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Ownership review of my Red Sport machine-Vignesh Vik

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by vigneshrace, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    The insurance provided for the car is free while buying.So, it is not the Bumper to bumper policy.Future generalli covers only 50% to bumpers,head lalmp and fog lamps which resulted in this high payment!
  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Ok. One lesson learnt. Get a zero dep add on during the insurance renewal for that extra peace of mind.

    Dont understand why free insurance from FG doesnt come with the zero dep add on when the cost of free insurance actually equals a new car policy + the add on cost.
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  3. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    One lesson learnt. Get a zero dep add on during the insurance renewal for that extra peace of mind.

    Yes .Jus renewed the insurance today for Zero depreciation.Cost of Premium paid is 21449 for the IDV value of 6.4L from Furure generalli.
  4. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    Saturday i went to Ramkay service for my third free service!

    The SA quoted 7500 overall including wheel alignment,balancing and full body lubrication.

    Later i got a call from SA saying that the Brake pads, disc got worn out and it needs to be replaced.As it is matter of braking, i agreed to change that!

    Now my query here is why the brake pads and discs needs to get changed at 30k kms?

    Even i havent faced any issues related to braking till now!

    Fingers crossed to receive the car today with a hige bill amount of 15k
  5. gbkajala

    gbkajala Timido


    I am Girish Bharadwaj K, got my punto sport 90HP from Hanuman Fiat mangalore last March 2014.

    Today I completed my second service at vecto motors, bangalore (14500Km), while discussing with one of Vecto sales person, he mentioned that sporty metallic pedals are default in Punto sport (not Evo).

    In my car I am seeing that this sporty metal pedals are missing. So just wanted to confirm whether anyboday faced same issue? If so how can I retrieve it.

    As far as driving of Punto sport 90HP, its comfortable.

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  6. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    I am happy with the performance of my machine and have crossed 33K kms!

    To add more joy to my machine,fitted the follwing which made the sound effect awesome.
    1.JBL 1200 sub woofeer
    2.BLAUKPANT Amplifier
    (Still using the default speakers).
    Including wiring and fitting, it costed 7500INR in GP road, Chennai.

    Last week i bought a chrome strip from Paytm website and i have pasted that in the windows!Jus giving a rich look to my machine!
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  7. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Great Going Vignesh !!!,
    FIAT's seduce you to drive more and more and that is the reason we all keep finding endless reasons to add more miles to the odo .
    Wishing you many more happy miles ahead.
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  8. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore


    Yesterday painted the alloys in black and rear drum in red for 1600INR at nagercoil!

    My machine got more sportier now! 76f048ac72e37404d9173aa227026da1.jpg 1b2f5b1d1017cddeb06cb0464bfc2a1f.jpg 9bdd9350f3c0bcd949cc8310f8fbc28c.jpg

    I wish to share one funny incident that happened last week in my Village at Nagercoil:

    One of our relative's son who is studying class 2 stood near my car and asked his brother to take a snap with the Punto.They were keep on taking many pics in all possible angles.

    I went near them and asked the reason for the photography, he replied that "Your car is a sports car that used to play in NFS game".

    Then i realised that, Punto is the first car which we drive in Need for Speed Game(Forgot the version of the game)

    I was very happy to see A fan for my car!
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  9. Deepak

    Deepak Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    @vigneshrace : black painted alloy and red body color gel well together. nice mod \m/
    BTW chrome strip looks good as well. Also try to switch to Evo's tail lamp. It looks fabulous on Red Punto. ( i have seen many switched to Evo's LED, few said it throws a MID error, not sure though. Just check it)
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  10. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    Hi All ,

    I have done 44K Kms in 18 Months!I am totally happy with the performance of the car!

    In the month of June, my car saw many new places like Goa,Thrissur,etc!Totally covered around 7-8k Kms in last month alone!

    Now 45K service will be due soon! 5ed6654c9e5a81501ba921f9febc737b.jpg
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