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Ooomph.... music got better in my Linea

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by chakrarv, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. chakrarv


    To start with manufacturers should stop providing half baked music system as OE fitments or at least it should be in the options list. :ban

    Linea Emotions Pack's music system (or for that matter all of the OE music systems in this segment of cars) leaves a lot to be desired. :sadblue

    So, I have gone in for a JBL GT5 4 channel amp, 4 channel crossover, 4 Boston components for all doors, and a JBL CS1215T Tube. The transformation is simply superb. :dance Only if the OE system of Linea had a pre-amp out with better EQ controls we have enabled me to calibrate the system much better.

    The main problem is that with 4 components inside the woofer effect cannot be felt/heard inside the cabin and we had to resort to adjusting this by using the fader controls, the front channel is connected to the components and the back channel is connected to the woofer and so by fading out the front channel and increasing the volume we were able to increase the presence/affect of the beats/bass from the woofer. This affects the sonic performance but we are left with no other choice (at least that is the idea of the technician who installed these systems). If anybody has a better solution I'm all ears and do write to me at chakrarv@msn.com We have taken the power supply from the battery directly to the amp with fuse and all and the work done is simply great, thanks Mr. Ponnusamy of Sun Enterprices and his team for the excellent job. If anyone has a better option for the head unit for the Linea which should be compatible with the blue & me and the steering controls let me know. I'm enjoying the car very much :car
  2. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Dear chakrarv

    Some manufacturers gives good quality of OEM Music System.
    E.g. Maruti gives Nippon (Kenwood) in the famous Dzire
    Smooth & satisfying good output.
    No sudden surging output
    You can't hear these Sony/Pioneer for long time.
    But Kenwood does not create headache even listening for long time on long drive
  3. Carsanova


    New Delhi
    @chakrarv ; Any reason why u didn't go in for a 5 channel amp ? your problem would be a problem no more.

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