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Owning the Stallion Italiano

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by pradz, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. pradz


    Hey FIATians, finally after nearly six months i thought i'd put up a ownership review of my Stallion Italiano.


    We own a 04 Indica V2 LSi n in 2007 dad purchased a 98 Opel Astra GL for his use in bangalore. Seein parking probs in bangalore the cars interchanged cities. Indica went to Bangalore n Astra came to mysore.
    After a number visits to the service station n after spending thousands on maintainence of the Astra it was finally time to sell the car. Make no mistake. Its a fantastic car. Enjoyed every bit of the drives in it. Just 75bhp n hauling a dry weight of 1.5 tonnes(yess astra did weigh tht much) n how!! All the parts tht were giving away after 10 years were all the original parts that came with the car. Getting spares was mostly from scrapyard as they were of better quality n would last longer than the new ones available.

    Fast forward to July 2010, finally dad agreed to buy a new car. But he wasnt ready to sell the astra he loved the car. So we started hunting for buyers, meanwhile i too was running around to see which car to buy. Our budget was 8.5-9max

    We wanted a vehicle tht would seat 5 in comfort n also carry luggage as we do frequent travelling. It should be a diesel, and should be Fuel effecient. good stability. Also sometimes we have people who travel with us. so a 5+ seater was also a option.


    Manza quadrajet: My uncle has bought a Manza in feb 2010. It was i who convinced him to go for it. he was looking at Dzire. All the family members had liked manza more than Dzire. but uncle was still skeptical bout Tata. Finally after lost of discussions he finally got a manza QJD. i have driven the car extensivley n i really liked the car. we have a Indica v2 so we can see the improvement. It was spacious. ride was good. fully loaded. But i wanted something more.

    Verna Transform CRDi:
    This car was jus launched. I had driven the verna alot. but apart from the power i didn like anything in the car. ride was choppy, city driving was irritating (my opinion) n the car scared me above 120kmph which it would easily reach. it was also cramped. the boot was small i felt. But my dad was more bent on it, so we had a look. but the prices was too high compared to the overall package. also the TD car wasnt available. so dropped it.

    Optra TCDi: i loved this car. but the prices was too damn high.

    Vento TDI: There was no servce center in mysore. Also the servicing would be very expensive. so would spare parts. the car looked too plain. also the pricing.
    Fiesta TDCi: high mainatainence. cramped/narrow interiors.

    Xylo D2/E4: though its ugly. i liked this MUV. the seating was comfy. spacious even the third row. was in the budget. i was ready to live with lil bad quality plastics. BUt dad wouldn be comfortable to drive this one around n park sply when we go to bangalore n al. so dropped it too.

    Linea MJD
    : i fell in love with FIAT when i was a kid, Dad bot a premier padmini the year i was born n we had the car for almost 9 years, a spl bond was formed between me n the car. We sold it for Omni n Omni for Indica but tht bonding wasnt there in any of these cars. So when FIAT renetered India with Linea i was jumping around. Infact when my uncle was buying the Manza i used to sit in the showroom n admire this beauty.i even told my cousin this is our next car though we had no plans of changing the car back then.
    we had reached late to the showroom as i had to literally drag my dad. he never wanted to buy a Fiat in his life cuz the padmini was in the garage almost every two weeks, convinced the Sales guy to give me a TD even though it was well past 7pm. We took the car for TD. i flet the car to be decent enough. Now it was dad's turn. Again he wasnt even ready to drive it. after making him understand. he sat on the drivers seat, switched on the engine n there he started rippin. i was shocked. had not seen him drive like this for quite sometime. (he used to drag the omni at signals n mostly would drive above 95kmph while travellin. lolz
    He was impressed with the car but whe wouldn admit. lolz. Finally the sales rep gave us the invoice n the car would cost 10.58 on road (emo pk) Dad's eyes popped out n we had to leave the showroom.


    With all this happening i wasforgetting my sis marriage was just a month away. Dad explained he wasnt ready to spend anything above 8.5. i would go to the showroom every alternate day with some bahana and come back just to go n see the Linea
    We recieved some amount that was due from someone,.So now i pestered my dad and finally he agreed to book the car. So Linea it was.


    The next day we went to the URS KAR mysore to book the Linea. Dad spoke to the head of the showroom. after long talks they decided to give Sun FiLM, floor mats, 3M polishing, mudflaps idol and a perfume. total waste of time.
    Finally we paid the booking amount. now it was color selecting time. With my sis wedding the following week, we wanted the car delivery ASAP. So they showed us 3 cars.

