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Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by AerialsInTheSky, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Statutory Warning: You are about to read a very long story cut short. It is advised that you read this sipping on some coffee/tea. Writing has never been my forte and I sometimes might sound very boring below. I beg your pardon, even though I could control my mind to write short, my fingers would just NOT listen!! Happy reading.
    An appetizer first, Anyone??

    Scene 1--
    Three zooming stills and a spiral-in effect and we go back into my history book to four years ago. I had made good impression and reputation at office for being an auto-savvy guy. I was the unofficially official car buying advisor for many people and had to continuously be glued to the Indian car market to keep myself updated to meet my clients’ (read colleagues) expectations. God knows how much I was updated about the technology which I was working on!! But for cars, my thirst to know more and more and more was unquenchable. Fast-forward 6 months and we (me and my elder brother jointly) bought a Swift in the August of ’08. It is a long story of how I first convinced my elder bro and parents that we needed a car. It takes an entire book to write about how many calls and weekend dinner round tables at Mysore it took, to finally get their nod for an Alto. Family approvals and car loan approvals went hand-in-hand as I was somehow confident that I would be able to convince them. You always have an undue advantage if you are the youngest kid at home and I leveraged this to the maximum extentJ. I had quite a few acquaintances in the car industry as I had worked for many of my clients’ cases and this really helped in speedy processing of the loan. However, I personally wasn’t satisfied. Something inside me was saying, “ALTO, Out of All?? Are you nuts?” (No offense meant to any Alto owners. I personally felt that it was not really worth 3.38 Lakhs on-road BLR). So, a short discussion with my brother highlighting all possible advantages of a Wagon-R over an Alto and Wagon-R it was!!! Booking was made, loan approval was a breeze and the car was in the stock-yard in just 5 days. A thorough PDI and everything looked fantastic. It was August 5[SUP]th[/SUP] 2008, I had to visit the showroom to make the second part of the cash-down. Here comes the turning point; A colleague of mine wanted me to TD a Swift Petrol for him and let him know how it was. Hesitantly (as I was suggesting a Swift Diesel to everyone), I agreed. After TDing, I first told the executive that I might end up buying a Swift. His face was a sight to see!! “Saaaarrr, You booked an Alto, changed to a Wagon-R and now when the vehicle has arrived and is allotted to you, Swift?? It will be verrrrry difficult saar!!” was what he said. I convinced him saying that he would get a good appraisal for making an Alto customer buy a Swift. He immediately bought my words, with a pinch of salt though!! I immediately called up my brother and said there was a smaaaaaal confusion and he replied “Now don’t tell me that you want to buy a Swift!!”. I told him that he’d got it right and after a fifteen minute conversation he was indeed a very easily convincible guy. So all went well and we got our hands on the Swift on August the 15[SUP]th [/SUP]2008.
    CUT!! Scene two-
    It is 2009. News about Fiat launching the Grande Punto in India is doing rounds in the market. The need to be on the razor edge of industry updates still lives and little did I know about what was going to happen. It was the first time I laid my eyes on a Grande Punto and I was engulfed in deep, true and eternal love. Less told about how much crazy I was, the better. I had decided that, if I buy a car it ought to be this one.
    Cut!! – Scene 3 -
    10[SUP]th[/SUP] October - Decision Making and Booking

