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Palio 1.6 GTX for Sale

Discussion in 'Classic and Retro FIAT's' started by 1.6GTX, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. 1.6GTX

    1.6GTX Timido

    Car: Fiat Palio

    Fuel Type: (Petrol / LPG) LPG not using from ~55k Kms.
    Capacity: 1596cc
    Version: 1.6 GTX
    Color: Metallic Flame Red
    Year of Regn: 31.01.2002
    State of Regn: Maharashtra
    Car Number : MH01DA8402
    Odometer Reading: 82322 on 14.11.2015
    Insurance: Yes , Comprehensive.
    Insurance Valid Upto: 8.02.2016
    Mileage: 7 kms / ltr (city) with AC
    Mileage: 9.7 kms / ltr (highway) with AC or more
    Music System: casette type ( came with car )
    Speakers: 2 Front
    Tyres: Tubeless , will last upto 7k Kms more.
    Battery: New ( 4 Months ) Exide
    Wheels: Alloy 4 + 1 Stepney Disc
    Rear Spoiler: Yes
    Additional Fittings/Accessories: No
    Expected Price: ₹ 90000.
    Negotiable: Yes
    Reason for Selling: Upgrading to Punto/ Linea

    Name of Owner: N V Kakade
    Contact Number: 9421212958
    Email Address: ganeshkakade.46@gmail.com
    Owner Status (Individual/Dealer): Individual
    Current Owner Status: 3rd
    Priority: High (8 days to 15 days)

    Other : This car is now in Nigdi, Pune for a week or two.
    It is used in Satara City regularly.
    I acquired this car on 8.02.2011 odo was at 46064 Kms. This is my First Car so I do Love it. But as I want to own other Fiat so I'm selling.
    Genuinely, I believe that 1.6 versions should not run on bifuels so at odo ~55k Kms i have removed LPG tank and using it on Petrol Only.( LPG tank is shown in one of the photos
    ) all removed LPG kit and tank will be provided with vehicle.
    Car is in Good Condition. Maintaind as per schedule.

    Note: Though Car is registered at MH01, first owner has used it in Pune, that's why car chassis has no seaside rust issues.









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    kedarbendre Esperto

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