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Ownership Log: T-Jet +

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by shikhar10882, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    You were "PROUD TO BE A FIATian" and a TFIan
  2. Ha ha ha..

    Absolutely Ganges...

    A FIATian on 20 May 2012
    A TFIan on 28 May 2012!!! ;)
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  3. The World Could not Stand the Beauty!!!

    But... the 'All Smiles' days were once again to come to an end (after the ORVM episode on Highway)!!!

    Come June 28, and I noticed a sever impression on her body :shocked ! !!


    Disturbed, I started discussing the same thru thread http://www.teamfiat.co.in/exteriors-body/6559-what-caused.html !!!!

    The scar has not been treated so far... it remains.. while I have become more careful with stuff like where I am parking my car, what kind of people are moving in that locality, not to leave the car out of the house gates for long time (if you see the pics posted of the day she came home, you will see other cars parked in the area. Parking the car in early means I have to come down if anyone, who has parked his car behind mine, wants to take his car out while I am home. But I will rather do this in-out activity once than to risk another of such mark on the Jet) and things like that!!
  4. Great review Shikhar.
  5. Congrats (a bit late though) Shikar on your Jet :)
    Nice wrtieup!
  6. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    I see that your reverse parking sensor is not black in color...... rather in body color.... did you request for a paint job? or was it a compliment? .....
  7. Due Apologies for the delayed response people!!!!

    Thanks a ton @ferrari1234 & @gonugupta

    @vanandwiz: it was complementary !!! just when they offered me to install the sensors as compliments, I asked them to ensure that they should not stand out!!! The guy at the showroom confirmed that the fiat is providing the sensors in body color.. (although I doubt that and feel that they might have been painted at the workshop)... but either way, they finally gelled well with the bumper color!!! :D
  8. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    Shikhar, many congrats to you for T-Jet+; It was the very good car what Fiat stopped. Whoever petrolhead missed the oppertuinity (only for FIAT ASS) will curse them in future for not buying this.
  9. Happy First Birthday Jet!!!

    Today my Jet completes her one year with me!!! :dance
    The year has literally flown by and as I sit here recollecting that one year, there have been many memorable and a few forgettable moments in this one year.
    Some to share are:

    1. Delivery of the Car 20 May 2012 - great experience. Everything went off smooth. Had done PDI twice before taking the delivery as I wanted to make sure all the things are sorted out and none of the observations crop when my mother takes the delivery who comes to Ghaziabad especially for the purpose from Agra. The things went off well thanks to the guys at Urmil Motors, Ghaziabad. Details in Post #1 and post #6 of this tread.

    2. First Highway trip this opportunity knocked after one month of ownership. The trip was from Ghaziabad to Agra via Delhi. This was because Yamuna Expressway was not operational at that time. The trip was fun and for the first time I could make her stretch her legs. Details in http://www.teamfiat.co.in/street-travel-experience/6470-fe-oriented-first-highway-trip.html

    3. The first mishandling with her This was experienced some 10 days after her first highway trip. Saw ugly marks between the front door and front fender. This was definitely an intentional act to scar the beauty. Where there is a snow white, there is always an evil queen around somewhere. The details are in http://www.teamfiat.co.in/exteriors-body/6559-what-caused.html.
    There have been other incidences with children scratching the side panels with their playing sticks and one intentional mark made throughout one side of the car with key made by driver of some other car with his keys but… as I said above, the snow-white and the evil queen!!!

    4. First Scratch This gift of driving in NCR was forced upon me in July during my return from office from Delhi. For the people knowing this locality, the incident took place at Mohan Nagar crossing. While turning right towards Ghaziabad from Mohan Nagar, one Maruti Ecco driver tried to shove his vehicle between my Jet and divider and resultantly scratched my rear wheel arch on RHS. That was the first time I really experienced the strength of Fiat, who could withstand the impact with no major deformations.

    5. The first service this experience was also smooth and hassle free. The car was thoroughly checked and all the fluids topped up. The service was done when car was some 3.5-3.8 k odd kms old. The service was observed early cause her first long drive was just around the corner and she was sure to cross the 5k mark during the drive.

    6. First Long Drive This was my dream run for past many years and when the opportunity knocked in the September to materialize this in October I more than pounced upon it. Thanks a zillion to TFI where inputs from many experienced helped me live this dream. Especially J.Ravi Sir, and Johnny Sir (thanks nkapoor777 for giving pointers to Johnny Sir & shams for his TFI handle!!!) The drive was – Ghaziabad – Agra – Jaipur – Udaipur – Ahemdabad – Surat – Mumbai and back. Two words – Amazing experience except for…

    7. First Accident on my return journey from Mumbai, the episode took place near Surat in early morning. I do not the truck driver fell asleep or what but while overtaking a truck, he suddenly changed the lane and buried his front bumper on my left rear fender. I did not stop for a fight cause in the car there were only my mom, my wife and my 8 months old daughter (3 ladies) beside me, I was in a strange state and that stretch of highway was deserted. I could swear on God that such an impact at that speed (we were doing nearly 100 kmph) would have dislodged any other car, but 100 bows to Fiat. The damage was evaluated at the next stop that was taken at a family dhaba some 5 kms down the incident.
    Shikhar's Lumia 800_000053.jpg Shikhar's Lumia 800_000054.jpg Shikhar's Lumia 800_000055.jpg
    The jet was treated immediately on return and again Urmil Motors did a satisfactory job.