    2011 it is. As I already have said, the decision to buy a GP was made in 2009 itself. What was undecided was “WHEN”? In 2011, my marriage (did I mention I am just 25!!) was on the cards and I didn’t want to take a financial setback before my marriage. I waited for the wedding to happen and as expected, all funds that I had mobilized went down the drain in the name of marriage and honeymoon expenses. A whopping 3 Lakhs spent in just 2 weeks and buying a car was again on the back-burner. A feeling that I had forsaken one love (Pegasus) over the other (Wifey) occupied me.
    I somehow overcame the feeling and decided that “The Time, Is Now!!”
    It was October 8[SUP]th[/SUP], I visited the showroom along with my mom, went straight into my uncle’s (the General Manager) cabin as everyone in the showroom looked at us perplexed. My mom and maama (read mom’s brother) discussed for a while and finally my mom said, “I want him to buy the car he likes. Every time we sighted one on the road, he’s been showing it to me saying he likes it very much and now, I don’t want him to make a compromise.” (Was I speaking about the undue advantage you enjoy being the youngest child at home??!!). My maama immediately called up the sales manager and asked him to get us an invoice. He also assured that I would be getting the best price in the market and asked me not to worry about figures. Being content to the core, we went back home carrying a brochure of the GP to show it to Dad. I left for Bangalore the next evening thinking that I would be making a payment the subsequent weekend. Much to my surprise (in fact to everyone in the family’s surprise), my Dad, who is the last person to be interested in automobiles (he neither rides nor drives), called me up on the 10[SUP]th[/SUP] and said that he would be going to the showroom to see the car. I was overwhelmed and informed the sales guy that my father would be visiting. Dad called me up again and said, “It is a really nice car. But are you sure that you want to buy a Fiat??” He then had to listen to my explanation for about half an hour and later told me that he was just curious to know how much firm my decision was (I was once infamous at home for being very much fickle minded!!). He told me that he had given a check at the showroom just to speed up the process and all I needed to do was to transfer the money to his account immediately. My heart jumped!! I was thrilled that the Apex court had given a nod and so much support for the appeal I had presented. I called up the sales rep and he told me that the car would arrive by Diwali. The countdown started!!!
    22[SUP]nd[/SUP] October - PDI at the Stockyard
    It was 9:00AM on the 22[SUP]nd[/SUP] October. I was in the last leg of my sleep and the phone Rang!! (I hate to receive calls early in the morning. And yes, it’s early morning for me till 10 or even 10:30 AM sometimes.) It was the SE. With a drastic change in my mood, I picked up the call. The SE informed me that the car had disembarked the previous night and was in the stockyard currently. I got ready and went downstairs. Mom and dad were horrified. “What on earth has waked you up by 9:00???” was what they said. They were later able to comprehend when I told them that the car had arrived. Skipping my breakfast and picking up my camera, I headed straight to the stockyard to see that there were 2 BNW 90HPs that had arrived. Although both the cars were of the same month-of-manufacture, one of them had Goodyear shoes and the other had Apollo Acceleres. I decided to PDI the one with Apollos. I was dismayed when realized that I was not carrying the PDI checklist with me. Not losing much heart, I checked almost everything I could remember from the checklist. The guys at the stockyard who do the PDI for the dealer were very much accommodative and put the car on the Ramp for me to do a PDI. The PDI went on till 1:00PM but I still was not convinced. I told the guys at the stockyard that I would come back again by 3:00PM along with my checklist to do a second round of check for which they readily obliged. These guys had sensed that I would not let go that easily and informed the executives at the showroom that 3 other cars (an Aria and two Vistas) which had to be PDIed on the same day had to be postponed. I reached there along with my friend by 3:15PM and this time, was fully equipped. We independently took the car through the checklist once and did it together the third time. One of the mechanics was so happy to see a customer so keen that he pulled up a Vista on the Ramp behind the Punto and started showing us the differences they both had. Everything under the body was so near yet so far between these cars!! The quality of everything under the body of the GP was clearly way ahead than that of the Vista. I was happy!!
    By 6:00 PM, we thought we had finished and handed over a list of the below 4 issues to the PDI guys:
    • Rear right window up-down was slow compared to others
    • The beeding on the inside of right C-Pillar was popping out as it had a broken clip
    • The front left window beeding was not in line with the rear window’s beeding
    • The rear washer wasn’t working
    The PDI Starts


    "PEGASUS" with its Wings Spread!!


    Me taking the PEGASUS through the Checklist

    Having found its master, Pegagus goes back into the lot only to return to its master in a week's time!!


    Folks at the stockyad
    The guys promised to get these things working before the delivery and feeling assured, I went back home knowing that I would have sleepless nights for the next 5 days!!
    Friday the 28th - Delivery and driving my Pegasus home
    Alas, the day had come and I was firm that I would not let anything dissuade my happiness and bubbling energy. The previous day, I had told the SE to let me know when the car reaches the showroom which he promptly did. After a trip to the RTO to negotiate on the registration number, I was at the showroom by 10:30 AM and the car was in the basement for its final touches. I was happy to see that all the issues that I had noted during the PDI were resolved. The car was washed and dried, a coat of 3M wax polish was applied using a machine, interiors were vacuumed and the ribbons were put in place. It was definitely a sight to see the Pegasus dressed like a Groom!! It was 2:00 PM and the car headed to the RTO for registration. I accompanied it to the RTO and the registration was finished within 5 minutes. The car went back to the showroom and I went into the ARTO’s cabin for a quick chat about the registration number (I had an acceptable level of reference) and he unenthusiastically asked me to come back the next day.
    It was scheduled that I would put my hands on the Pegasus only after 7:35PM (strict orders from Dad) and I just abided. Me, Wifey, Dad and 3 of my friends were at the showroom exactly when the clock struck 7!! Slowly but alertly, I completed all the formalities as time just flew by.
    It was time, and everything was ready. I made my dad do the honors of taking the delivery and cranking the engine for the first time (after it was in our hands of course). It was decided that Puja will be performed in the Hanuman temple located in the Mysore Palace. I asked one of my friends to drive the car till the temple and he willingly did. The Puja was over by 9:30PM, there was a sense of blood rushing all over my head and arms when the priest made my dad hand over the Keys to me. It was completely an out of the world experience for me!! But still, there was something missing. It was my momL. Little had we realized that she was travelling from Bangalore and we had to pick her up from the bus stand. We picked her up, bought sweets and headed straight back home!!!
    Finally, it was a day that I would cherish till my last breath!! (I just had that blood-rush feeling when I wrote this line!!!).
    We drove back to Bangalore on Sunday evening and below is what I feel about the Pegasus!!

