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Ownership review of my Beutiful Beast 90 HP

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by BIPLAB DUTTA, May 1, 2016.


    BIPLAB DUTTA Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    This my first ownership thread. I am not very good writer thus trying to keep the things simple and really sorry for the delay.
    I will devide my ownership thread in following sections :

    1. Why new car :
    Just a brief that I came back from Zurich after two years. I have a Alto K10 which is now with my father in Bengal. When I came back to India in Pune location,
    I had two option a. Bring back Alto K10 to Pune b. Purchase a new car.
    My father loves Alto K10 to drive thus I decided to keep it with him and anyway I was looking for some bigger machine so decided to purchase a new car.
    I have started research 1 year back (almost) and going through various reviews. I was eagerly waiting to come back to India and start taking the test drives.
    Certain things that I kept it mind :
    a. Safety : Car should have solid build and should have ABS and Airbag must. This was the top most in the priority list.
    b. Budget : Should not exceed 8.5 on road anyway.
    c. Fuel type : This was the most confusing decision for me. With my budget I could have got hatch or CS. But I was not sure which fuel type I should take.
    I know that petrol cars can be 1.5 (almost) cheaper but as I already had a petrol car I wanted to try different.

    2. Buying Decision after test drives :

    Note : All my test drive was in same road so that I can compare properly.

    My first choice was TATA ZEST XT Diesel or Ford Figo Titanium. Every time in every review it came as the VFM car and I was
    eagerly waiting for a test drive once back to India.

    First thing I have done once back to India in Feb took a test drive of ZEST and I was impressed with almost everything.
    Good handle feel, good leg room, I liked the interior and sales person was really good. But, I have found one issue (due to my bad habit) when changing the gear.

    The gear lever at 3rd gear position push your hand backward continously. I tried with multiple car and my friends also took a test drive.
    Even I mailed TATA team if this problem can be sorted out. But no reply which can satisfy me.

    So, with disappointment I decided to not go for it.
    So I took the other cars's test drive as below :

    Swift : Not considered at all for the boot space.

    i20 : With my budget I could have get petrol car of this only thus I was not very interested. Also when I talk to sales person
    he was talking with attitude. Ask anything he will say "Sir it is premium car". I was not feeling the thrill also with the car when driving.

    Honda Jazz : This is also I took test drive of petrol version. I found it is good to drive but not getting that punch or feel that I wanted.
    light steering is good to hold. Very nice interior but again the sales person. He is clear that I have to take all insurance and other
    from them, so unnecassarily the budget was going high also, I felt even if it is petrol engine, The I can felt engine sound inside.

    Ford Figo :
    Then I took test drive of Figo and it was amazing. Very good leg space in back seat but when I saw the boot space I was not very convienced with the size.
    Even then I could have go for it but the seat is not 60:40 thus, even if it is required ever for a little bigger boot it is not possible.
    Thus I gone for other test drives.

    So, After this I was almost sure that I am going for Figo with compromise of boot size.
    Fiat Punto :
    Not at all considered after reading so many bad stories.

    But even then in the mean time I had made a call to Fiat Jay Vijay in February month itself. when I say that I will purchase the car during Mar/April he just
    dropped the call without talking to me properly.

    In 29 Feb, I gone to my home town and thought after returing I will book Figo.
    From there again I shown interest in Fiat punto car and I got a call Sky Fiat.
    They took my number and the day I return Pune next day the sales person (Umesh Sharma) reached my office with test drive car after giving a call.
    First feel good factor I found with them.

    This was the time I took test drive Fiat Punto evo 74 BHP in same road and first thing I noticed is steering...It is different...:).
    It is what you want to hold when driving no non-sense.

    Then Umesh told me Sir "Do you know same bad road here?".
    We found a place beside the Nande/Chande Gaon road where there were big stones and very very bad place. Umesh told Sir, let me drive
    then you took a test drive. Then I was the magic of Fiat. In that bad road also the car was so stable no sound from body of the
    car always in line where you want never unstable. then I took the test drive in same place and felt the same and the steering, it is just

    Its heavy move make me fan of it. Yes I found after many cars test drive that, it is not the fast in pickup but really after driving
    the car that become irrelevent for me.
    Because, the question came in my mind is "Really I want to take 100KM sprint every day?". The answer was no.

    Then I saw the boot space I found it much better than Figo. Definately Figo has better leg space in back but feel i20 or Fiat Punto has more
    mix in this case. Descent leg space and descent boot. Also, I felt the seats of Punto are a little bigger
    which is make the leg space a little less but more comfortable.
    If I require more luggauge no problem just fold one part of the seat made it a perfect car for me.

    So, it was final it is Fiat Punto Evo Sports.

