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Ownership Log: T-Jet +

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by shikhar10882, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Sharing update:
    I further looked into the possibilities of Post #103 of the thread (ref: http://www.teamfiat.co.in/linea-1-4-t-jet/7247-ownership-log-t-jet-11.html#post183883)
    The study revealed two things:
    1. It is not caused by debris, as the one caused by debris normally leaves a mark on the surface along with the dent.
    2. It is curable (well, at least these are huge number of workshops I came across, when I googled the same, unfortunately, none Indian).

    I have not been able to click the one on my car, as the camera is unable to capture the dent on BNW, but here are the reference pics, from internet, to show the kind of dent.

    mercedes_hail_dents.jpg door_ding_crease_dent_repair_orlando_florida_servicespage3.jpg

    And this sits at the center of the hood in my Jet.
    Seeking advises and pointers please!!!
  2. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    Assuming that you are referring to the "dimple dent" - in which case i dont think this is a complicated job , the pain is fine and some pressure from the other side should pop it out - just take care that the guy doing it does damage the paint.

    Had a few of these in my Wagon R - used to take it to a local guy in Lajpat who used to fix them

    There is also a product , not sure of how good or valid its claims are that sucks such dents out.

    But again - i have neither tried the product , nor do i know someone who has but might be what you need if it actually works.
  3. Sorry for the delayed reply @puchoo!

    What I am referring to are infact dimple dent only. The only problem being that while they are on the hood, with sound dampener installed, the people I showed to are not sure of the location of ribs on the other side.
    They all have recommended me to leave it as it is for the time. It is an eyesore though.

    Of You can please share the location and contact number of the guy in Lajpat nagar, I will take his opinion as well when I am in Delhi next.

    The reviews I have read about them are. . They are good only for the dents that do not have a crease. None of the video or demo actually shows their performance against the hail dent or dimple dents. So holding on to my apprehensions, I have parked the idea of procuring this tool. Thanks for the pointers though.

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  4. Another sharing ..
    Here is how the ecoDrive graph of my last 1 year's drive looks.


    Looks like I haven't improved a tiniest bit in last one year. :'(

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  5. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    Ghaziabad's roads wont let you. I suffer the same fate in Mumbai with its congested dirt-track like roads.
  6. That's some solace @abk1980...

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  7. 15K Update

    15K Update
    Has been a long time (read ages), I updated this thread. The last six months have been quiet eventful – no, it is not a spelling mistake. The things have been quite, but eventful. Some of the things that happened in last 6 months are:

    The custom that makes me not wanting to spend a full Sunday with my car continues. Cause, everytime I do so, I come across a number of new scratches / marks on her body. This time, it was a dent
    . And a bad one – not visible (due to it’s location), but while I know it is there, it is there, and when I can see it, it pains me.
    The worst is, it is not curable – as what they say is, the only way to cure it is to cut the running board. So I decide to leave it as it is.

    I think I had mentioned is somewhere earlier that the Goodyear’s Eagle NCT 5 were wearing out as if they were being scrapped
    . The car has run 15K kms, and when I visited the tyre shop the last time, for balancing and alignment, the guy at the shop put his thumbs down and suggested no more highway trips with these tyres. So, the search for a new set of shoes for my wife’s biggest envy has begun. Some of the options in consideration are:
    a. Yokohama AVS DB - @Rs.8200/- per tyre
    b. Bridgestone MY02 - @Rs.8800/- per tyre
    c. Pirelli P7 Cinturato - @Rs.8000/- per tyre
    d. Michellin ST3 - @11500/- per tyre (way beyond budget)
    While the search was on, I also came across a very good option, which right now is at number 1 on preference list, that is, MRF ZLO - @Rs.8250/- per tyre. While these costs almost at the same range of price band, this tyre is actually 0 upsize, with me moving from stock 205/55 R-16 to 215/55 R-16. Also, these one have a 97 load rating and V speed rating
    . Would love to get opinions and guidance on this.

    While the tyres are already breathing their last, another blow hit them. While I had gone to one of the older streets of Ghaziabad, I had parked my car in front of a furniture shop (from where another parked car had just taken off). On return, the shop keeper told me that the traffic control policemen, on round, have punctured my tyre with an awl
    :evil: :uh
    . Although, I had my doubts if it was the policeman or that shopkeeper only, but, as the tyre still had air left in them, my first priority was to drive to nearest tyre shop. There it was diagnosed that the awl was inserted on the sidewall of the tyre, making it all the more difficult to repair. And Oh the fate! That was the best of my present set of tyre, which suffered this ill treatment. The guy at the shop was kind enough to do his best and advised me to keep a watch on the pressure for next two days, as he was not sure how well the repaired side walls will hold up. Fortunately the repair held.

