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Online Car Comparisions - Misguiding/Guiding

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by CONSTANT GARDENER, Jan 7, 2016.



    Hi Guys,
    Been a member for sometime but as observer only:bag::bag:...I have been driving around a Linea Emotionpack Petrol since 2009...and I am OK with the veh. Just wanted to bring something to the notice of members (maybe many has noticed it before)...You take any car comparos online and Fiat vehicles get a raw deal..you go further into in-detail specification comparisions and many features which are are very well present in the car are just ignored or given as not present. I even saw a comparo where they give the kpl. of diesel punto is given as 14kpl....To a new prospective buyer doing research it sends a wrong signal...Isn't time that the company does something about it? Fiat PR sucked right from the start when it tried to sell linea on the looks alone rather than highlighting on many features which were first in India at that time(including Blue and Me)....why don't they arm somebody with a computer, and send corrections to these comparos....or are all these sites peddling to someone or other rather than doing a honest job??? what are your takes on this??
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