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One hell of a Point _ Punto MJD 90 HP

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by ENKI, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Let me introduce myself first of all. I am Dipender Singh, a Telecom professional(Technical) employed at Tata Teleservices Ltd. I reside in a Delhi Near-by Town called Bahadurgarh (Haryana) & work at Noida. This damn car thing was never an interesting topic till July 2005.

    Prior to that TATA & Toyota were one & same for me. I happened to sit in a Palio during one of my site visit & there began the FAN-BOY thing.

    I owned a 2002 Zen-Lxi model for 9 yrs & sold it in Oct. 2011. Bought a Punto 90 HP (MJD) same day (19th Oct 2011).

    It was pre-decided. Though driven almost all of makes & models but nothing else was ever distantly in thought other than this beauty. I happened to test drive a Linea in 2009 & numerous other cars after that i forgot in Hrs. For Linea though, could feel it's drive & ride at any moment i closed my eyes, till i bought a Punto.
    Now there was no need to virtually feel but instead to drive it (pics attached).

    I bought it from ABS Motors, Gurgaon with somewhat satisfying buying experience.
    You have to go through Indica's & Nano's to reach Fiat's masterpieces but that's OK.
    I still remember while taking delivery, i found my Tucson Wine Punto along with it's elder sister & beyond Nano's & Indica's.
    It's headlights gives the face-expression of mesmerized & confused person & fitted perfectly to the situation there. Just like usual sighting of some foreigner standing outside New Delhi Rly station confused where the hell am i & where do i go?

    Like It seems to ask its elder sister Linea, where the hell are we?
    Let me extend this virtual conversation as you may find it interesting.

    Linea responding like, our father Marchionne has sent us here to compete & bail out fiat in India.

    Punto responding, oh! i have done that before in Europe. let me guess who are the competitors here.

    Ummm Fabia, polo, fiesta, Lancer Evo, Clio & Peugeot 207 & what-ever. That's a piece of cake. I have been kicking their behind in S2000 European championship rally every year since 2005. That's no challenge., i will do it for father

    Linea saying, no that's wrong! It's swift here.
    Punto: What??
    Linea: yes & in India, we are right now. People don't drive here to know the cars. They just buy what majority is buying already. I have been here in showroom since last 2 months & now somehow found a home. For last 2 months, People just walking around me having conversation :Fiat hai, dikhne mei achi hai par spare part nahi milega. Yeho to bilkul nahi chalegi. I keep begging a chance to test drive me but no body listened. There can't be a competition until we are allowed to participate.

    Punto almost crying: how can we fight then? Father has just abandoned us in this hell. I want to go home!!

    At that moment, I stepped in & gave a tap at her bonnet gesturing her, you are home now!! i am taking you with me.

    Anyways, I give all the credit due to TATA as because of them we are still able to see & drive these fantastic vehicle on India roads, period. I don't care about How they are partial to FIAT customers & BLA BLA. We can have cars which are created with passion, timeless beauty, technological marvel & yes with spares::V..!! A sole reason deserves appreciation! Let's give them what's due.

    I think all the readers already aware of the positives, i would like to run through & brief my observation as limited as possible.

    1. Handling, ride, control, chassis & even engine growl indside the cabin is addictive & spoilers. You are not going to settle for anything else than FIAT.

    2. The high speed ability & balance of the car is unheard & unseen of in Indian cars up-to 20 Laks (or even further??)!!

    3. I am surprised how even Punto owners have commented the car is initially lethargic!!
    Granted, 1st gear is useless but that's it. You reach at 1800 RPM@22kmph in 2nd gear with good throttle & you will end up at 65 K mph in flat 3 Secs!! I am serious. For 0-100, i am sure punto takes around 5 sec for 0-25 K mph alone. Never the less, i liked actually the way engine has been tuned.
    It pulls such viciously till 190 K mph (that's the max. i have achieved so far bit i am sure it can even go further). For God sake, it picks up even at 150 K mph, too fast to be lethargic, sorry!!

    I had a few races during last 3 months & a few over taken culprits are

    A. Endevour @ 170 K mph on NH-10
    B. BMW 320d @ 188 K mph on NH-1
    C. Swift Dezire VDI @ 185 K mph on NH-10 (just disappeared in my rear view, he kept up with me till
    140 K mph)
    D. Fortuner @ 165 K mph on NH-8

    4. Absolutely amazing brakes. It could come to skid free standstill from 150 K mph with 6 people on board (We went for test drive of my new vehicle) like other cars halts from 50 to 0 k mph. All Honda, Polo & ABC owners (friends) were speechless & shocked!! Even I got out immediately to check if Disk brakes were OK because it stopped with so much authority with almost 2 Ton weight on it's 2 disk brakes! One of my friend (Honda city owner) dived on the gear stick from the rear seat!!
    No-one has ever questioned my choice after that. i am sure now they can support their buy with arguments like it's goof-seller, after-sales or spares but none of them will ever claim that his car is better than FIAT.

    Another incident was one friend bought a Swift Dzire VXI (Petrol) & we were 5 PPL on board. The engine in 2nd @50 was sounding like it is about blow out & almost denied to go further .
    Same moment, a sudden Auto Rickshaw appearance forced me to take sudden brakes but the the brakes were faded to almost non-existent!!
    I had to further press the pedal with force to check if there are really any brakes in the vehicle or not! FYI it was Dzire top model with disc brakes/alloys.
    There happens the murder of automotive Passion/beauty & technology in the most brutal way:evil:.
    On top of that, my friend paid a premium to avoid any waiting to witness this murder.

