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Pearl White 1.3 MJD Dynamic Punto Evo

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Dann, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. swgaan

    swgaan Amatore

    Panvel, Maharashtra
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats Dann.. welcome on board.. :)
  2. Dann

    Dann Novizio

    Some more details about the car and my initial impressions

    On-road price, discounts:
    The on-road price for the new Punto Evo 1.3 MJD Dynamic version was Rs. 7,47,560/- I got a discount of Rs. 10,000/- on the on-road price and a Rs. 5000/- as exchange bonus for my outgoing Hyundai Getz. Also milked them for free floor mats and body cover.

    In-Car Equipment: The car comes with built-in music system with USB and Aux-in near the gear console. There is a CD player, FM (auto-tuned to all stations available in your region). The sound quality is typical OEM. I think a mod is in need here for true music buffs, although I am okay with it for the time being.

    I have just completed 200 km on the car with my daily usage being close to 20 km a day or thereabouts. This is mainly dropping off my kids to school and a few errands here and there in peak morning and evening hour traffice. The real usage is about to start from next month when I start traveling to my office which is almost 20 km one way from my home (and if I include dropping off my kids at school I need to add another 6 km to it).

    Exterior: The car as you all know it is a looker, draws a lot of attention wherever I take it. A few people even came up to have a look and wanted to know about all the new features.

    Overall build quality and fit & finish: I will give full marks for the overall build quality as already quoted by several loyal Fiat fans. That is one reason why I chose to buy this car in the first place, for its solid build. The fit and finish are also good on the exterior. The interior is altogether another story.

    Interior design & quality: The interior comes with dual tone black and light beige interiors. The curvilinear dashboard looks cool, but I think will start to be a niggle during long runs as you can place nothing on it for fear it might fall off. The quality of materials used is good for the price you pay and there is nothing to complain about.

    Interior space and comfort: The interior space in this vehicle is good enough for a family of four. The driver seat is good and comfortable with height adjustment. The foot well is a little cramped and the dead pedal serves no purpose as the foot well is so cramped. I keep scraping the dead pedal whenever I have to press the clutch pedal, although I am getting used to adjust my foot when pressing the clutch pedal.

    Air conditioner, seat support, ergonomics: The AC is manual in Dynamic model and it is really chilling. The AC knobs are a little flimsy, but they do their job. The back seat is quite comfortable for my 2 kids and my wife has no complaints riding shotgun. The seat on the driver side is not the "sit-down" type as in my Getz, rather it is comfortable getting in and out of the car.

    Engine performance & driveability in the city: The engine has not yet opened up as I have done very less km. City driving is okay, but the long clutch pedal travel is sometimes irksome in bumper to bumper traffic.

    Engine performance & driveability on the highway: Yet to take her on a highway, will be coming back to this thread with more details once I hit the highway.

    Gearshift / transmission quality, smoothness, response time: The gearshift is rubbery not slotting like it used to in my Getz. The first gear ratio is made taller rather than making the second gear ratio shorter, this gives a severe turbo lag in city driving conditions. The gear shift is not precise, I stalled my car a couple of times in traffic. I think it will be fine once I get used to it.

    Fuel efficiency: Yet to check on fuel efficiency in City and in Highway. As per the company it is 21.2 km.

    Ride Quality: This is really the USP of the car. Having the highest ground clearance in its segment, the car just rolls over anything and everything that is thrown at it so far. We have quite a few speed bumps in our area and the car just glides through them. The ride feels mature and grounded. The meaty steering wheel is fun to handle. I just love it. Braking is very good. You do feel confident the vehicle will stop when you need it to. It has got ABS and EBD in this version.

    What I liked about the car:
    - Stylish looking with all the chrome.
    - Super handling and comfortable ride quality.
    - NVH levels are great as good as my petrol Getz.
    - Excellent braking and class leading ground clearance.
    - Excellent steering response.
    - Electrically adjustable ORVMs are precise.

    What I disliked about the car:
    - Interior fit could be have been much more refined.
    - Horn is just basic, need a better horn.
    - Rear seat is good for two adults and could be cramped for 3 adults.
    - The driver side foot well is very narrow.
    - Insufficient storage inside.