    3. Buying Experience: It is a mix experience. I decided to take delivery on 8th of April. Umesh told surely I will get that and he started
    all the formality. On the day I given downpayment of 10K he took the car first to my home for my family to take a test ride and
    my wife, father and my little Angel become happy.
    So, once then given me the signal I paid the booking amount of 10K.
    Choice of color is my wifes deparment and she previously told she want RED car. but then she seen tuscun wine color once and decided that if
    that colour is available she will like that colour. Thus with Umesh I reached showroom where I met the Manager Mr. Kapur. I felt nice when
    talking to him and from then onwards all the staff become very friendly to me which I felt quite good.
    Next day Umesh told me to initiate the down payment of 1.5 if possible so I agreed and done a NEFT going with him from SBI.
    next day morning Umesh given me reciept also from there side. Umesh was keeping touch with me almost everyday till I got the handover.
    on 2th of April he call me that Sir, Car has reached to them and it will be good if I pay rest of the amount thus I requested for the PDI and
    he agreed then and there.
    So I took the printout of PDI document from Team Fiat and I reached Sky Fiat service center in Akrudi
    on 3rd April and from there he took me to there stockyard taking a half day leave from Office.
    Everything looked fine to me and then I took some snap(I uploaded in my post also). KM was showing 23 H.

    Happily I reached the office back and then next day I have given a cheque of rest of the amount to Umesh.
    I was in continous touch with Umesh to get the number of the car and on 7th night he sms me the number happily I gone to sleep that
    next day morning I am going to bring my "Beautiful beast" to home :).
    Now the not like parts on the day of delivery:
    I reached in time and as suggested by various site I reached with a gift for Umesh and with sweets.
    everything was ready for me as I reached there around 10:30. After seating for 15 mins Umesh asked me to see the features in the car once again
    as that is required when taking delivery.
    So, he told me all the features multiple time and I found that car was not washed properly form outside.
    He agreed with me and told me that they have lack of people over to clean it and he told to take the car to there Sky Fiat center next
    day where they will to a proper wash free so I found it is OK but oviously it was not a good feeling.
    Then it came to paper work verification and found some issue in my address in cash reciept which they rectified.
    But I found insurance paper my name is written as "Biplab Ajit Dutta" in place of "Biplab Dutta" which I informed then amd till now
    they are in process of rectification. There where no tax reciept available that day and they promised me that in
    a week I will get it and I got it after 2 weeks.
    Happily, I took the delivery with 5 litre of Diesel from them and reached Hinjewadi petrol pump for refuelling.

    I give them 6/10 for buying Experience.
    Note: I have similar experience with Sai Service Maruti.

    I got the seat cover, rear sensing camera and noodles mat from car cupid in Pashan road as it is near to my home. And this has given me the horror
    story That I will share in next post.

    4. Driving Experience till now : Steering is very nice and precise. No problem at all. Gear lever push a little backward sometime when
    in 3rd gear. Point to mention that I am not keeping my hand on gear lever. But sometime in traffic I hold the gear lever from back
    Only to take it back to 2nd gear. This is only when you give a little accelaration, I can felt it.
    Dead padel and clutch has almost 0 gap. First day it was a problem for me but then I adjusted that and now I am comfortable.
    Clutch is long and first day it was a leg pain but then it is OK now.
    Also I felt a little jerky in 3rd gear when I leave the clutch after changing the gear. I reported to service center and they are going
    update the ECU. They are saying it is a issue with Sport version and ECU update with solve the issue.

    Punto looks like a right RPM and right Gear car. you want to crawl just put it in 2nd or 1st gear as required and leave the clutch fully.
    from 20KMPH speed 3rd gear can pool gradually.
    Due to its heave weigh I feel, I dont feel any turbo kick almost.
    The car may feel slow or sluggish on accelaration but I think, this feel is due to its heavy weigh where we can't
    feel the speed like a light car(completely my personal view).
    Till now I have clocked 600 KM. in 15 days.
    Photos will be coming soon...
  2. Deepak

    Deepak Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    congrats buddy. Wish you happy motoring!
  3. karaka

    karaka Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.4
    Congrats buddy, enjoy maadi.

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    BIPLAB DUTTA Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Some Pics of my Beast that I have taken during my Sunday special wash :).
    Front look :

    IMG_20160508_101442794 - Copy.jpg

    From Back side :


    Side view :


    Fron Seat cover (Car Cupid) :


    Back seat Cover :


    Steering wheel and dashboard :


    IMG_20160508_101503823.jpg IMG_20160508_101503823.jpg

    --- Double Post Merged, May 9, 2016 ---
    Hi All,
    I need a help as a bad thing happened to my love :(. Some how my car front door got dent/damage. I not sure when but it is not by me.
    There were thrice when my car was not with me
    1) When I have given my car for wash to Sky Fiat.
    2) Left the car to Car Cupid Sus road for seat cover.
    3) Given the car for the valet parking at Marriot Couryard, Hinjewadi.

