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Old Punto 90hp or new punto dynamic 75hp?

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by abhinavkalra2006, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. nidhi


    New Delhi
    That's so true...even when I was buying a car people who have never even driven a Punto have criticized its interiors and the fit and finish..
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  2. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    2011 Punto could have been a demo car.
    Check the month of manufacture.
  3. Rahul, safest option means any other colour than white would have divided opinions within my family. white is something which we have grown up seeing & easy to get a consensus on:). Also, I feel white is something which is easy to maintain (a very cliched thought though!).
    Still, pls suggest which cud be the best colour option which look fab with alloys, chrome door handles & also, in terms of maintenance. I feel any other colour would start looking old in a matter of 2 years but white is something which maintains its lustre throughout...pls correct if i am wrong...tx!
  4. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    @abhinav do consider the FTA. Its more than a year now and people still praise the colour of my 90hp FTA :)...
  5. i would say that white is a lot better than medium grey and minimal grey. if its a choice between BNW, FoxTrot Azure, med grey n min. grey, i wouldnt hesitate to choose BNW. But the presence of Exotic Red and Tuscan Wine just changes the equation. I think the best colors, in the order, are: 1. Exotic Red, 2. BN White 3. Tuscan Wine. I have seen the oceanic blue in linea, but havnt yet seen a punto with blue. must be good from how it looks on linea. well, for me, its the red punto which is stylish best.

    but, as for maintenance, i dont think any color is easy to maintain. maybe the grey twins must be okay even if u dont wash it every other day, cuz they camouflage dust well. but that doesnt mean maintenance is easy. even BNW looks awesome only when it's washed and shampooed well. different people, different tastes. for me, the best colors, i repeat, are Red and BNW.
  6. in other news, I have booked the white Punto 90hp 2012 model & expecting a delivery by 10th Feb:)
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  7. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    What was the ex-showrom price quoted to you and the final GGN on-road price? Which dealer did you book it from?
  8. 7.08 lacs ex
    7.4 lacs OTR (with extended warranty & White colour; they charge 5K extra for "premium" colours)
    ABS Motors
  9. r2d2


    abhinavkalra, the dealer in my home town (near chennai) is offering me a nov 2011 manufactured (new, still in transit) white punto 90 hp for 6.95 lac ex-showroom (the ex showroom prices for the punto in south india are about 15k more than delhi on the fiat website). Please confirm if you have a 2012 manufactured 90 hp punto, does it have the upgrades of the 2012 GP most importantly the turning radius, is it 5.4m or 5m.
  10. Hi r2d2, i'll get the delivery of the car by this Friday, 10th Feb. I have been told that its the 2012-manufactured Punto 90 hp. Will check the VIN for exact manufacturing month & year. You have a point, the 2012 GP cud still be an end-2011 manufactured car. If its a 2012-manufactured car, I am sure it will incorporate all the latest additions / changes, including the low turning radius...Will check & revert. Tx!

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