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Passport New/Renewal experience & Queries.

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by zenwalker, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Hello Guys,

    Not sure, if any body would be interested into this thread/experience, but just would like to pen down in case in future some one wishes to overlook as i had to look for some points at TeamBHP.

    Today had been to Lal bagh, Bangalore PKSU office for renewal of my passport and creating a new one for my parent.

    I had created the forms and payment done by 26th Aug but booked the appointment date for 1st Sept. Yes the online tool does provide 4 days of choices to choose from. I did choose the last available date and to my luck i got the morning slot of 1030AM. Perhaps its the normal tendency of human being to book for the slot next day or 1 after. So may be since i booked after 4 days of gap from payment, i got the early slot :angelic:

    So below are the observations, to make a note and avoid trouble later:
    • Parking is not allowed inside the lal-bagh PKSU building, though there is an ample amount of space on the ground floor and also in basement :banghead:. Hence, next premises, there is a pay and park but there hardly 50 2-wheeler's and around 10 cars or less can be parked. So if you go early you'll get parking space, else you have to roam around there in searching for parking, which is really difficult to find. Best? go in cab.
    • The entry inside office is easy and the security does almost no checking/frisking to the male persons, but for ladies there is a separate cloak room where they are frisked. :confused:
    • No luggage is allowed inside the office. There is no counter or anything to keep your luggage. No laptops are allowed as well. My mom carried a water bottle and small box to eat something if in case she felt hungry, but they did not allow the bottle at the least. Water and eateries are available inside.
    • There are only 4 counters in the first area where pre-verification is done about your application and a token is given here. Only 2 is allotted for normal applications. 1 counter for tatkal and another for some W category, which i did not understand what is it.
    • Carry more than one proof of documents under a particular category (Age proof or Address proof, etc.). For my parent, the Aadhar card was not accepted as address proof, thankfully she had bank passbook at hand.
    • Please carry photocopies of your documents, if you have along with originals i.e Expiring passport xeros and other document proofs you may have.
    • There is a xerox machine available and she charges 1/- INR per copy. But please note, as the day progresses it really gets crowded as only 1 machine is available.
    • Once token is announced and you get inside towards A counters, at this premises there are around 30 A counters where TCS employees sit. These employees are kind and nice people and they help you in every possible way.
    • At counters A, B and C; one has to be on tip toes and constant alert. Keep watching the TV for your token-counter display. Any delays made, leads to cancellation of your token and pushed back to end of the queue. At least these TCS employees at counter A wait for some time, but B and C are a bit more rigid and does not entertain delays as they are govt. employees. They make 2 calls and then done.
    • The A counters ask and verify of your original documents against your application. They prefer you have an xeros copy of your originals, that way they do not need to scan. I wonder why?? They must scan. Its OK if you do not, they shall scan it anyway.
      My friend who did his renewal in delhi, there they mandatory did scanning and not considered the photocopies.
    • Heard from few customers at the exit point that they were not asked or informed about opting for SMS alerts which costs 40 INR cash at A counters. Neither they did know nor was asked to them. So keep a note and ask about this at counters A.
    • So far you shall see the happy smiling faces who greet you cordially and answer your questions nice and neat. But post A, you shall encounter more grumpy ones.
    • Counter B is around 15 in number at this place. And these employees are on their tip toes. They prefer to cross off each application in very less time though they do a bit of checking too. While i was there, they called a name and token number twice and that person did not turn up. The employee at that counter just got pissed off and went for a tea instead :facepalm:
    • The B counter employees do not entertain your kind requests. They follow the rule. If you do not have so and so documents, they just say once or twice about it and done. I witnessed an harsh argument, where in a guy who had brought in his elderly parent was making a kind request to consider, but hey rules is rules. Its freaking passport we are talking here not a grocery store.
    • Since there was less crowd, in less than an hour i was at C counters. While my mom's took a bit more as her's is a new one than renewal. Even at the C section, the same grumpy pissed off faces continues to be seen at most counters. Thankfully for my mom, a kind lady at C counter answered her softly for some doubts. While at my counter, the guy did not had patience to softly explain everything in detail to the candidate before me a to why he is rejecting and refixing the appointment for her; while i stood there waiting and watching for my turn.
    • Also observed few oldies expressing their frustration about the whole process because they had come alone and they are obviously slow in everything and few of applicants got rejected. Hence passport guidelines suggests these oldies needs to be accompanied by a helping hand.
    By 12PM, we were out of the premises back door. Upon looking at the front door, there was a huge queue and more people kept coming in. So always suggest you to try aiming for an early appointment.

    Thanks :)
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  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Nice post @zenwalker. My passport's expiry date is also near. Good to hear that TCS staff is courteous :D
  3. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Your welcome @pabhishek , glad i could help.

    On a flip side, the good ones :cat: are kept away in TCS company itself :D
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