    8. First niggling issues on this one year of ownership – two observed. First, the rear right left window was always slower in its movements. And after her first service, it had even started making a sound like there was obstruction in the movement. The issue was taken to TASS, they checked, said it was only requirement of lubricants, sprayed some synthetic lubricants and Lo.. the issue was resolve.
    The second was first observed during the Udaipur to Ahemdabad stretch of my first long drive. There was a faint rattling sound from somewhere in the dashboard. The car was taken to TASS and they checked everything and on first inspection everything appeared fine, and the source of sound could not be identified. The service advisor requested me to leave the car for one day, and they dismantled the dashboard. Found one of the grips that holds the wires in the dashboard had broken and they replaced it – to address the issue successfully.
    The third was when my doors just would not lock on the first attempt. They would lock and unlock as the behavior is when one of the doors is not properly closed. This was checked and again found that the wire running from driver door handle to the locking system had come off from its holding groove. This was refixed and an additional lock was provided for there – issue resolved successfully.

    9. First Doubt on Fiat’s Decisions The first doubt cropped during the first winters of the car when the ambient temperature dropped below 5 degree Centigrade. The car started gaving false ‘Airbag Faliure’ alarm when I cranked her in the morning. I read through various threads in the TFI and found the battery was the culprit. I myself have never been a fan of Exide battery quality. The issue was taken to TASS and they said that the battery was fine. Now, as I always went to TASS during the day when the ambient temperature was in double digits, she never re-produced the error at the service station. Anyway, the winter passed with only this observation and come mid February, the things were back to normal. Will keep an eye open and seek opinions when the winters set in again. However, why did Fiat use Exide?
    The second has come recently when I got my second alignment, balancing and rotation done. The car has done some 11k odd kms but the tyres have worn out way more than they should have. Some said that my total 4000 kms run on Yamuna Expressway is the culprit (although I always kept her in the range of 90 kmph), some say that my short daily run of home – office – home with frequent turns (4 kms total with one railway crossing) is the culprit and some say that the NCT5 are such tyres which compromise on life to give superior ride quality. I am really full of appreciation for TFI members for their inputs in http://www.teamfiat.co.in/tyres-alloys/9610-life-stock-tyres.html where I was seeking opinions (special thanks to ansal11 for his pointers).

    10. The First full service (Second Free Service) Once again TFI came to my help here. I was given an estimate of some Rs. 7-8K by the TASS while the experience sharing by TFI members indicated some 5-6K only. Many many T-Jetters gave their opinion and had quite a good insight by the time I actually went for the service. The service was carried out smoothly. There was no reported issue. The oil, oil filter, air filter and fuel filter along-with the cleaning of pollen-filter costed me some 4K odd. However, the engine was flushed and this costed me some 2K extra, although I am still not sure of the requirement of doing that so early in the life of car. But I did not create an issue of it, cause at the end of the day, the engine of the car was cleaned. So service costed me 6.1K to be exact and was done well – I was allowed to be around the car when the service was being carried out and this point itself helped me overcome whatever feeling I had of being ‘duped’ by the engine flushing.

    This has been my first year with my JET – and must say I have enjoyed every moment of the ownership. She totally makes of fall more in love with her with every moment spent with her – every mile crunched with her.

    Happy First Birthday Jet!!
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  10. This happened to me today!!

    Had reached office as usual at 08:20am!!! Parked the car at my usual place and proceeded in. Half an hour at my desk and my colleague tells me, "You have a call from security, saying that the rear windscreen of your car has cracked"!!
    I proceeded to parking, hoping that it was a prank that my colleagues have tried to pull off on me, but the mere entry to parking area at once melted away all the chances of it being a prank. There were 3-4 guys standing around my car!! Fearing the worst, I quickened my pace to reach the car As Soon as Possible.
    There I was greeted with a nightmare... and this is how it looked like....


    The security guy had only one line to report, "Sir, I was getting another car parked just 20 meters from your car. Suddenly there was a blast type sound from your car and we saw pieces of glass flying. Sir, we are sure nothing has hit the car, it happened all of a sudden, out of no-where".

    With my priority shifting towards getting the things repaired at the earliest, I called the guys at the Urmil motors. It was 9:40 when I was already standing at the Urmil motors and discussing about alternates. Fortunately, they had the glass in their stock. (However, going through forum, I found that there is a probability that the replacement glass does not bear the Fiat logo. Will check that first thing tomorrow morning. )

    The file charges (Rs. 2000 + loss of NCB next year) was coming to almost same as the cost of replacement on cash, i.e., to the tune of Rs..5K, besides getting in done on cash would have given me an advantage of getting the car ready by the same day evening, while Insurance Claim would have meant a 2-3 days long process. So, decided for 'on full payment'.

    Got the car on my way back from Office. The Fiat logo has yet to be checked though.

    A quick PS:
    I recently got a call from Kashyap / Oberoi saying that Urmil Motors, Ghaziabad shall not be servicing your car anymore and you shall bring it to Noida. Being a resident of Ghaziabad, I was taken a back, and immediately called the manager at Urmil. He confirmed that although Fiat is planning to withdraw, but we have authority to service the cars at least of next 1 year, and the car serviced at us shall be treated as done at an authorized service centre. Would love if anyone can provide some inputs on this.

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