    Honestly I have not seen this issue for a long, but 2 weeks before when I have gone to Sky Fiat showroomd for the correction of name in my insurace copy, when I was talking to Umesh near to my car he noticed it. He asked what happend to your door and I was shocked.
    I am sure someone took reverse of my car with open door. Below is the picture :
    door is little bent towards the front and also there is a gap now with panel.

    shock effect to the front side of the door a little bend and it is touching the body now: IMG_20160508_101147172.jpg

    shock effect to the down side in window :

    Front side of the door touching the front (A pillar) :

    I am sure the hit was very hard and since it is Fiat it has taken it and even was not noticeable to me. If it was any other car it could have damaged the glass also.

    I have checked with Sky Fiat service center they are saying door panel has to be changed and it will take 15k for fix all the issue.
    They are not calling me for last 2 weeks and saying door is not available, when it will be available they will call me.

    I feel outside it will be fixable in much cheaper and may be same/better way.

    In front of my house there is a body workshop and they are saying they will fix it with color and all withing 1500/- and sticker will take
    more 700/-, but I am not confident to give my car to any other hand without nowing him.

    Could any one please let me know if anyone know any body workshop for Fiat. It will be great help. I am very much sad and I really need to fix this issue soon.
    Last edited: May 9, 2016
  5. Harsha89

    Harsha89 Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    @ BIPLAB DUTTA First of all many congratulations for the acquisition of the Evo..It looks very chic in TUSCAN WINE colour, and unique also if I may add. Regarding the mishap on the door of your car, It sure is a very saddening sight, but as a rule, cars are bound to get scratched, nicked, dented and smashed at one time or the other. Be relaxed, and let it pass, that's my simple advice, Cars provide a certain form of entertainment and joy which very few things can match, so along with the positives, also come the negatives..Sorry for the long lecture :) Coming to your unfortunate accident, I have a strong "hunch" that a guy/valet from the Marriott Hotel must have caused it while "opening the door and looking back while reversing". The Door has dislodged mildly, only an impact pushing the door forward would have caused it. Usually amateurs and people lacking knowledge of driving have this practice, also because it's highly unlikely to have occurred in any of the other places that you've mentioned. Better confirm with the Hotel, or just throw the blame on the management and be sure about your accusation, you might just get an answer. Alternatively, enquire at your FIAT service and ask about the cost involved for repair, try asking your Sales agent for body work shops outside..they are bound to have a good knowledge regarding these things..Sorry for the long reply, Good luck and Safe driving :)
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  6. Turbothinghy

    Turbothinghy Esperto

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    @BIPLAB DUTTA : Great seat covers there. Can you share the quote?
    Also it's better to get your beauty washed at a dedicated place like 3m.
  7. aramico

    aramico Amatore

    KA 51 / KA 31
    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    @BIPLAB DUTTA Many congratulations on owning a FIAT. Welcome to the family. Sorry to hear about mishap. Just let it pass just chek with some reputed local body shop / garage other option is an insurance claim if you want to. Have a Happy miles ahead.
  8. KPR

    KPR Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    @BIPLAB DUTTA Tuscan Wine is an elegant color. That's a good looking car.
    @Harsha89 is right. Any new car comes with some minor attentions like this and yours is no different. Anyhow I would strongly recommend any body repairs to be done outside rather than Fiat ASC. I had a bad experience once with Maruti for my old car. They not only charged exorbitant but also did a pathetic job. Better to have a session with local shops who are experts and charge you half of what ASC does. Moreover most of ASC of any car manufacturer engages the local body / paint mechanics on contract basis.
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  9. Harsha89

    Harsha89 Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    @BIPLAB DUTTA @KPR I've experienced a similar incident with my VW Jetta. My dad parked the car by the side of the road and had opened the door only slightly, a drunk imbecile riding a TVS 50 Moped rammed into the door. Since it's a sturdily built car, it only dislodged slightly, similar to what your Evo has undergone. I was quoted the same 15k for alignment of door panel, re painting and dent removal at Ramani VW Coimbatore. As @KPR has suggested, try doing it outside the official service centre, a rate of 6-8k sounds reasonable.
  10. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    @BIPLAB DUTTA Congratulations on your new car. Honestly I think one needs a keen eye to point to that bend in the door (as you too have mentioned that you missed it for a few days), in such case why take the pain of paying huge money for replacement. I dont see it as an eye sore as well from the pictures as there is no visible damage to the paint too. My advice is leave the door the way it is and carry on, and we can think of the replacement at a later point of time. Enjoy your drive and keep us updated.

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