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Ownership Log: T-Jet +

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by shikhar10882, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Two Words for my Previous Car:
    Before the Jet came, I was on an Alto LXi, 2007. Had done about 59k kms on her and was actually very happy with the ownership and was, overall contended with the car. She could fulfill all that was expected from her, quite efficiently. She was very maneuverable in the city. She could hold her grounds at highways, especially for the speeds I observe, i.e., 90-100 kmph, had good breaks and maintenance and running costs were low. In short, she was an all smiles car!!!

    She was ideal when I was a bachelor or even when it was just me and wify. Although, with wify, she did feel little underpowered and underspaced when we went out on week long road trips, but it was managable. From her side, she delivered the fun that was desired on these trips.

    Search for an Upgrade
    Then came along an angel, my daughter. Suddenly, more space and more safety got higher priority against the 'fun' that was on top while we were in Alto. I did my first trip to Agra a month after her birth and immediately finalized that I needed to upgrade the car, and get a car with a boot. The obvious first option for me was Dzire. Having heard alot about the Diesel Engine, that Maruti borrowed Fiat, I was skewed towards VDi. Went to the showroom, but was struck there with two blows - Dzire VDi was costing more than my expectation (and there were no response) and there was a long (5 months) waiting time on the car.

    It was there when the idea of a proper sedan class was fed into my mind by the sales rep of Maruti saying that they had great discounts on SX4, and their VXi, after discounts might serve me as a better choice. My mind bogged down. I had never, in my wildest dreams, thought of buying a proper sedan till that time. I came home, did the maths and concluded -
    1. For the price I can get an amazing petrol, I will get the basic diesel.
    2. If I go for the same feature set in Diesel that I get in petrol, I will be paying close to 1.5 lacs extra upfront.
    3. Even if I exclude the Finance factors like Opportunity Cost, Time Value of Money and Interest costs, with my current average running, it would take me good 4 years to cover this gap up.
    4. While the priority had shifted to safety and comfort, it will be prudent to opt for a sedan.

    With the above thoughts, it was decided that while SX4 is being considered as an option, why not look at the other options in the segment. Contenders:
    1. Fiesta Classic
    2. SX4
    3. New Verna
    4. Linea

    (If any of you are wondering why Honda City is not on the list, well, it is basically because I could never bring myself to like Honda because I always felt that (a) it is a over-hyped brand and (b) it is very .. rather VVVEERRRRYYYY common).

    As for SX4, while talking to the owners, I found out that the ownership experience of SX4 is not top notch. The car looses its class in first 5-7k kms. It rattles and all and the overall experience is not trouble-free. So, SX4 was kept as a standby.

    For verna, well it looked good. It delivered power. It was full of features, but as any car loving driver would feel, driving that car, somehow is not a very contenting experience. Maybe the feedback from the car are not very good, I do not know, but something was amiss. Driving her was like driving a car on PS3... we just could not connect. Then I read about its highway dynamics and chucked Verna out of the list. Basically because I am a person who loves to drive and that 'FEEL' is important. (Strangely, I could always get the fun quotient when Driving Alto, but could never get the same from an i10).

    Fiesta was good BUT unfortunately we had visited the Fiat before going to Ford and well, need I say more?

    And then came the car (all others were 4 wheelers - I have taken this from Fiat Humor thread and am clinging on to it). Even in my Alto days, when-ever I came across a Linea, I always told myself, one day I will get her home.
    The moment I held the door handle and pulled it... the sound of the door opening brought a smile on my face. This is TFI and they know all about Fiat!!!
    All I would say is, I was blinded with the car and could look no further.

    Then came along the sales guy and told me about the offers on T-Jet. And that, for me, closed the chapter of 'Which Car'!!!!
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  2. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice to see your ownership report Shikhar. Congrats for your one mean machine. Any car in front of a Tjet appears :hit Would love to see few pics of your beauty!
  3. johy

    johy Amatore

    Great report Shikhar, but buddy, your report is incomplete without pictures. Which color? Which month ? June 11 one? Congrats .
  4. shams

    shams Esperto

    nice report shikhar :):) pictures awaited!!
  5. sungoa2010


    Enjoyed your write up. It is time for pictures of Ms. Tjet. :)
  6. The Day She Came Home!!!

    It was the 20th Day of the 5th month in the 12th year of the 3rd millennium or the 21st century....

    I had got all the formalities taken care of before this day, and had called my parents from Agra as I wanted them to take the delivery.

    The clock struck 11:00 am, and as expected the Sales Guy from FIAT called to confirm that the car was ready...

    We all loaded into Alto, and Reached the Showroom.

    Got the final signatures done and exchanged the keys... gave my Alto (with a heavy heart) and took the keys of the Jet.... 12:30 noon, the final formal demo of the car started... to be completed at 13:00 hrs... and after all the rituals, we pushed off from the showroom at 13:30!!!

    Am out of words for that day...

    Here is how she looked when she was parked for the first time at where i dwell....

    Her Face....
    IMG-20120520-00071 copy.jpg

    Her Side...
    IMG-20120520-00072 copy.jpg

    The Profile....
    IMG-20120520-00073 copy.jpg

    The back!!!
    IMG-20120520-00074 copy.jpg
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  7. The first 20 days went by quickly!!!!

    The run was about 10kms / day... that is going to office and coming back... rest of the time she was parked.
    Got an FE of approx 10.5kmpl during these runs...

    Every evening, when I parked her, I could feel her looking at me with angled eyes, asking me for her first opportunity to spread her wings.... !!! I used to smile back at her, telling her that we shall do it 'Soon'!!!

    17th June... and it was time for me to take her for her first highway drive....

    The details are here: http://www.teamfiat.co.in/street-travel-experience/6470-fe-oriented-first-highway-trip.html.. capturing my first highway trip on the Jet!!!!
  8. I was enjoying the ownership experience....

    Was loving the way she moved... the way she halted... the way she looked and the way she sounded....

    After return, besides the regular washing and cleaning, I started to work upon her protection...
    Had many concerns... which I shared with the team... and got inputs...
    Details http://www.teamfiat.co.in/exteriors-body/6510-maintaining-paint.html

    Finally, I gave her her first wax... Formula 1...
    Well, she did seem to like it...

    Wax Treated.jpg
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  9. prakhar_lfc

    prakhar_lfc Superiore

    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Linea T-Jet
    Nice write up Shikhar!

    Reading your report made me relive the joyous moments of the day we got our Jet!
  10. Thanks alot Prakhar!!!
    In-fact I am writing this log after 3 months of ownership... and am thoroughly enjoying re-living those beautiful moments!!!!

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