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Ownership Log: T-Jet +

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by shikhar10882, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Looks Re-visited

    Seems the Jet is still revealing herself to me...

    The latest uncovering is on her looks..

    Me and all my friends and near ones, while we love the way she looks, most have an opinion that her looks are deceptive. She looks more poised and accomplished than the raw power on which she drives. She looks like the one you would take for a dinner at a hotel, than the one you would take out for a weekend fun drive in the rains.

    While, in reality, she is actually equally well suited for both the occasions.

    But today, as if to show her TOUGH look, she splashed some dirt on her... and stared back at me.

    It happened this way that it had rained hard during the day, and somehow the company parking was water logged. The surface was muddy and slippery and the car was needed to be taken out with utmost care with sometimes even rocking her..
    But when she pulled out.. this is how she looked... in kind of a question.. what do do I have to say of my opinion now???

    Well.. you tell me..
    2013-07-13 20.04.52.jpg

    To me... my opinion took a 180 turn.. she can look tough too... if the need calls of it!!!
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  2. S A SHAH

    S A SHAH Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Dear Shikhar,
    Here are the photos that I promised to post related to boot lining on the inner top, 130720136622.jpg 130720136620.jpg

    This photo for you, "SnowLeopard" hiding behind the bush at country home under the apple trees.
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  3. Thanks alot ... This is exactly the area I was concerned about .. thanks for confirming!!! This is how it looks in my Jet too!!!

    WOW... Out of words... must say that every-time I see her from a different prespective, I fall in love with her all the more all over again!!!
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  4. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    Hi Shikhar,
    I also faced the issue of some sound coming almost certainly from my right rear shocker / suspension area. This started sometime in the second half of may on some drives, esp when the car had more than one person, and stopped appearing after 3-4 weeks on its own.
    As you said, it sounded as if the shocker had given in, though the car behaved as always on the road / bumps.
    Do let me know when you find the culprit. :)
  5. The sound in my car had become more random while I had put the diagnostic activity on hold to further observe the generation pattern. So I am hoping (keeping my fingers crossed) that the sound vanishes just the way it started coming. .. out of nowhere. .. To vanish into nowhere. .. had been a week. .. so going by your experience it might take two more! !! ;)

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  6. I am planning to take her to a old mechanic who is supposed to be an expert in suspension, who has a garage of hours own sometime next week. ..
    Having got the suspension checked at TASS and they confirming that there is nothing wrong with that system I am not very anxious of the urgency as, if TASS is right, this is not a performance related issue, and is not effecting the car in any way. ..
    In any case, I shall keep the thread updated as I go about the issue!

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  7. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    Yes, that was the point. There was no change in ride / handling / comfort; just the little sound when I am with another passenger (or more). And then it goes away on its own.
  8. While I am maintaining this thread as a log of my ownership of Jet, this one is for updating purpose:
    While on another drive about a month earlier, the bulb failure indicator started glowing. It stayed on for a few minutes and then went off. No indication on MID. Thinking it might be a loose connection I started waiting for the light to come again and kept one eye on the MID.
    The next day, it did come back and indicated "Check rear number plate light", and surely the right side bulb was flickering, breathing it's last.
    So far so good, but the problem problem started after this. I took her to the TASS during lunch time, confident that it is a one minute job. But. . Learnt that linea uses a unique bulb and that bulb was not available in their stock. This they declared after 20 mins of searching their stocks.
    To correct, my SA suggested that he'd try with Indica's bulb, which came on, but the bulb failure indicator was still on, due to the wattage difference.
    He, as usual, had no idea by when he can be getting the stock of bulbs from fiat and therefore suggested to try local market.
    I was not ready to drive the car with a failure alarm on, so I went into local market.
    Searched far and wide, and finally was directed to a shop which kept spares for custom built and imported cars. And. . Lo. .. I could find the bulb there. .. replaced it on road and smiled with joy! Problem rectified! !!
    Attaching images of my search results for showcasing the difference.

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  9. I shall hope to get a liner from you too incase you are able to get some conclusive reason of your investigation of culprit.

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  10. Not about my ownership.. but I recently came across few amazing ads by fiat...
    could not resist posting them...

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