK keep in mind the price front. Yesterday had a 100 Km drive on that, and every bit of back is paining. Even the headrest for the driver seat is not connected well. (Keep in mind the price), it is better than old alto.

    Cabin space and boot space: Punto: Its very much bigger here no doubt about that.
    K10 Vxi : Rear knee space is just OK. And OK boot space. (Compare to Spark, old alto)

    Drivebility: Punto : Best in its class and decades ahead than what maruti is providing.
    K10 Vxi : It is just OK. The pot holes on which punto goes unnoticeable, you can feel it in K10 Vxi but less than old Alto.

    Steering feel: Punto: Thousand times better than K10 on high speed.
    K10 Vxi: Light at parking speed. But feedback is less on high speed. People say there is no feedback. But according to my experience with my car, feedback is there but not as much as Punto has.

    Engine Performance : Punto : Multijet Diesel, and its proven and excellent torque. I can drive my Punto on 170 Km/h any day. Fuel efficiency is excellent.
    K10 Vxi : Engine is good, and there is no effect of Ac or heater on it. But Punto is easily drivable than K10. (Its OK for the price front at K10 has been offered)

    Breaking : Punto : Fantastic braking, you never goes out of control and always have confidence while breaking.
    K10 Vxi : Its the biggest let down in K10 Vxi. Once you cross 60 Km/h, engine comes alive and brakes go dead. Never having the confidence while breaking. People say K10 has good brakes, but they are those people
    who has upgraded from 800 or old Alto. Punto is leap years ahead in this department.

    Even the Multi information display is much more advanced in Punto. People say that finish in Maruti cars are good, for me its OK. Punto is also good, if K10 is good. Even you feel safe after sitting in Punto, because its a tank.

    This is difference I feel between two, but yes all this difference comes with a price difference. But if some one say K10 is better than Punto, just slap him on his face.
  10. srinivaschandalada

    srinivaschandalada Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    My friend says he has touched 170 kmph, does the punto really do that ? because overdrive, auto india etc etc say the punto's max speed is 150 kmph, and it loses breath after 120 kmph.I havent crossed 90 kmph yet since my car has clocked only 4300 odd kms.I plan to open up after the 5000 kms mark, but though i open up i would'nt cross 100-110 kmph. If i was 5 to 6 years younger perhaps i would have.

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