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One hell of a Point _ Punto MJD 90 HP

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by ENKI, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    66666 Review

    Hi All, First of all I apologize for not being so frequent on TFI. Reason is simple as i think that there is enough of Inputs from my side on existing FIAT cars (including my possession) and there is no point and beating about the same drums each day over and over. Since i have the habit of being bold and honest in my comments, it would only challenge the credibility of Inputs if repeated over and over. An analytic person with practical insight into Automotive can make it out immediately that i have been all honest and indeed want to see more FIAT cars being seen on Indian roads. Simply, because they are by far the best... Most important for me is the Safety of a whole family that is riding in car on a really bad day in horrible Indian traffic... You must be in a FIAT!!!!

    My car as on is 66666 KM. 666 is the number of Superhuman, our next evolutionary stage (the Beast mentioned in all religions OF LESSER HUMANs) and somehow i could sense this number flashing on my driver display without even looking at it. I was just like it must be 66666 today and when i looked down, it was!! Coincidence!

    Had my 5th service at around 59500 KMs on 18th Oct 2013. This was first service after Tata-FIAT JV had the split so was a bit apprehensive. I believe intuition is being Human, i followed my intuition to Torque Motors, Gurgaon. It was more for being closest where i live than just pure intuition actually. As i reached, i saw whole staff of ABS Motors being migrated over there. My first 4 services were done at ABS Motors so I took it as a +ve signal. Bad thing was it was just 2nd day of this Workshop.

    Anyways, my car was being attended immediately. They said that regular stuff of servicing (like Lubricants, filter...) etc etc. are available but i may have to wait for other spares. I was OK with that and so it was parked inside service bay.

    The expertise was unchanged from ABS motors and i was confident of everything. Major things in addition to regular services was...

    1. The power window of LHS Rear was jammed (changed under warranty)
    2. RHS fog light broken (changed.... to come later)
    3. Timing chain (not available... to come later)
    4. Front Rotors and Shoe, Rear brake shoes (Not available, To come later)

    After almost whole day passed, Service & check ups were done satisfactorily, car washed & i left to come back again. Reason for not posting the 5th review same day was because a lot of other jobs were left. The total money set back was around Rs. 12140 (Reasonable i would say because it involved Fog light too). Window motor was changed under warrantee.

    I held myself for immediate Brake Pad change because they were sufficient for another 5000 KMs. I felt like on 7th cloud. Where earlier changes were more in the vicinity of 10000-12000 KMs, this time i doubled it... over 20000 KMs!! WOW!!

    Back on 24th Dec 2013. Action items description:

    1. Front Rotors and Brake pads changed

    2. Both Link Rods (seal broken) & stabilizing bar declared not upto mark so had to change them as well. It was first real long-run mechanical part failure after LHS swinging ARM that was result of being careless on uneven roads and ignorance for stuff that can hit under-body. There was hardly any effect on drivability, still I preferred
    to go for a change.

    3. Left tube of Head lamp went kaput, got it changed.

    4. Timing chain changed (Boy!! Does it take time. It took full 5 hrs as they had to open the chamber, it's really complicated)

    5. Glow plug Alarm was noticed since a week so got them checked. It turned out 3 Glow plugs have also gone faulty. Same was to be replaced under warranty. However, it was not available in stock so one dedicated visit required for same.

    6. Rear Brake shoe not available, to come again.

    7. While doing underbody survey, I pointed something that blown everybody away including the warranty guy. The Inter cooler evolved to have a weird shape but not bad by any means. It's functioning is still normal but the top pipe swelled along, specially at midpoint. First i thought that VGT may have this design but when nearby Linea's were checked, mine was an exception. It shouldn't swell, the Warranty guy said... it's of metal and not plastic. He ruthlessly rejected my claim that may be it was chocked and this swelling is a result of Engine demanding more and more air. Whatever... it looks like a manufacturing defect and i am OK with that. It has only made space more air into engine. Will post the pic of it someday, may be FIAT can keep it as a Soveniur... i don't know.

    8. Other odd stuff like Wheel Arch protection cover, screws bla bla... you may refer the bill.

    Total Financial Set back this time was around Rs. 18600. Reasonably priced spare except Link Rod seemed a bit expensive. Two very feet long thin rods costing around Rs. 3600. Whatever, two things still left, Glow Plugs change (under warranty) and Rear Brake show (the pad was alarmingly thin so knew that I have to back really soon). 3rd Visit was made on 8th Jan 2014. I received a call previous day that Both Glow Plugs and Rear Brake set have arrived. I was sensing the awkward sound in rear tyres during braking so immediately paid the visit.

    1. The rear brake pads were changed
    2. Glow Plugs changed
    3. This time, the left side tube of headlight went faulty. Got the same replaced.
    4. Number plate light was also blown, so got it changed.
    5. Had Tube and bulb of each kind in spare to avoid any dedicated visit for this.
    6. Got changed front wind shield wiper. Bit expensive in my view, Rs 617 each.

    Total financial Set back at 5th Major Service (including damage maintenance) = 12140+18600+5690 = Rs 36430
    Since it was kind of Overhauling after a long run, i would say it was pretty satisfactory.
    For couple of repeated visit for FIAT, No Gripes, I would settle for a FIAT any-time!

