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Painting Linea Alloys and Rear Drum/Hub

Discussion in 'Modifications & Tuning' started by GP_Freak, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Samy Alamuri

    Samy Alamuri Amatore

    Bhimavaram, India
    ya you can paint it
    this might help -

    painted my stock alloys
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  2. GP_Freak

    GP_Freak Regolare

    Linea 1.3

    Thank you guys. Everybody was against spoiling the classic beauty of Linea and the max recommended was Matt black. It’s too common nowadays and wanted something different. But to be honest, this is not the orange which I had in mind. But now have to settle with this one and alteast it didn’t look yuk like I thought. The next thing is spoiler. Not sure whether to go with the small one which is from Fiat or a slightly larger one. Need to get some scratches fixed first before the things come in.

    Yes, I am testing that right now and currently it’s raining in Chennai for past few days. I haven’t washed by car and the front wheels are all covered with brake dust like hell. Will post a long shot pic to understand how bad it looks.

    I am suspecting the colour to peel off in two wheels especially. During fixing of the new tyres, the machine peeled off the paint in the lip. So when water goes in to that, it is gonna peel of the paint. Will do some touch up before the damage happens.
    A piece of advice when fixing tyres on painted alloys. Ensure that nice strong pressure in applied on the tyre( by the tyre fixing guy) when fixing the tyre using tyre fixing machine. For me the Michelin was too tight that even after a full rotation, the tyre did not go in. Had to use a lever to push it in and it caused additional scratches. The 3PST sure is stronger.

    Yes you can. This will be the easiest job. Just remove the caps and send in to painter and get it done. Or DIY using spray cans.
  3. 5u3zEr0

    5u3zEr0 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    @ GP_Freak: I missed this thread, just read it and saw the snaps. The colour is bright and stands out but does not gel with the rest of the car. You should paint the ORVM's the same colour so that there is some more orange on the car like others have suggested.

    But your patience and DIY is commendable! You could have tried painting the front calipers when you painted the rear drum.

    I spoke to the guys at Ramkay Fiat about painting the wheels for my car and they are ready to do it. I think I will wait for the next alignment, balancing session to do it. The colour is the question mark??
  4. extr3mex

    extr3mex Amatore

  5. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    Where can i paint the alloy wheels in chennai for my red punto?
  6. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    Any help can be provided?
  7. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    Painted my Alloys for 1600 inr at Nagercoil
    bc9cd4a1271a77b44185e3654fb34b6f.jpg e4aef72fa61920c57ba44eca4eab07d9.jpg
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