    Dad taking the delivery of the "PEGASUS"

    All smiles father!!

    Handing the Pegagus over to me!!

    Dad cranking the engine for the first time!! Excited, wasn't he?

    PEGASUS reaches Mysore Palace!!

    Priest performing the Puja

    The turmeric-vermillion art work begins!!

    Artwork completed!

    One of my favourite pics



    Two LOVES too much!! WIFEY and PEGASUS!!!

    What I liked -
    • The stunning looks – definitely a head turner
    • There is so much intelligence built into this car and at this price, I feel it is value for money
    • Build quality –I wonder what the FE of a GP would have been if FIAT had used the same quality of metal which is there on the Vista and the Swift
    • The highway handling - The car hugs the road like a train on rails
    • AC – works awesome for south Indian climate
    • Ride quality – the GP’s suspension almost swallows pot holes and coarse roads
    What could have been better –
    • The gas pedal absolutely does nothing at low speeds in gear 2 and 3
    • The unusually long clutch throw
    • Cabin lights could have been more fancier
    • There should have been a siren along with the central locking which does a “Tik-Tok” kind of sound when you lock/unlock the car
    • The spare key could also have been desmodronic
    • Blue and Me should have supported audio streaming as well
    • An aux-in in the in-dash HU would have done a lot of good
    • More cubby holes would have been a welcome feature
    • Steering reach adjustment could also have been provided
    • Stock speakers are just for the sake of it
    • The car is very much susceptible to getting scraped under its nose when you go over a pothole.
    More Pics -






  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    This is one of the best ownership thread on TFI. The love shows in every sentences.
  3. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Congratulations and best wishes, AerialsInTheSky. Explore and enjoy your precious Punto.
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Many many congratulations , Hercules. :p

    I'm sure you'll cherish the Mighty 90 for times to come. Your thread was a joy to read.

  5. Man .. That was one hell of a luv story .. Enjoyed each and every part of it .. I believe you can be a good script writer ..
    Forgot to say something ... MY hearty wishes ... and great pics ..
    Note : if the priest haveput the turmeric on the body .. make sure that it is taken care .. Read from fellow ownership reviews from our TFI freinds that it does leave a mark on the white beauty ..
  6. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    lovely narration and good snaps, Ariel. ATVB for countless smiles on your Pegasus.
  7. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    @-AerialsInTheSky, way to go dude! Congrats to you for your 90hp hotty stallion! Welcome to gang of FIAT motorheads!
    & dude who said that your writing is boring?? I enjoy every bit of your write up!
    happy & safe motoring!
  8. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Hay thats nice write...enjoyed the ownership review along with coffee in office :)

    Congratulation for new..

    PS: I liked the photo when your dad was Handing the Pegagus over to you :) so emotional. I missed my dad at my cars Delivery :-(
  9. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Many many congratulations !!! i loved the snap with wings spread :)

    in every statement of yours we can easily see the passion of owning a FIAT. cheers
  10. What could have been better –

    The gas pedal absolutely does nothing at low speeds in gear 2 and 3
    This will get better by second service,will be at optimal state by third
    The unusually long clutch throw
    Hydraulic clutch,getting used to it will take time
    Cabin lights could have been more fancier
    There should have been a siren along with the central locking which does a “Tik-Tok” kind of sound when you lock/unlock the car
    The spare key could also have been desmodronic
    Blue and Me should have supported audio streaming as well
    An aux-in in the in-dash HU would have done a lot of good
    Aux is used for B&M
    More cubby holes would have been a welcome feature
    Steering reach adjustment could also have been provided
    Stock speakers are just for the sake of it
    The car is very much susceptible to getting scraped under its nose when you go over a pothole.

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