    One of the reasons for reduced frequency of numbers of post that said, “I got this done in my car” is, the service centre of Fiat has discontinued in Ghaziabad. Urmil Motors, the workshop where the car was serviced till September 2013 has discontinued with Fiat and the next nearest alternate is Kashyap Fiat, Noida. This place stands good 25-30 kms from my present dwelling. With a 6 days week working, the only way to get the car to service centre is thru pick and drop facility, which I am not very fond of. I am never comfortable handing her over to anyone (read it loud – ANYONE). I personally have been to that service centre ones, however my Jet has been there twice. The reasons and the resolutions accounted under. However, I find the place to be quite professionally managed and overall quality of work look better than at the workshop where Tata’s and Fiat’s were treated alike.

    In the middle of the winters, there was slight sound coming from the front right shockers (at least it seemed like shockers), where, when taking on rough surface, the shockers sounded as if they were running dry, as if the shocker walls were rubbing somewhere. I took her to my old trusted local mechanic, who had maintained my 800, Alto, Zen – and maintained them well. He diagnosed a problem with the ball joint. As the things were covered under warranty, there was no other choice but to send her to Kashyap Fiat. This was her first trip to the new service centre. The car was professionally attended to – must give credit to the manager of services there. He kept me informed of all the developments, and the car was returned with all the due parts changed in same day in the evening.

    As we started approaching 15K mark, the service minder on the dash started flashing
    . This was a surprise as the last service was 10 months and 5k kms earlier. I checked with my service advisor at Urmil. He said, while the JV had ended with them, they still had the tools to re-set the minders, and welcomed me to come at get it done. But that day was not to come. As, before the opportunity came, a HUGE horror struck me the following Sunday, when I washed and polished my car. And the car once again just HAD to go to Kashyap for a huge work, and the minder was set right there only.

    7. THE RUST
    The biggest horror that struck me was observing RUST on my love
    :-o :eek:
    . Totally unable to believe my eyes, I tried with different polishing agents, till was confirmed that it was rust only that stood before me, blotting the beauty of my love. At once called the service manager at Kashyap. Their driver was on leave on Monday, and the car was duly sent on Tuesday. Spotting the rust at one place, I thoroughly inspected the car. There were 7 points I identified + some small jobs here and there (including the setting of service minder), and handed over the list to the trusted driver. The car reached, and the pics were sent to Fiat for warranty approval the same day. The response came after one day, and the work could start on Thursday. Come Sunday, and I just could not bear it any longer. Took my friend’s Alto, and dashed down to Kashyap Fiat. Was greeted with welcoming smiles from all – from the service manager, body shop manager and the guys working on my Jet. They showed me various other points, which had hint of rust, besides the ones I had identified, and confirmed that the car will be ready by Tuesday. Was impressed with the thoroughness with which they must have checked the car or it was sheer out of experience, but some of these points were actually hidden that you had to know where to check to know if they were getting rusted. My rusted Linea looked like this:

    Boot Lid - Where it meets the bumper

    Under Driver's Door

    Boot Lid Joint

    Under Driver's Door

    Running Board under Driver's Door

    Where the boot lid meets the bumper

    Under Driver's Door

    Under Driver's Door

    There was an interesting peice of information that was shared with me by one of the body shop workers - not verfiried though. He told that Fiat used fantastic metal on their cars. Take Siena and Uno for example. Even if the paint comes off, the surface does not get rusted. Then, they started manufacturing with Tata. Tata, obviously, not so quality contious with quality, started using lower grade material on the cars, and that resulted in the problem of rust in most of the cars manufactured between 2010 and 2012 :( After the JV breakup, the quaity of metal has started improving again, and the new cars are less prone to catching rust. This made sense, but I am not sure of authenticity of this information.
    Also, I was given a full tour of their set up by the service manager. Spent about an hour there and came back, feeling satisfied with the way the things were progressing.

    The car has reached back to me yesterday night, as promised. Feels lovely to drive her again after a gap of (almost) one week. And the cherry on the top of the cake was, the dent on the running board has also been rectified….!!!
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  8. Just a small information that skipped me... The tyre condition was the sole reason why I could not join for the recent north india TFI Meet @ Ambala!!! Missed it!! :(

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  9. Just a little food for thought!!!
    While the cruise control has been made available in the new Linea,
    And as per some threads on DIY, the provision is already available of T-Jet, do you think Fiat will make this available as an optional upgrade package to present Linea owners?
    From what it seems, this only requires a replacement of combination switch (very costly affair) or
    Provision of cruise control stick, change of casing of steering cover and with some connections, we should be good to go... Any hope?

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  10. Fayad

    Fayad Amatore

    If they didnt do it the first time, why should we expect them to do it now! Just follow the steps and do a DIY.

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