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Ours Battle Tank - FiAt LiNeA MuLtIjEt EmOtIoN :)

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by bharath, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. arunprasad

    arunprasad Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Congrats Bharath

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  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Congratulations for your battle tank..now go ahead and crush all the tin cans with your tank. :lol
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  3. vsivaku

    vsivaku Novizio

    All the very best bharath on your prized possession. Wish you happy mile crunching.
    I would have taken my car in CAG, coimbatore , had my work location not at bangalore and enjoyed 75k savings..
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  4. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    I know the level of confidence a Fazer would inspire while on the road. I also know that you can't just stop yourself from revving it hard. So, yes try to be sensible to your battle tank at least during the run-in period :)
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  5. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Siva ,I exactly thought this '75k' since you are from Cbe but opted to take from bangalore and you read my mind ! Nevertheless ,we will forget these once we drive the car:). To be clear on the dealerships, 'CAI' is for FIAT and 'CAG' for Yamaha in Coimbatore where I took Linea & Fazer respectively:up.

    Deva, this is again spot on (too many spot on s these days:lol).I should say Fazer is the main factor that let me know what I required in a driving machine.I had driven little faster machines like 200NS ,Apache 160 rtr but the comfort level given by these were no match to Fazer.It was not intentional to have FIAT-YAMAHA combo as we see in the race tracks but it just happened to me and I noticed on the tracks later on.Anyway,Fazer & Linea are the best decisions till date to me:clap.I would post the combo snaps shortly today which were taken in the Diwali weekends:cool:
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  6. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Thank you Arun:p
    Thanks Kedar.But the reverse is happening ! I just have to see here and there to make sure nobody hits my babe.As said,built quality is one of the strenghts that I chose for as we mostly use it for highway travel.
  7. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Over to my native Karur :

    We reached there by around 10 PM on Oct-30 with our new Linea ! Me and my two friends were curious to learn the dashboard options and had no idea when we slept in my home:rolleyes:.

    I would point some of my observations which I felt could have been better apart from the strenghts of Linea which we have discussed over and over::

    1)1.3 MJD & Turbo Lag :: I feel this as one of the primary reasons why people shy away from Linea and opt for VW,Honda,SK inspite of high ownership costs (They are considered to be status symbol brands anyway;))..I felt the power should have been more for the size of this car.But as someone said ,"you should learn the art of gear shifting and pressing the pedal accordingly" to derive the required pull .I see the pickup as decent but the second and third gear takes some time to move the car unless you press the pedal a little harder.

    My friend (Future Ecosport buyer) needed more power but was very satisfied with the ride&handling (needless to say).I am waiting to speed up the first 5k km or first service and see how the car behaves.I am not sure whether there will be a dramatic change in the power but if not satisfied I may opt for race chip tuning box .I would take much efforts/advice to learn in this arena before attempting to do it but without harming the engine:D.

    2)Ride Quality::Many may wonder why "Ride Quality" comes here! It is a well known fact that Fiats ride quality are amazing but may not be after they upgraded the suspension.I can see the bounciness at less speed is very evident and that's why I feel some hardcore fans downgrade their GC with pre2012 suspensions !Right after the delivery ,we had a chance to ride over a bad road and as I expected it was not a firm ride and my mother asked me "The ride is not so pleasing which I use to say about Fiat cars" and they felt normal like any other car:( .This is a cool proof to me.I dont say this as a major concern as it is not going to be evident for common people and it is WE seeing it with LENS:evilsmile..I have been adviced by Jaggu (Jaganathan-TFI member-Coimbatore) that the handling is not so affected after he upgraded the GC to a post 2012 one in his Linea.

    3)Stock Audio & Plastics::I have read about the speakers as bad and pathetic but I found this to be good ! They just miss the bass but overall it is decent but not for hardcore music lovers ( I have Denon/Polk combo already :D)..So I wont be doing any ICE upgrade atleast in the near future.The plastics are hard but still I have no idea why people see this as deal breakers and its funny that they want soft touch plastics but don't care about how the car itself is built ! Linea is built like a tank and I am happy about it.I prefered the sandal interiors (pre2012-April) instead of pale white which are dirt magent and now I have to be more cautious both internally and externally.

    4)Tyres: OK I have no knowledge on tyres but still thought of sharing my views.I thought initially that 205 section is too much for this car which has a smaller engine whereas the competitors wear cycle tyres (exceptions are there) with massive engines..what is going on here:evilsmile? People say bad about GoodYears but as per Jaggu they would provide healthy life (47k km for him so far )with good ride too! So no change here as well !I might go for 195 section after the wear and tear to have a better pull if the alloy can fit that size (not sure about these stuffs).

    5)Cosmetics: Lets not forget the post cosmetics such as 3M paint protection,underbody rusting coat and whatever ! If I had not seen a forum like this ,I might have come acrosss these things! Nevertheless, I just did Pooja :evilsmile after the delivery to protect her from whatever..Again as per Jaggu, Fiat does not recommend any such makeups as they come good from the factory and those stuffs would only burn your pocket. So the plan is dropped as of now.

    So finally ,the things that urge me to do after a year are the RACE CHIPY and the GC downgrade (I still love the crawling looks of Linea and not the current version with heels).Currently it has no door sills,no door visors,no spoiler and not even the reverse sensors! I kind of inclined towards the mechanical changes than the cosmetics to make the car a perfect blend of power,handling and ride.I am cautious anyway before attempting any such major changes and would not involve myself with any amatured steps.

    Overall , a happy Fiatian :) and the car sticks to the roads (Four wheeled Fazer!) and I feel the car everytime I or my friend drive it.Thanks to the hydraulic steering and the good feedback ! Lets stop the theory and let the pictures speak::


    Japanese and the Italian face each other @my home and not in the race track;)

    Princess of Italy and the Samurai:

    Simply Italian:

    Eagle Eye:

    Hot Star:D:

    Cool Moon:cool::

    A friend of mine visited my house to have a good look at the beauty and to my surprise he owns a FIAT Palio 1.2. All of a sudden two Fiats in our portico !

    Old Gold:




    It was some good four days in Diwali time at my native which we managed to cover some 800 kms ranging from Erode,Coimbatore and to my grandfather's village.I would come up with more pictures to share in the upcoming post :)..
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  8. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Congrats Bharath. That was a nice writeup. Linea in TW looks smashing.

    Wish you many lakhs of happy miles with her. :)
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  9. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Thank you Ram:p.TW is one thing that I have to sweat for in the future :rolleyes:.
  10. Hey Bharath, Superb Writing.. Pls do share your driving experience ( Driving, stability road control, etc.. ). TW looks awesome on the rain!!! Thanks for sharing !! Enjoy they ride with pride.
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