    The luggage compartment is quite sufficient for a weekend getaway, although I seriously doubt will be enough for moving stuff. The rear seat is just a bench and no 60:40 folding as they had in the outgoing model. The absence of rear washer and wiper and defogger is a bummer. I seriously doubt if FIAT could have added these things and charged a little extra rather than remove all these and reduce the price of the new model (yes they have reduced the price of the new models compared to outgoing models).

    The handling in morning traffic conditions in the city is a little difficult for me considering I was using a petrol car earlier. I am getting used to it. I am yet to take her on the highway to test the real power of the engine. I will be adding more to this thread as I start crunching up the miles.

    First things first, I got a full floor mat under the carpet floor mats provided by FIAT. It cost about Rs. 3200/-. Then installed the reverse parking sensor from Torq at a cost of Rs. 4500/-. Then got the seat covers with Art Leather at a cost of Rs. 5500/-. The horn was changed with a changeover switch under the steering wheel at Rs. 1500/-.

    Thank you all for reading through my buying experience and initial owernship review. Please do keep checking back as I will be adding more of my experiences here.
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  3. kailasmenon2000

    kailasmenon2000 Superiore

    Congrats Dann..Welcome to TFI. Does it come with leather seat covers?? If not pls go for it. It looks way better than the art leather ones :)
  4. Dann

    Dann Novizio

    The front pose
    Front1.JPG Front.JPG

    Fiat Logo
    Fiat Logo.JPG

    Reindeer Headlamps:
    Reindeer headlamps.JPG

    Fog Lamp Console:
    Fog lamp console.JPG

    Coat Hanger:
    Coat hanger.JPG

    Front Grille:

    Front grille.JPG

    ORVM with turn indicator:

    ORVM-turn indicator.JPG

    Side Profile:

    Side profile.JPG

    Ground clearance:

    Ground clearance.JPG

    Tail Lamp:


    Punto Evo Logo:

    Punto Evo Logo.JPG

    Reverse parking light:

    reverse parking light.JPG

    Exhaust Pipe:

    Exhaust pipe.JPG

    Front Bonnet Front bonnet.JPG

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  5. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Heartiest Congratulations on the punto evo. The colour looks rocking on the car. Add a couple of interior pics too. Mind sharing the OTR cost too? Any mods done? Do write in a detailed long drive experience.

    Happy mile crunching and drive safely.
  6. vayfiat

    vayfiat Amatore

    About placing stuffs on the dashboard - I would suggest you to think differently from those Maruti/Hyundai users. It is not good to place stuffs on the dashboard. Especially on airbag equipped vehicles (your Dynamic doesn't have airbags, I suppose). And in Evo, you've got a small storage on centre of the dashboard. For tickets, toll receipts, you can use ticket holders on the sun visors.
    On AC knobs - I had a close look recently when I visited Vecto, Hosur road and I would say that the AC vents/knobs have heavily improved from the older version and the quality of the plastic is far far better and in par with competition.
    Horn - I guess the horn has not changed from the previous version. If that is the case, please listen to the horn by rolling down the windows, it is pretty loud. And much better than the other cars. I agree that it is not a fancy one. But my friends who drive Maruti/Honda have praised the quality of the horn. These are my views. Enjoy driving your beauty :)
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  7. ravin

    ravin Timido

    Linea Classic
    congratssssss welcome to fiat family...enjoy with your fiat
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  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Fantastic review and Congratulation on owning first Punto EVO on TeamFiat.

    I would suggest, and budget permits, change the tyres to 185/70 size (I think OE is 165/80 size). Based on budget you can select tyres.

    Do put your review and rating on dealership experience - http://www.teamfiat.com/reviews/fiat-dealer-service/Fiat-dealers/cai-fiat-coimbatore.58/.
  9. RoadRunner

    RoadRunner Novizio

    Warm Welcome to the TFI family and Congratulations for 'the' Punto Evo Wish you many Happy miles :joyful:
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  10. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    excellent choice mate!!! congratulations!! ENjoy the beast :)

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