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Ours Battle Tank - FiAt LiNeA MuLtIjEt EmOtIoN :)

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by bharath, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. ramvignesh

    ramvignesh Amatore

    CONGRATTTS!!!! Great write up ! Refected my own feeling and was like reading my own story :)
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    Its a Good write up. We all Proud to own a FIAT Car in the model of Linea.
    As you mentioned, 1.6 Litre Multi Jet Diesel Engine will be having a good feedback from the Customers after its Launch. I think that will also be sold to all the Car Manufacturers i believe.
    1.3 MJD rised the market for other car Manufacturers. Great Engine with better performance and good Mileage.
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  3. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Thanks Ram and FiatRider for your Compliments:p..

    Posting some pictures of 'Dupont Tyvek Material' Car Cover that we received from 99rpm.com..The product was ordered on oct 29 and received on Nov11.It is a good white material but comes at a peak cost of Rs.3000 and you might need to answer a lot of people for buying a car cover at this cost ! This cover is the only purchase done so far :)

    Preferred to have the original Maroon FIAT LOGO written on the top :

    LINEA written in both the sides:

    Antenna was removed later on anyway! Just screwing the antenna from left to right does the job and it is as easy as driving the car:D

    Not required to knot the car as it is already done ;)

    Sparkle due to flash and not from tail light:p

    Sleeping Beast : Am I the only person to see its face before sleep ?
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  4. pemmasg

    pemmasg Regolare

    Congrats Bharath!!! Enjoy your new ride :)
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  5. ramvignesh

    ramvignesh Amatore

    Double likes :) so cute
  6. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Freedom Drive atlast !!!!

    To blow the TRUTH ,I have never driven a car all alone till Nov 23, 2013 :evilsmile..All these past days were driven with my friends who sit beside me and keep nuding me to drive like this and that and I hear them with not much attention :D.

    I started realizing that the learning phase comes to an end (the bike drive had a lot of influence on it) as I had already gained a lot of confidence driving a car with which I started experimenting in M800(owned&sold later by our family friend).This is what made me to realize to buy my favourite LiNeA.

    Finally after buying the babe ,it was again with friends and family and no lonely drive so far.I lost my patience and after a little wait ,I involved myself to date with her all alone on Nov 23,2012 ! I took her to my Grandfather's village which is about 40 km from Karur and the roads were almost empty most of the times as usual.I know what to do now :cool:..I started driving like the way a bird flies out of cage which has never seen sky in its lifeime ! There was nothing about fear of driving a new car and it was all about confidence,crusing but with CONTROL all the times.The car is effortless to drive,you can speak to her through steering,you will get ready to press the accelerator everytime you see a corner,Brakes always awake and you will feel something special about her:)..Ahh you never want the destination to come soon.

    Complaints are always present whoever or whatever it is ! To start with ,she can be bit faster in the second,third gears without some hard press on the accelerator ,hope the engine gets better as the kms roll up.Body roll is definetly present thought I ve not driven the older Lineas but I could feel it.I have always felt that 195 section tyres are more than enough considering the engine capacity and car size/weight.I would go only for 195 once the tyres wear out instead of 205 which is eating the performance (I think so:rolleyes:).I am specific she behaves in handling,ride department and so leaving out all the other gizzzzzzzzzmos she offers..All are good in general except the look of dash/centre music system which could have been something like the NEW upcoming Linea.Considering the amount spent to buy her and the value she provides , Linea has no competition in VFM aspect :boxer .

    The pictures were taken somewhere on the road in the short journey and in the village.Hope you guys enjoy it.


    Smile Please or better say LINEA :):


    Organic and Inorganic - I like both of you ::T!


    I have No words :) !


    You and Me alone :dance


    There is no single point of view where you dont look beautiful ! Miss Automobile :cool:

    Thar Road ends here and just the soil and stones further !!!!!

    Its Resting time in my grandfather's village :drinks

    Jungle Jungle:

    A typical Indian Village :cool:

    She is Beautiful even in Darkness..OMG !

    Its time to go home ,Darling and no stopping anywhere !

    @ home :evilsmile


    I will come up with more journeys,experiences,pics,smileys and FEEL :up
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  7. multijetter

    multijetter Regolare

    What a beauty...

    Long live Linea....
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  8. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Some Updates:

    1) Yesterday ,I found that the front and back tyres had a pressure of around 45 PSI :eek: .This is the first time I check the tyre pressure since the delivery.I managed to reduce below 40 for both front and back in the same shop later on.The post effects are 1)a noticeable plush ride ,2) less tyre noise ( It was like grinder rolling sound initially:evilsmile).I tend to drive fast most of the times except that I wait a little for the engine in the second/third gears .I manage in between 2000-2500 RPM touching 100 km/hr most of the times and dont exceed since this is 'feather touch' period :D.

    I have the below questions.

    a)Should I stick with the 36 front and 33 rear figures and does it have any impact on the mileage.
    b)Time frame to check the air pressure and whether normal air or nitrogen need to be filled.

    2) Found some rust in the mudflap metal holder.Is this normal and any step should I take to solve this ?

    3)How long I can take to wash the car in water (to avoid rust..lol) ? Will cleaning it often tend to reduce or spoil the car's colour?Also ,please suggest some car wash methods,shampoos or whatever related to keep her healthy externally.
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  9. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    It is advisable to stick to the OEM prescribed pressure, it would been arrived at after considering various conditions.

    Once a fortnight should be good, but do keep an eye on the tyres to see if the tyres are losing pressure. If its a puncture, it would become evident more or less.

    Nothing to worry much. Just ask the service center guys to replace it with the non rusted ones.

    Any car and color for that matter need not be washed on a daily basis. That would do more harm to the paint surface, more so if you use hard water. A fortnight or a monthly wash with a qood quality shampoo and micro fiber cloth should keep your car in good condition. Do pick up a Jopasu duster and make generous use of it to remove the fine dust from the surface.

    But whatever said and done, the dark color is difficult to maintain, Tuscan wine is no different.
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  10. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    @Krishna ,Thanks a lot for all the advice:).
    As said ,TW is getting tougher to maintain ! My mother has the choice of White till now and if I am lucky enough to go for the next car it will be a WHITE FIAT ::T.

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