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Painting OEM reverse parking sensor

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by eagle4u, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. I have been told by fiat service center that painting the OEM reverse parking sensor might not work, where as painting the aftermarket OEM sensor will work? How true is this? Does anyone has experience with painting OEM reverse parking sensor? Thanks.

    I wanted to mention, I did found this similar discussion thread but it doesn't conclude if OEM sensor was finally painted and what was the experience.
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  2. bharathj85

    bharathj85 Regolare


    I got a my OEM parking sensors painted twice so far. It works wondeful.
  3. Thx for a definite reply. Internet is flooded with opinions swinging both ways, and very convincingly! A few doubts though:
    the Sensors have one outer-ring of hard plastic, then a softer rubber kind of white coloured ring, and finally a black hard plastic disc again at the centre.
    1. Which parts should be painted? I've been advised to mask the middle-softer ring only and paint rest.
    2. Should the surface be first grated / sanded lightly and primed like every other plastic part? Or just painted directly?
    3. Does the unit take too much power that the reverse switch gets heated?
    I'm investing in an OEM and installing at a fiat-authorised service station just so that even if they wreck something, warranty should cover it. It was they only who recommended it, saying fiat is promoting it now as standard fit. I have am Ocean Blue 2012 Emotion...
    please any suggestions / explanations would be extremely appreciated!

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