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Pathetic service @ Landmark cars In Andheri

Discussion in 'Fiat News' started by Dhananjay Yerawadekar, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Dhananjay Yerawadekar

    Dhananjay Yerawadekar Timido

    Linea T-Jet

    I am a regular traveler between Pune - Mumbai and unfortunately met up with an accident on the highway.

    As Landmark automobile( authorized Fiat / Jeep service centre) is nearby my office, i dropped my vehicle in their Andheri W service centre.

    They assured me that it will be taken care though they dont have cashless insurance for my insurer.

    Now after 45 excruciating painful days, where they were least bothered I am still unable to get repairs of my cars. Their reason is that the parts are not available. It is really shocking to see that such major dealer in Eastern region does not have parts to repair the vehicle. The FCA is to be blaimed for such a shocking and unprofessional approach.
  2. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Trivandrum / Bangalore
    Linea 1.3
    45 days?? What kind of parts? Have they really ordered?
    Did you check availability at 99rpm, just to see their lead times?
    Most of the parts are easily available. Or may one or two weeks away. More than that is worrying.
  3. vista7155

    vista7155 Regolare

    Call customer care and check whether they have really ordered or not and from CC they will definitely connect you with manager in conference and will try to arrange immediately. I had same issue for ABS sensor in bangalore, dealer spent 20 days without even ordering and one CC call got the spare in 24hrs.
  4. Dhananjay Yerawadekar

    Dhananjay Yerawadekar Timido

    Linea T-Jet
    Its now more than 8 weeks still I dont see any updates. I did send a mail to FCA mail box. Their typical reply was it will be taken care shortly.

    Since the car is under insurance claim, i do not wish to take it back but it seems to be only way out!

    But this is really shocking to see such a pathetic service
  5. vtlreja2

    vtlreja2 Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Shoot a mail to Mangesh Kodalkar (their head crm). Then see how things changes.
    I would also like to suggest to get your vehicle repaired from vroome pointe. Landmark is known to rip off their customers.
    Tow your vehicle to vroome, shoot mail to mangesh so that he knew the progress on the car & get best service.

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