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Our old Uno 1.2

Discussion in 'Classic and Retro FIAT's' started by dnyanesh666, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. dnyanesh666


    Hi Guys,
    This is the car in which I started or one can say even learnt to drive. It was way back in October 2000 when my father (TFIan Veekreta) bought this beauty (and I was a mere 10 years old). It was fortunately bought before the palio was launched and at a time when Fiat first introduced the 1.2 MPFi from the Siena straight into the Uno. This engine met the EURO III emission norms when other manufacturers like Hyundai were boasting of having EURO II (BS II) emission norms. The MPFi in the Uno was replaced by SPFi on the introduction of the Palio in 2001-2002.
    I was lucky enough to get total control of the car the moment I turned 18 and had a valid driving licence. It had clocked close to 66000 kms when I started driving it. The day I started driving, my father never even sat in the when I was driving and nor did he let any elderly people go around with me. In fact he bought himself a used Opel Astra (which I still have) just because he did not want to share his car with any one else.
    Coming back to the topic, I drove this Uno for eight months before I met with an accident just to be separated from her. It was truly an enthusiast's priced possession. Infact it was her that brought about the enthusiasm in me which I still carry around when behind the wheel. The experience of driving the Uno has been so unique and fascinating, that I still am not able to find even in my current Wolf remapped Linea Mjd (could be exaggerated). But its response to acceleration is still missed in most of the current gen cars I have driven. The experience had been so wonderful that whenever I see an Uno, my hands start itching to get behind its wheel leaving whatever car I am driving at that point in time.
    It was truly a misfortune that I met with a major accident in Mumbai in fact outside my college when a cabbie collided head-on into my Uno even after me having come to a standstill on application of brakes. Probably, had I been more experienced she would have been saved. Though the engine wasn't damaged, my father did not feel she should be taken back home even for the last time...:sad1 The incident shook me badly and did not have the courage to get behind the wheel again until a couple of days later my father compelled me to take his car for refueling before he could go for work.
    This was the emotional story of me and my Uno which my father maintained for 8yrs and I ruined in the the same number of months.:A
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  2. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Any photo ?
    I had also great FIAT UNO (Petrol)of 1999.
    But it was 999 c.c. (Without Aircon).Used for 9 years. Disposed off in 2008

    She was partner at every moment in my life.
    In my golden college-days,joining in Govt.Service,in my marriage (Barrat) & birth of my daughter.

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  3. dnyanesh666


    I'm sure I would have one.
    Just need to hunt for it.

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  4. abhi


    I have my Father Uno Trend 1999 model. I want to revive it. Any idea about any good Mechanic who can help restore by old UNO around Pune. Its just lying in out parking and I somehow managed to convince my family to not dispose of it. Please suggest
  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    abhi please contact Ravi on 9921050610 for all engine related work

    Call Rawat uncle if you are planning to paint it. He was restoring a classic Padmini.
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  6. dnyanesh666


    And now you can officially take it to any Fiat workshop. They can not reject it!

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  7. sidd

    sidd Amatore

    we also had a 1.7L diesel 1998 model, we crossed 2,00,000 km but sadly had to sell it in 2008
  8. renney


    My Dad owns a Fiat Uno 1.2 ELX 2000 model. He recently took it to a Fiat service center and was turned down. They said that Fiat Unos are not taken anymore by them.
    The car continues to be in the pristine state, but small oil leakages worries him. He shifted to Kerala now and has taken his Uno along. Would the present Fiat service accept Unos?
  9. vipinpradeep

    vipinpradeep Amatore

    no..once i had a talk with an SA in hyson fiat,cochin,he told that for palio they have service and spares..but nothing for uno.
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