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Our Second Rajasthan Trip

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by rusticnomad, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. rusticnomad

    rusticnomad Amatore

    Linea T-Jet

    Last year in October, we covered Indore - Ranthambore - Bundi - Chittorgarh - Udaipur - Haldighati - Kumbhalgarh - Ranakpur - Mount Abu - Indore circuit. worst nighmares in this trip was return via Banswara where on entering MP there were no roads for 30 odd km and had to drive through that after sunset over just gravel and mud -- absolutely no roads.

    This year, starting 22nd November night (22Hrs) we are out on a second trip of Rajasthan and the route will be --

    Indore - Jodhpur - 2 Nights halt at Jodhpur
    Jodhpur - Osian - Pokharan - Jaisalmer - 2 nights halt at Jaisalmer (will drive to Tanot-Longewal too)
    Jaisalmer - 1 Night halt in desert (Khuri).
    Jaisalmer - Shri Mohan Garh - Bikaner - 2 nights halt at Bikaner
    Bikaner - Deshnok - Nagaur - Jaipur - 2 nights halt at Jaipur -- plan to cover Bhangarh also.
    Jaipur - Indore (no stop in between)

    Hotel stay -
    Jodhpur - Hotel Haveli - 2N
    Jaisalmer - Hotel Shahi Palace - 2N
    Khuri - Chandani Dessert Resort - 1N
    Bikaner - Hotel Jaswant Bhawan - 2N
    Jaipur - Hotel Krishna palace - 2N

    Mode of travel
    Linea T-Jet -- Servicing due in April 2016
    Occupants - 4 (2M/2F)

    Total run:
    Expected around 2700 Km.

    Few queries
    1. Any recommendations on specific routes that I need to take care of?
    2. BP609 permit has to be availed from Jaisalmer?
    3. Any location that's not to be missed and any that can be given a miss? For example, to cover Osian we have to miss Barmer route.
    4. Any other inputs.
    TIA :)
  2. rusticnomad

    rusticnomad Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    Finally, after 54 hrs of driving 3054 km from Nov 22nd to Dec 3rd, the trip ended and here's the date wise summary:

    Nov 22 - 21:30 Hrs - Start from Indore

    Nov 23 - 10:00 Hrs reached Jodhpur covering around 650 km solo driving with 2 small tea breaks.

    Nov 23 - Visited Umaid Bhawan and Jaswant Thada. Locals advised that Mandore garden is a waste of time. So skipped that.

    Nov 24 - First half Jeep safari to Bishnoi village, visiting villages of potters, weavers and the famous "Opium" village. It's a custom to treat guests with Opium in that village, so had a taste of opium too. :) Did some purchasing to support local artisans. However, durrie was too expensive so skipped that. Had lunch in weavers village and that was included in safari package.

    Nov 24 - Second half visit to Mehrangarh fort.

    Nov 25 - Start at 6:00 hrs for Jaisalmer via Osian and Pokharan. Stopped at Osian (Khajuraho of Rajasthan) and at Pokharan for Fort visit and lunch was en-route at one dhaba. Then drove to Jaisalmer via NH 15 after Pokharan. Roads were great. Max sped on NH 15 was 170 kmph for a few minutes :).

    Nov 25 - Reached Jaisalmer around 3PM. Spent evening at Gadisagar lake and watching puppet show and back to hotel.

    Nov 26 - Start at 6 AM for Tanot - Longewal run. While returning visited Bara Bagh (Royal Cenotaphs) and Kuldhara (supposed to be 12 most haunted place in Rajasthan). Evening went to Jaisalmer War Museum. All places were a treat.

    Nov 27 - First half visited Sonar Kila (Jaisalmer Fort), Patwa Haveli. Honestly, Jaisalmer fort isn't that great as more than 250 families live in the fort campus and it's more of a local market. A shooting for some Irfan Khan film was going on near the fort entrance, the day we visited. After having finished with local site seeing, we drove to Khuri sand dunes area to reach the village at around 3 pm. Camel Safari to dunes for sunset, back to village on camel and then drove to Desert Camp for overnight stay.

    Nov 28 - Post breakfast at camp, left for Bikaner via Shri Mohangarh with intention of visiting Shri MohanGarh fort. What a disappointment. The much hyped for-film-shooting fort was nothing worth even getting down from car. It was also closed as no tourists visit there. This was an off-route drive entailing extra 100+ km. Drive along Indra Gandhi canal and briefly stopped at one point for a quick photo-shoot to get over with the disappointment of Shri Mohangarh. Basically we connected back to NH15 to Bikaner. On the way, we stopped at Gajner Palace (35 km from Bikaner), and reached Bikaner at 7PM. Ladies went for some shopping and we were off to sleep after dinner.

    Nov 29 - Being Sunday, Lalgarh museum was closed. So we spent time at Junagarh fort and Prachina museum within the campus. One of the better maintained forts I must say. Then visited the Camel Research Center in the second half. Nothing much to do after that so we took much needed rest in preparation for onward journey.

    Nov 30 - Plans were to leave at 6 AM, drive through Deshnoke (rat temple) and Nagaur (for fort). However, it was too foggy so we started late at 7:00 AM. One of the worst drives as for next 35 km it was so dense fog that visibility was barely 10 meters all throughout the drive. A quick visit to rat temple and off we started for Nagaur. At Nagaur we spent around 90 minutes for a guided tour of the fort. A must visit fort if you have spare time. Then we left for Jaipur and reached at around 6:00 Hrs. Jaipur city traffic is maddening. It's a pain to drive around major tourist locations.

    Dec 1 - Drove off to Bhangarh to visit the "supposed to be haunted" Bhangarh fort. A drive of 85 km one way. We had planned to do Jaigarh fort, Amer Palace and Nahargarh fort on return but disappointment again -- Jaigarh and Nahargarh were closed for 3 days for road construction. So, just visited Amer Palace.

    Dec 2 - Checked out of hotel, visited City Palace and Jantar Mantar and started our journey back. Decided to take a break at Chittorgarh as co-pilot and others weren't prepared for a 650 km straight run. Since we had already visited Chittorgarh last year there was nothing much to do.

    Dec 3 - Started back at 11 AM. Reached Indore at 4:45 PM with a small break at a highway restaurant.
    1. During the entire journey, no breakdowns, no punctures, no scratches, no dents.
    2. While on the way to Longewal from Tanot, car got stuck in sand. With no soul in sight, we thought it is going to be a harrowing experience. Anyhow, managed to be back on road in about 20 minutes. Suggestion -- if you take this route -- Keep two wooden planks for baling out of such a dicy situation. As to how we landed in that situation is a different story to be detailed later :)
    Here are pics as albums on my FB account for different sections:

    Jodhpur | Facebook

    Osian | Facebook

    Pokharan | Facebook

    Jaisalmer | Facebook

    Tanot - Longewal : 1965 and 1971 Indo Pak war battle fronts | Facebook

    Khuri Dunes, Desert Stay And Along IG Canal | Facebook

    Gajner Palace And Junagarh Fort - Bikaner | Facebook

    Deshnoke and Nagaur | Facebook

    Jaipur | Facebook

    Few videos:








    So, with two trips to Rajasthan, WITH around 4900km of driving, covers entire Rajasthan except for Alwar and Shekhawati region. Alwar and Shekhawati region we may do during Leh Ladakh run, if we undertake that expedition next year in September. All depends on time and resources.

    NOTE for Mods: Looks like xenforo is not updated. On my forum based of xenforo, the FB videos get embedded all fine. Out here it doesn't.
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