    5. Absolutely fantastic suspension!! You have a ride & when you get into other car (doesn't matter what make), you feel like the is no suspension & tires are made of WOOD!! OUTCLASSES EVERYTHING DESPITE OF WHATEVER PRICE/MANUFACTURER/category.

    I can bet people criticizing a FIAT have never ever driven one because the difference IS so obvious until you blind/paralyzed/mentally disabled. What US-president could
    see in FIAT which doesn't even sell any vehicle in US, that an average Indian can't see.
    FYI he just handed over Chrysler/dodge/jeep to FIAT free of cost to FIAT just to bring Fiat's technology to US. We are Hopeless!!

    6. Built quality is like rock solid. Comparing it to Dzire was like a comparison between Arnold Schwarzenegger & some typical Indian road side beggar who doesn't need any chest X-ray to count his ribs out. God Hanuman would be proud of "Maruti".

    7. Just love this Machine!! I could feel the passion & knowledge that it's creators possesses while driving it. If Punto is this good, Ferrari rightly makes the journalists like Butler & Jeremy Clarkson (world class international journalists who review sports cars only) have tears in his eyes. Forget it, FIAT is not for everyone, rightly said. Just one thought, alcohol could be bad for health & shouldn't be consumed but only an alcoholic knows what you are missing!!

    8. Being very heavy footed, i could always hover 18 km pl mileage. I know its diesel but still i was never able to extract more than 9-10 km pl with the same foot from my ZEN which wasn't as fast.

    But not totally blinded by this beauty, I could spot out a few improvements expected.

    1. It should be a bit less bulky which i am sure will be added in next Punto model (2013) because the car will be based on Fiat's all new C-EVO (compact wide) platform. That will be the Punto to watch for, remember you heard it here first! It is the most rigid platform with exceptional driving dynamics & Alfa romeo Giulietta is testimony to that. Giulietta is most secured vehicle as on date in Euro N CAP & outclasses every other car in all departments like engine, handling, fun & looks.
    The next vehicle based on this platform will be Chrysler's Dodge Dart (2013).
    Watch out the way it eats into the sales of VW, Honda, FORD & NISSAN from April 2013 onwards.
    Remember you heard it here first! Chrysler never had a C/D class sedans in their expertise but now they have the most fuel efficient (non-hybrid) in America's history with Fiat's multiair & exceptional driving dynamics. All major automakers (especially VW, FORD, GM & Honda) hates this new C-EVO platform of FIAT.

    2. A sixth gear is required. Engine is not relaxed even at very high speeds & always ready to dive by nose with slightest accelerator movement.

    3. Tail mounted antennae is not there in Indian version.

    4. I know it sounds ridiculous but if FIAT could make available "limited 2 door editions" for idiots like me. I will pounce on immediately. In case of 4 PPL accommodation occasionally, I could borrow some friend's vehicle for the task.

    Thanks for reading the review & God bless you all!!
    Punto 5_5.jpg Punto 1_1.jpg Punto 2_2.jpg Punto 3_3.jpg Punto 4_4.jpg
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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    One hell of a intro thread it is. Loved reading it.

    Welcome aboard!

    Mighty 90 rocks:car
  3. Congratulations on the 90, Its such a fantastic car that you will love it. My initial hiccups with my 90 were soon forgotten with each of the passing miles. It's just that it's so addictive
  4. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    wooooooosh! you nailed it. Welcome aboard!
  5. Red Carpet welcome to the family paaji just for that wonderful lengthy post ..

    Enjoy your ride and wish you lakhs of happy miles ahead on your beast ..

  6. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    Hahaha that's one hell of an introduction and you had me hooked to the thread.

    Everything you mentioned only reminds me of one thing, welcome to the FIAT family

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  7. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Great review ENKI. That's the real emotions about FIAT. I second you on that.

    The chat between punto and linea depicts the actual situation. Good creativity.

    Welcome to the club. Cheers !
  8. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    you mean 15 seconds :cool: ??? ENKI are you into technical writing because the lucidity and the "adrenaline building" language that you have used gives an impression that you are a pro :). Good review!!

    BTW i have a 90hp and mostly I am a solo driver weighing around 90kgs (90kg driving 90hp, 1 hp/kg :eek:) . When driving solo I am pretty much satisfied with the acceleration . But recently with 5 people on board(total payload around 350 kgs). I noticed that the car would accelerate very slowly and the acelerator would have to be really pressed ; with the engine making annoying sounds in the 1st and the 2nd gear :(. The total I would have driven would be around 5 kms with this payload. Somewhere I was reading on this forum that the ECU "adapts" to your driving style. Does this mean that if I drive regularly with 5 people on board then gradually the acceleration would improve ?

    And also I notice that you forgot to "mask" the car reg number in the 2nd pic that you uploaded !!!
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  9. ccprakash

    ccprakash Regolare

    nice review bro.
  10. kirenh

    kirenh Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    With 24,000 Kms in 7 months and the king of addiction this 90HP can give, I fully agree with you which only an owner can understand. Well said "alcohol could be bad for health & shouldn't be consumed but only an alcoholic knows what you are missing!!". Drive Safe.


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