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Ownership review from a person who doesn’t know much about cars.

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Prajith, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Prajith

    Prajith Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    I think it’s time to share my experience with the Hot Italian Beauty!!!

    I never had an intention of buying a car. I already had a Maruti Alto and it served its purpose. But then I was not having the satisfaction of driving a car. I always wished of owning a car that was so smooth and not having to hold the clutch and accelerator to keep the engine on. The road to my office was very bad that I hated driving. And if I took the main roads, I travel extra Km and shell more on petrol. One day I got an idea of giving the Alto to my Dad and get a new car.

    I don’t know much about cars and Alto is the only car I can speak of. Other cars were just a short distance drive that I can really comment about. Now with this experience I started my research. Sources were from team-bhp, mouthshut, fiat forum, YouTube and googled many more.

    What I wanted in my car?
    I wanted the best car available in market for my budget.
    It has to be diesel and should give me good mileage.
    It has to be a smooth driving.
    I should not hear the engine sound when the car is turned on.
    It needs to have enough power to overtake in traffic.
    It should be comfortable for me and passengers to travel long distance.
    It should look good.

    Did I get everything I wanted? Read on…

    Test drove the below cars and the main reason to reject them:
    Swift: Didn't even bother to research on this car. Rejected: Every tom, dick and harry had it.
    I20: It was the same as Swift but had great looks. Rejected: Expensive and did not feel the car its worth that much.
    Liva: Interiors did not appeal. Felt less powerful. Rejected: No diesel variant at that time.
    Beat: Looks dint appeal. And very small boot space. Rejected: Looks
    Short listed Polo and Punto:

    Points that mattered to me in Polo:
    Looks are so simple and elegant. For me it was the best looking car.
    The Volkswagen brand.
    It had decent mileage. My friend has it and gave good feedback.
    Low platform car and felt very comfortable.
    Good plastic felt like a luxury car.
    Great handling.
    Big Boot space.
    Solid Build.
    Less rear seat space.
    Felt comfortable driving it fast. (It was due to the low platform car I am very used to.)
    Cost of base variant. (Rs 6,90,000) No offers.
    Cost of service or maintenance was unknown (expected it to expensive).

    Points that mattered to me in Punto:
    Looks were similar to Tata Indica. My wife didn’t like because of that.
    Felt very spacious.
    Decent mileage as per reviews.
    Had some good offers worth Rs 35,000.
    Low maintenance cost.
    Great handling.
    Solid Build
    Decent interiors. Though I dint like the silver dash in Dynamic & Emotion.
    The word “Punto” somehow got registered in my mind and related it to “Power”.
    I did not feel comfortable driving it fast. (It was mainly due to lack of experience driving different cars)
    Bad reviews about Tata Service (Fiat’s service Partner).

    Decision process:
    Now I was so confused between Polo and Punto that I had spent sleepless night thinking about it. Polo was the one close to my heart and Punto is the one that seems to be good as per the owner’s reviews. Especially, the once in “Mouthshut”. I was surprised to see so many passionate owners for Punto. I did not find the same passion for other car owners who gave 5 star rating for their cars. However I was not too interested in Punto since Fiat did not do well in India. So I decided to book Polo and applied for loan, though it cost more. I was not sure if my loan would get approved since I already have a car loan running. I decided that I will not pursue Polo if the loan was rejected. And just as I though the loan was not approved. So I decided to give a try with another bank for Punto. It was the same with the other bank too, but I managed to speak with manager and got my loan approved. Got my Punto 1.3 MJD Active for Rs 6,00,000. Now everything was smooth from there and got my Red Italian Beauty before the promised date.

    Happy ever after:
    It was after that, I realized how lucky I am. I may have not got all that I wanted in my car, but It’s certainly the best car I could have bought. It became an integrated part of my family that my wife’s friends kept nick name for us. Me – Punto, Wife – Punti and my Son – Puntu. Now I like driving and know what it is to drive a good car. Now I can rip my car the way I want and would respond exactly the way I want. But what I loved the most is the passionate owners for Fiat and I am proud to be a part of this passionate group. Now I have the car that is the closest to my original wish list and never regretted from the day I started driving it.

    I am sure that there are many people out there going through similar experience of mine. Different people have different likes and dislikes. So do not take others advice blindly. Look what owners feel about the car and take long distance test drives. I got what I wanted and hope other get what they wanted too…
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  2. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    A nice write up,congrats,happy motoring
  3. Welcome to the Fiat Family! and Congratulations on your wonderful purchase.. Punto is a car that we all keep falling in love with as we get to know it better with time.. :)
  4. hey prajith. good, honest write up. the only point i would diverge with you is the comment that punto's looks are similar to tata indica. sure, tata has tried a lot to copy from fiat, unsuccessfully.
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  5. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    Congrats Prajith on the new car! Truly unique perspective there:wink:

    6L is OTR? Which trim and is it 2012 model?

    Do provide your feedback on dealership experience, would be helpful for other forum members and prospective FIATians.

    Happy Motoring:)

  6. Prajith

    Prajith Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    Thanks Rahul. I know Punto and Indica does not have the same design. But it was my wife's view who felt the white Punto's looks were similar to that of Indica.
    But the good thing is that even she likes Punto as much as I do. Even her perspective totally changed after owning it. Though she does not drive the car, she keeps telling how good she feels inside the car.

    Thanks Nitin. I bought my Punto in Sep 2011 and have crossed 7000 KM. Rs 6,00,000 was the on road price of Active with offer. I did not find any probs with the dealer. Only thing I noted is that the other car sales guys keep calling you after you have taken the test drive, but FIAT guys did not bother to do that. It was good for me but on sales perspective I would expect them to call the customer to pursue them.
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  7. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice review. I would like to add a few points on Punto vs Polo.
    - Punto is much more spacious than Polo.
    - Punto gives higher mileage/FE than Polo. VW has 20% share in Suzuki but still Maruti takes engines from FIAT rather than VW.
    - Polo has a 3-cylinder engine whereas Punto has a normal 4-cylinder engine.
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  8. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @prajith: nice and honest review. Welcome to TFI. do update this thread as you pile up more and more miles..
  9. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Prajith a very honest review . I really liked your conclusion part & YES that should be the attitude of a new car buyer. :clapping . You are going to love your car more & more on each ride you take.
  10. @Prajith:-

    A great and honest review.. I find people just blame FIAT for service because they(individual Car owners) don`t know much about cars and when they go for service they get dispointed. You can`t expect 100% service satisification everytime. and Don`t start compairing things :)
    take care of your car properly and you can see you don`t need to visit service center often, just need to visit for normal service time.
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