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Paying too much for car insurance? Get married.

Discussion in 'Insurance & Loan Reviews' started by Fe Lopez, Apr 8, 2015.

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    Most people know that car insurance premiums vary between demographics. For instance drivers under 25 will almost always pay more than drivers over 25 and males tend to pay more than females. What many people don’t realize is just how much a single factor can affect their insurance rate. According to one recent study, car insurance premiums can vary by more than 50% just based on age, gender, or marital status.


    Age is, without a doubt, the biggest factor that affects car insurance premiums. Younger drivers will pay higher insurance than any other demographic and for good reason. The crash rate per mile of a driver between the ages of 16-20 is four times higher than it is for drivers over 20. Not only do they crash more often but younger drivers also tend to file more car insurance claims. Car insurance rates drop steadily until age 25 and then they stabilize though they still drop slowly until about age 60 when they will begin to rise again. A 59-year-old can expect to pay about 50% less than a 20-year-old all other things being equal.

    Let’s face it, women are safer drivers than men. They get in less accidents on average and file less claims, hence they tend to pay less for car insurance. The difference in car insurance premiums due to gender is most pronounced for the younger demographic. All other things being equal, a 20-year-old male could expect to pay 20% more for car insurance than a 20-year-old female. After age 30, the difference in cost is negligible, usually less than a dollar difference per month.

    Marital Status
    Perhaps most surprisingly, marital status can have a huge effect on car insurance rates. As with gender, the difference in rates is more pronounced for younger demographics. Married 20-year-olds can expect to pay 20% less than their unmarried counterparts. The cost difference drops off after about age 25. The leading theory as to why insurance is cheaper for those who are married is that they tend to be more careful and responsible on the road after marriage. So if you want cheaper car insurance, consider finding a spouse.
    If you’re single and plan on staying that way but you’re still interested in a lower insurance rate, call (844) 810-4193.

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    Source: huffingtonpost .com/laura-adams/how-age-gender-and-marital-status-affect-your-car-insurance_b_6973360.html

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  2. limraj

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    thank you for sharing.
    I'm a better driver compared to myself 10 years back :)
    I got married as well ;)
  3. ghodlur

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    The post is totally irrelevant to the Indian context.

    That women are safer drivers than men is a myth, no longer is such a case atleast in India. I generally keep a safe distance when I observe a woman driving either 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler.
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  4. RaviHegde

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    I will not say anything because of the danger of being branded gender biased. Just read http://archive.mid-day.com/relationships/2011/jul/080711-Confirmed-Women-are-worse-drivers.htm

    After experiencing lower insurance (according to the thread title) for more than one and half decade I would say better pay little more insurance premium than end up paying lot more for everything else! I will argue married men should get at least 75% insurance premium discount because the co-driver can control the car lot better than any ECU :p Married man driving would have heard constant nagging like "it almost touched cycle guy", "go slow" (even when driving at 30-40 kmph), "maintain distance from the vehicle in front", "OMG that truck is approaching too fast, be careful" etc. There is no way an accident can happen when a super CPU is monitoring the driver - isn't it?
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  5. asimpleson

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    The term is speed governor; now you see how befitting a term it is given how influential a governor can be at times..! :D

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