    1. BS3 Emotion Bossa Nova
    2. BS4 Emo Pack Bossa Nova
    3. BS4 Emo Pack Flamenco Red.

    I read on a webiste that the BS4 engine makes 7PS more than BS3 also engine is tuned better. We had seen the Vocal White Linea n really liked it.but sadly ot was out of production. Didn really like the Bossa Nova. My sis really disliked the Flamenco, still dunno y. But since we had only these three car to choose from. When we checked the car, my dad observed bubbling of paint in a few places, uneven finish n scratches too. When i asked the sales guy he said he'll fix it before delivery. I was like shut the **** up!!

    Then we came back to the Showroom n he showed us the sample color plates n we liked the Tuscan Wine. He informed us tht its a premiujm color. it will cost us 6k more. Also there is one already in transit. it will take 3 days to reach. we said ok. we came home. the next day the formalities on the loan was completed.


    Well as usual the sales ppl never keep thier promises. Sales guy called on AUGUST 30th saying the car is not yet come. We wanted the car by 31st. We were supposed to drive down on 1st Sept to Mangalore. So i made my self clear That if the car does not reach the showroom on 31st morning we will cancel the booking.
    He didnt seem to care for the threat. waste of my time. lolz. 31st 10:30am he called again to say the is in the showroom. So i quickly went down to the showroom n did the PDI as suggested here but had to leave in a hurry. Excitement was cooking my brains already. By 12:00pm i delivered the full payment DD from SBI. Did the proper PDI n Took a few snaps. From then it was a painful wait of every sec. We were promised the delivery by 6pm. i couldn go n check the sun filming of the car as i was busy. Evening my Dad was retiring from SBI after 39+yrs of working with them. there was a function organised to felicitate him. basically a send off. The words they said bout my dad, the staff n customers alike(many had travelled form places like mang n bang, hunsur n come only for this) made me all the more proud of my dad.

    The function finally got over by 7:20pm. the sales person was calling over n over to check if we coming. He had been waiting since 6 only for our car delivery and he had to go to coorg ater tht. So after all the formalities. My dad finally recieved the keys from the sales persion, one Mr. Cherian Thomas at 7:50pm on August 31st 2010. Told dad to drive first as it was his car. So he drove for some 200m n wasnt comfy with turbo lag. so from then i drove. Got the car blessed by my uncle. Then finished other pending work.

    This is just the part of delivery. more to come n pics will follow. If there is any mistakes do let me know as i am very bad at writing reviews.
  2. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Pradz very nice review and to the point on all the cars that were considerd before sealing on FIAT.

    Welcome to the group and wish you many more happy miles with the FIAT. I bet, your next car would be of FIAT !

    Count me in, me too not good at writing reviews, hence did not post my ownership review. I can only say, I became poet after owing two FIAT's :)
  3. pradz


    Here are the first pics of the car. P.S m not a very good photographer, so angles might not be taken well.












  4. Pradz, excellent write up and Good review. Happy motoring and do keep us posted on your ownership experiences at regular intervals.
    Drive Safe.
  5. pradz


    hey thanks bro. Yes I have always loved FIATs since my childhood. Infact we were supposed to buy a Palio 1.2 instead of Indica V2 petrol LSi. but as i said dad never wanted to buy a Fiat again. my convincing then didn make a difference. Palio was fairly expensive too. All said n done Indica too has been good to us. no major issues.

    I just Checked your Picassa album, i must i have never seen your car color before nor heard of it. Its different, i like it. i thought only tht sunbeam beige or something was the only color extra in T-jet. Nice ride. waiting to drive a t-jet :)
  6. Vasu, dont look for excuses. We too are not good at writing but it flows when you think about your beauty.
    Give it a try and we are looking forward to your reviews of your beauty.
  7. pradz


    Few more






    I too agree with u. i never thought i would end up writing such a long review. i only wanted to write a small para n put up the pics. But the italiab beauty does make the words flow.. hehehe.





  8. pradz


    Thanks bro. ownership review coming up in a few days.
  9. Tuscan wine looks elegant on Linea. The dealer stickers on the rear glasses are an eyesore. Remove it if you too think so, else take advertising fee from your dealer :wink:
  10. pradz


    Thanks bro. Yes everyone who's seen my car say the same. I really never realised the sticker being there. lolz. ya i'll do it soon.

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