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Ownership Log: T-Jet +

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by shikhar10882, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. They say ignorance is a blessing in disguise.. and I strongly feel this saying coming to life in my case.
    I have always maintained cars... to the most as per my standards, but it seems that that maintenance was only superficial.
    I always kept an eye on the service schedules and one ear on any undesired sound from the car and tried to get them addressed ASAP.
    But now.. reading through different threads in this forum has made me concerned about many facts...
    I feel I have started loosing it now..
    I am getting more and more concerned about tracking the faults than enjoying the drive...
    Many points now constantly hover around my mind at the time of driving, like:
    1. Are the break pads making too much noise? If they have worn out, are they effecting the discs?
    2. Are the throttle responses ok? or could there be a leak in the turbo hose.
    3. Is the drive getting any smallest indication of jerks, if yes, I must get my fuel filter check before it causes a failure in fuel pump.
    4. Do I see any sign of time belt wear out?
    5. Do I feel any problem with suspension? Ball joints?
    6. Will the spare be available at ASS if something goes wrong?
    7. What kind of dent on pocket will it cause? The spare cost trends are very different in Fiat than that of Maruti.

    Why am I thinking all this? Three reasons:
    1. As per the experience of members, one can not trust blindly on the SA to check the car thoroughly at the time of service / if the car goes for any other work and identify potential problems before they actually occur.
    2. Too much of knowledge of failures and features. It is same like, one who is not a doctor, but learns about ailments from word of mouth starts fearing the worst even if he coughs once.
    3. I may be growing over-possessive, over-protective to her.

    Vicious circle I have gone into.
    Someone help .. pull me out...

    And give me something else besides... what is to happen shall happen, do what you may and what is not to happen shall not happen, do what you may.
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  2. More than 24 hours had passed and I was yet to receive any response from fiat. .. at least an acknowledgement. .. and I was wondering what to put as an situation update on my thread. . Just then a mail arrived. .. and it goes like:


    Puts a smile on with those reassuring words.

    @puchoo: How is the progress at your end?

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  3. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    Looking positive :) , will update in the evening - waiting for some information.

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  4. Yeh. .. Just that they do not dismiss the case saying that the branded mats are no more provided.

    I shall be looking forward to hear (read) from you on the progress in the evening.

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  5. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    If you scrupulously follow the maintenance schedule specified in the owner's handbook, most of the unexpected problems can either be avoided, or atleast, minimized. Some parts like clutch, brake discs/pads, etc., are wear and tear items, which totally depend upon the driving style/pattern, and so, their life cannot be predicted. For example, for my style/pattern of driving [which is mostly highway driving], I used to get the clutch plates replaced for my earlier cars at 40 k km. So, in case of my Linea, I anticipated replacement of clutch plates since 40 k km, but eventually got them replaced at ~62 k km! As regards to replacement of brake pads, I got them replaced first at 35 k km without discs, and then, now at ~62 km with discs.

    In nutshell, adherence to the maintenance schedule ensures peace of mind without getting the mind shattered into pieces! :)
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  6. Thank you ravi sir...
    However my concern is not about the life I am getting from these consumable wear and tear items. .. but more about sincerity of the SA while checking the car throughly when she goes for maintenance purpose. .. on or off schedule.
    I would expect these guys to tell me of the condition rather than me switching off the fan and music and make the car roll so I can hear the sound of the break pads. ..
    Not that I don't enjoy it. .. I love keeping a tap on the car and it's condition. .. but if they (SA) were more sincere, the assurance will double!

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  7. nareshov


    FWIW, the branded mats are kinda poor. I ended up switching to the 3M Nomad mats (after KarthikK's review on The Forum) and wouldn't look back.
  8. Thanks for the pointer sir!!! I went thru KarthiK's thread on T-BHP which is quite an eye opener.

    Even I have searched far and wide for alternate mats. And had almost concluded on 3D Kagu, they look the best IMHO, especially with the mold that covers the dead pedal.

    There are many options available which are far superior to the original... BUT... at the end of the day, an Original Genuine Accessory is an Original Genuine Accessory.

    I may end up putting an alternate mat, but... If you ask me to throw away the original... well, I will think 100 times over it, and on all 100 occasions, will decided against it.

    I am also looking for a 3M Car Care center in my vicinity. Residing in Ghaziabad, and unfortunately, on 3M site, there are no 3M Centers for Fiat / Multi brand. Any pointers in this regard shall also be highly appreciated.

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    This is how the 3M Site looks for Ghaziabad:

    3M Centers.JPG
  9. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    3M nomad mats are a poor choice for a car, at least in the foot well area. Sand, muck from the shoes get trapped in those hair like construction and stay there. Though the mat does appear clean visually, all it does is to accumulate all the debris inside. If you happen to drop food crumbs, it is even worse. It smells and it also invites rodents, who will chew into anything soft - firewall lining, rubber hoses, wiring harness, etc. in their quest to find a way to the food. Cleaning these mats is also a pain. It is really hard to get all the muck out. The next time you see a 3M outlet demonstrating this with sand, try this - wipe your shoes on it and see if all the muck comes out so easily.

    It might be good to have in the boot,though.

    I do not have these mats in my car. My observations are based on the doormat. Feed back from people who have used these mats for extended periods will definitely help.

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  10. I was also doubting the cleaning process... if they say everything just goes in the mats and keep the top layer visually clean... getting the lower surfaces clean shall be a painful process..
    especially if what has gone in is something like debris, that somehow have managed to find their way in the mat but due to density of hairlike construction, they are unable to come out...

    What mats do you use?

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