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Parts changed under warranty.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by nitinkumardba, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    After expiry of regular warrantee, only leaky sturts are covered in warrantee.

    I mean hard or weak sturts without leakege are not eligible for extended warrantee claim.
    Rubber parts also not covered in warrantee. You have do this job on paid basis.
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  2. s.aujla


    Punto 2010, 25k

    HI, Just before service abt 20000 Kms, 3 tyres of car totally became like 45000kms driven, despite 3-4 times, alignment/Wheel balance was done in dealer's premises. But i wonder how do they make it, while camper becomes in _ve. Also link rods replaced without considering warranty 2 yrs. Right side door wiring need to be replaced, company is not considering this in warranty!!??I have 1 week to go.
    Any manual for 2yrs warranty and covered parts!!??

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  3. what can i say when few people have got half the car replaced under warranty . I am sure some body would have engine replaced as well under warranty . as they say FIAT ( Fix it again tony ) In US . A simple Plastic part has broken off from my rear seat , which as per FIAT guys is not covered under warranty . paint has chopped off , not covered under warranty , they melted the front driver side tyre foot well plastic covering while doing a repair, it;s My fault that i gave them the car for repair , paid for it . now the car is in service station for second service and for a paint chop off, they want me to claim insurance. Any plastic part is not covered under warranty so i must pay for it as well . No amount of escalation is working any where. Famed Mr Mangesh Has either gone to sleep or is not reading emails or has left FIAT for his own good .

    So the Big question is " what;s covered under warranty" . was Just reading RSA manual , In fine print clearly written " everything has to be paid by the Owner" so why call it free road side assistance . why not call it "Paid road side assistance"

    Don;t know why but my sixth sense says " FIAT will be History again just as it has happened previously twice . i am at peace for having drained down 6 lakhs in Ganga & washed off my sins during this life time .
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  4. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Hi Sushil can I ask you something. Don't feel that I am protecting FIAT or not understanding your pain . Can you please name any other manufacturer who does these things which you have mentioned Free Of Cost ? Now for eg take the case of biggest selling manufacturer in India. Do they replace any rattling parts or any parts that come off during at least the 1st year of your ownership ? Road Side Assistance is different from warranty /extended warranty. It is just Road Side Assistance ie if your car broke down somewhere, they'll provide you assistance. Atleast they are ready to provide you assistance my friend. In the city where I am living companies like Ford, Skoda, VW all does not provide any road side assistance. You need to find your own tow vehicle to get it to the work shop. Ive been using my car for the past 1.4 yrs & I have not faced any single issue like which you have mentioned. I surely agree to the fact that the quality check on FIAT's plant seems to be very poor. But I think a lot has improved in 2012 models. Sushil FIAT has got a facebook page. Try posting your issues there as well. I really understand your pain.
  5. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    could you please explain what this is?
    was there a problem with you're AC that was rectified or was it an upgrade to a better AC system?
  6. Dear Cinju

    In case of a rattling part is reported, it;s at least rectified and if required replaced if car is in warranty. You are not made to run around with excuses like " it;s Broken , hence not covered under warranty" . Why would a owner broke that part in first place ? . it could be due to their faulty manufacturing practices as well. there are thousand such examples in market where the things were replaced under warranty Else why would i take warranty .

    Pls Note the Lock mechanism is broken in my case for rear seat due to which it;s rattling, which they are not replacing saying that plastic part is not covered under warranty ( wear and tear ) . IMO everything in car is a wear and tear part and as such nothing should be eligible for replacement.

    I am not going to compare RSA of skoda / VW and all. They do not play in segment in which FIAT plays . I understand that you have not faced any issues so far but does that means that all their cars are without issues ??? there are plenty of experiences on the forum itself wrt to RSA and i don;t think i can do any value addition to those experiences.

    I suspect if FB page can do any thing . it;s as non functional as FIAT employees themselves and that includes everybody from Mr kapoor to peon manning their pathetic call center where you are told that you need to contact dealer for even changing a Phone no in CRM .

    No car is Perfect sir ( not even 2 crore ferarri ) . it;s the service experience & the people in front of customer which makes or breaks a relationship. I am myself in customer service industry for 10 years now and i know what it takes to make a customer happy Even when you are denying him some thing .

    Anyways I am taking car out un till they honor my genuine Demands.
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  7. Rightly said...FIAT has to go a long way to achieve customer satisfaction.

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    Rightly said...FIAT has to go a long way to achieve customer satisfaction.
  8. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    When it comes to customer satisfaction I think apart from Toyota all other cars in this segment has this customer service /customer relationship issue. Again that depends from case to case. For eg there has been pretty good review about Concorde motors service & the way they deal with customers. But not all Concorde franchisees are having the same reputation. I had the worst service experience from Maruti when I used to have my Wagon R . From that point of view if I rate Tata service I would give at least 7/10 . Maybe opening independent FIAT service centres would address this issue. No car nor Service centres are perfect. But TATA is not even the worst. If you look at the customer satisfaction rating, this is achieved mostly by a last minute phone call by the SA and asking you to give 10/10 rating. Fiat was ranked no 2 in Customer Service rating with 801 points in 2010 overtaking Honda & Hyundai & Maruti was no 1. I strongly believe that it's some service centres which are bringing the reputation down .
  9. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    1- AC Cooling coil.
    2- AC Thermostat.
    3- AC Compressure.
  10. puntophile

    puntophile Amatore

    Indirapuram NCR
    1) Lower arm
    2) Clutch switch

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