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Performance of Punto MJD versus others

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by vikastwister, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    AC does take a small toll on the Multijet , but nowhere near to the level that the engine starts " crying " or feels lifeless. That's driver error.

    You can keep the AC to "LO" all the time everytime and still there will not be an issue apart from you being frozen in your seat.
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  2. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    As Arnab pointed out, AC's impact would be less felt while engine is running at its optimum temperature. (for example, during a highway run). After a cold start, when AC is switched on immediately, one would feel the impact more. More so in low speeds and initial gears. To an extent ACC is quite effective when it comes to power and in cabin temperature management compared to normal ones.

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  3. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    +1 to that. I had this experience with my Alto. I usually prefered to drive with windows rolled down, back then as I know driving with AC on would take away atleast 25% of the 800CC in my Alto, well atleast I felt that way.

    But, when it rains and the fog forms on the windshield, I had no option but to use the AC and it used to seem like the car is choked and would struggle a lot in bumper to bumper traffic. Never in the Punto. There is a significant difference in the performance with AC on and off, but not that it would hamper the drive or stall the car in slow moving traffic.
  4. Akshay4384

    Akshay4384 Superiore

    I agree with you i20 Crdi has very good brakes,especially one's with all 4 discs.
    And i have driven an i20 with 205 section,the feedback from steering was better,and car was pretty stable at high speeds.
    And the best part is that it does 100 at ~1900 RPM in 6th gear.
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  5. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    Agree with you, the i20's brakes give no reasons to complain. What I love best about the i20 is its gearbox and the ratio's chosen.
    They're a perfect match, unlike our Punto's.
  6. Everytime I read about the Punto's performance compared to to other cars, in the next highway drive, I lose my cool and try to test the capabilities eventually bring down all other cars on the road. The last time , in my trip to Trichy, I had no idea to push beyond 120. On the both the lanes two lorries were trying to overtake each other at speed less than 40 KMPH. I was behind them driving at their speed waiting for them to realize the nonsense they were doing. Finally one lorry guy decided to give up. Natuarally I went behind the lorry which was overtaking but again the speed was less then 40 for sure. Though one guy has already overtook, still the gap between the lorries was very less, there I hear a long horn behind my car. A Blue New Swift, restless, honking to the fullest, which sounded like "take the risk and go in between the lorries and give me the way, I am driving fast, do you know what driving fast means, come on you have a punto and you could only dream about that, come on move move, I have to drive fast, honk honk honk". Eventually the gap increased, I made my move into the gap, then the swift and he overtook. When he overtook me, he gave me a wired look, everybody inside the car were upset by his behavior and face expression. His face expression assured that he is driving fast and I am disturbing his rythm. By the time we all cooled down, he was nowhere to be seen. My wife told me, what happened to you, I thought you would take him down. Now I turned myself into sports mode and my punto was ready for the challenge. I pushed, found him in the windshield and he was teasing a Duster similar way. As soon as he realized I am coming closer to him he pushed like mad but the car didnt respond as good as my punto90. I overtook him when my spedo read 150. Just overtaking was not enough for me. I disn't want him to see me on his windshield. So pushed further and got lost. Later slowed down a little to check if he has redefined his meaning for speed. No he hasn't , having spotted me on his windshield he thought he will catch me up, I let him to come closer and we both were driving parallel at 150 + I was on the left lane and he was on the right. I didnt overtake him, I didn't slow down, if he increases the speed, I too did, but made sure, I go along with him. Made him understand, my punto can do SPEED that your car can do, plus bit MORE SPEED that your car can't do. He slowed down and let me go. I was happy, wife was scared but happy. Slowed down to 110 KMPH, and was driving cool. After sometime he overtook me.

    The icing to the cake was, the below song was playing in the media player through out the incident. Since the theme was tempting, I played it again and again.
    Mugamoodi - DonĀ“t Drive Your Car With This Music On (Theme) - YouTube
    Warning : Don't drive with this music playing in your car. It is tempting.
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  7. Safe at high speeds? I have driven both petrol and CRDI, it doesn't feel safe at/after 120 Kms, steering requires constant corrections to keep car in a lane other wise cars goes all over the road. 6th gear is give lot more cruising ability in i20 than Punto but awful/nervous handling takes away the fun what gearbox provides. Turbolag is more pronaounced in CRDI than 90 HP punto,in city Punto is drives better but for slightly harder steering of punto making the i20 better city car but, on highway Punto is better in handling and stability.
  8. Akshay4384

    Akshay4384 Superiore

    Talking about performance.
    Few days ago,i took on a Dzire,that was doing 170-175:).
    But i promised myself i wont be doing this again.(since then i havent done this)
    Let us keep our ego's at home and drive safely.

    How do you define safety?,as long as you keep the steering steady i20 easily maintains its composure.
    The example i drove had 205 section tires,and it was pretty easy to maintain high speeds.
    i agree it was not stable as a Punto,but it wasn't scary either :)
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  9. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    So what are you trying to say? No one doubts the stability of Punto at high speeds.
    And driving at such high speeds is sheer lunacy, especially to prove a point.
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  10. It is the feel, in Punto i can just hold steering in one had with not so much of worry about lane corrections.
    In i20 as i mentioned earlier there was constant correction required at the steering to keep the car in the lane, as the speed increases the amount of steering movement has to reduce but having feather light steering car felt scary over 120 kmph, so this i define as safe speed threshold after which it feels unsafe or need steady hand like you put it.
    I20 by default comes with 185R14 rubber, not 205 I can't really comment on how you felt on some tire modified car.
    When I along with my team does the TD part it all on what is given by the manufacturer.

    P.S: Even paid TD reviews haven't given marks to i20 handling if not me.
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