    Any new to add after being at 66666:

    Best car not only in it's segment but covers more expensive stuff which charges premium up-to say +2 lacs.
    With 2 yrs relationship, it's one hell of fun-ride, stealth and endurance at it's best. Rear leg room is fantastic but hate those rear seats. Interior... well it gorgeous... anything to say... recommend Tooth-brush to a LION because he always prefers Non-veg:-D. These thing don't count in Good cars for me.... No downside what so ever!

    However there is a downside for FIAT as a brand. If they can make such exciting cars 10 yrs back and can still find die-hard passionate followers, Why don't they
    try their latest efforts? Only explanation i can of, they don't like Indians at all.
    IMG-20131224-00003.jpg IMG-20131224-00004.jpg IMG-20140108-00012.jpg IMG-20140109-00014.jpg IMG-20140109-00016.jpg IMG-20140109-00017.jpg IMG-20140109-00020.jpg
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  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Welcome back ENKI. Good to see the update about your car. :)
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  3. shams

    shams Esperto

    nice to read an update from you ENKI :) !

    my punto also passed the 66666 mark a week back. I too wanted to take a picture of the speedo at that mileage but passed it without remembering in time!
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  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Hi, I am getting very annoying whooshing noise right at the RPMs when turbo kicks in, more like pressurized air being let out. Turbo starts in but then gives up right at the moment whooshing starts. Opened the bonnet and checked all the joints and pipes, didn't notice anything lose or leaking. The condition can't be reproduced in neutral but only in motion during turbo kick. I have to take it to workshop today. The whooshing sound seems to be coming towards right tyre and from beneath the engine.

    No oil leakage, no alarms. Pick up is apparently affected a lot but still there is mild surge, turbo is still performing at say 30-40% efficiency. The whooshing sound is noticeable only at aggressive throttle. Any thoughts?
  5. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    The turbo hoses mostly. The damage to the hose in most cases is as if it has been slit by a sharp blade so it's difficult to identify the cut by just looking into the engine bay. The cut shows up only when you twist the pipe.

    Try and look for oil traces on the rubber pipe to trace the slit.
  6. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Thanks for the inputs Vj. I am also suspecting the same. Right now, i am at workshop and just had a detailed checkup of all the hoses & joints along with the technician. Nothing suspected was found. Lunch time is on and after that it will be taken up on lift to check in detail. I am getting a horrible feeling. Last time i noticed that one of the intercooler pipe was abdnormal in swelling condition. Functioning was normal though. Pipe being of metal, it was identified as manufacturing defect. Photo was taken and warranty guy & forwarded it to Extended Warranty agency for a proactive measure.

    It looks like that this weird intercooler might have shown it's true colour now:mad:. It should be replaced under extended warranty but what i am afraid about, it will take another week for approval and dedicated visit. None the less, will update as soon i get any clarity.
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  7. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    EW approval delays are always during the SC guys not sending over details to the EW people. I have on 2 occasions got EW approvals within one day here.
  8. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I wouldn't have let them go that easily Vj, Warranty guy is on leave. Anyways, got the reason for Whooshing sound and I was right!
    Poor Inter-cooler couldn't stand stringent performance demand any-more and it exploded to it's demise. It's more for FIAT's learning, if someone does 0-100 timings every time he accelerates from a standstill, this is what their inter-coolers may end up being in India.

    I was told that these pipes were of metal, just rubbish! Their Inter-coolers can't stand continuous demand of performance & That's indeed poor. One should need part replacement because of missing maintenance schedules, not because a well maintained car is asked for performance to it's full efficiency. They should definitely take up with their Inter-cooler vendor.

    The snaps are taken and will be sent for EW approval. It shouldn't be an issue because I have already made sure that EW agency is informed pro-actively about weird condition of my turbo. It was always on cards. Still to fasten up the process for replacement, any suggestions are welcome.

    Sadly it was not the end here. I switched on AC today after long-time (It's winter here) and it didn't work. Got it checked and what was known is the pipe leakage at the joint right where it is terminated into compressor. That wasn't expected in Punto :mad:. I could understand countless such incidences for my MPFI Zen, where cooling pipes were badly routed without any protection. Punto's Engine bay is quite well sorted out, another genuine mechanical failure after link rods. So all in all, these two mechanical parts were directly paid by me and is a dent on FIAT's reliability I experienced so far.

    Will post the pics of both Inter-cooler and AC pipe late today. The inter-cooler pic is hilarious!:evilsmile
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  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I don't think that Inter-coolers in Indian Punto are not of great quality, at least not a perfect match to VGTs. From the pic of my exploded Inter-cooler, they can't withstand if you continue to demand high performance from VGT MJD at least. These little growling MJD Puppies are very tough machines though, no matter how frequent and how hard you drive them.

    I am yet to believe that a metal pipe can swell along so much that it may break it's housing and explode one day!:confused: IMG-20140228-00036.jpg
  10. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3

    There is a Kale make intercooler and another one is BEHR make, please see which one is better. One is 4.5k and other is 5.1k approx.

    There is a chance they may have improved on the intercooler/brand. It's possible that cheaper one is better, you never know. Physical inspection should reveal better. You can call 99rpm if you need to find out.

    Fiat Genuine Turbo Inter-cooler/ Heat exchanger and associated pipes/hoses for Fiat Linea, Grande Punto with 1.3 Multijet diesel engines (90PS)

    Meanwhile, if you can, please add to this labour prices table thread mentioned below. Thanks.

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