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Old Punto 90hp or new punto dynamic 75hp?

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by abhinavkalra2006, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, this is Abhinav from Delhi. Will soon be a part of the "Punto Owners' Club" & really excited about it! A small background: I have been driving Swift VDI for the past 4+ years & now looking for a upgrade. No sedan for me so zeroed in on Punto 90hp & i20 Sportz CRDi. Heart ruled over mind & have finalised Punto 90hp:p...However, i realised that there is no 2012 Punto 90 hp available!!! It will be launched sometime in June'12. After much try, I am now getting a sky blue Punto 2011 90hp model with a 55K discount on the older price (approx. 6.9 L OTR, Haryana registration). My queries are:

    - Is it worth buying an older model with issues like low GC & poor interiors fit & finish, inspite of huge discounts?

    - though am sold on 90hp, i can't wait for 6 months. SO, shud I go ahead with 2012 Dynamic Punto 75hp @ 6.5 lacs net?

    - any concrete news on the exact launch of 2012 Punto 90hp?

    I would request the learned forum members to please advice me on the above. I have a budget of 7.5 lacs max & can't wait beyond Feb for the car...

  2. hi, dont take me for a very learned guy. but by my personal wisdom, i think u should go for the 2012 version. that is, if ur not the person who'd go gaga over those extra 14 horses. if u have a budget of 7.5 lakhs, u could afford the 2012 emotion. when u get extra ground clearance, smoother transition and better fit n finish, i believe u should like 2012 better than 2011.
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    First things first : have you personally experienced the low ground clearance or alleged ''poor'' interior fit and finish or just read about it on some bigshot forum?
  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    My choice will be old Punto 90HP, Its a monster, but just needs to be tamed...
    The Ground clearance is not a much issue if the roads in your place are good and you dont go for off roads most often.....
  5. Old Punto 90 hp for sure. Check the date of manufacturing as the old stock can be old as it is case with the Punto I booked.

    The Punto 2012 don't have that much noticeable improvement, the interiors are improved but not by a very big margin.The NVH seems to have been worked upon a bit. The turning radius is shortened for sure.

    But I would say the improvements are not that much to go for a lower variant & lower power.
  6. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    my friend owned 90 hp in sept. interior is same as 2012 model even speakers also changed , IMO go for 90hp
  7. to the mod: i've driven the 2011 emotion pk 2011 n test driven the emotion 2012. the clutch is much better in 2012. i've seen that many complain abt beadings coming off in 2011, and maybe fiat has fixed those in 2012. maybe. i dont have an idea abt 90 hp, whether it's better than emotion in ride etc. thats why i said dont take me for a learned guy. and i said its my personal wisdom to go for a latest version. if its a totally new product i wud recommend to wait for 5-6 months and het the reviews, but this is an improvisation on 2011 punto. it's my common sense to get a 2012 version which gives better features. will enhanced ground clearance hurt you, gurjinder?
  8. For some reason, fiat always does updates based on it's past learnings on the current set. By current set I mean not the one's which they claim as 2012 but also the subsequent batches after the issues have been noticed. I can vouch for it myself after passing through labor pains getting the 90HP last march. All said and done, everything that's present in the 2012 cars has been fixed in my car through passive recalls barring the GC and the so called interior quality. Interior quality is again a over hyped topic with everyone speaking about it even without experiencing first hand and the 2011 Cars are definitely better than 2010 cars and so on. Marginal difference in the plastic quality between 2011 / 2012 cars does not warrant that the 2011 cars are shoddily built.

    Better features in the 2012 Punto as claimed ...

    1. Improved GC.. I am yet to get my underbody hit with the existing 171 GC on the roughest of roads. Check my FB page for some snaps of the roads that I have taken the 90 to. With the upgrade kit my 90 can have the new GC. The 2012 90's should surely get the improved GC even now.
    2. Better Turning Radius.. Personally speaking having the turning radius of 5.4 Vs 5.0 as claimed is advantageous in terms of handling Vs comfort in the city. 5.4 Turning radius is definitely not that bad in the city as well.
    3. Refreshed (Brightened) Interiors / Dash -- Just having a black replaced by Grey near the gear lever according to me in not that great an upgrade over the older versions. IMHO, I prefer black anytime near the footwells instead of Grey.
    4. Seat Fabrics -- Yuk. Refer to my Punto 2012 pics and you shall get the point.
    5. Better NVH -- 2011 90's have the same NVH's as the current 2012. I am saying this with the back to back test drives done on the 2012 75 Vs my 2011 90. 2012 75's have marginally better gearing.. Less Turbo Lag which is linear and you can see the same behavior in the old 90
    6. Better Speakers -- I am not sure. I am happy cruising in my 90 which feels like I am traveling on an international airline. So for me quality of speakers does not matter. If it's music then it's my Palio with my Alpine / JBL setup which takes precedence.

    So if you ask me, it would be prudent to get the older 90 over the newer 2012 and the warranty would be applicable from the date of invoicing. Try getting better deal on the old 90 rather than waiting for the newer 90. I am not sure if the new 90 would have the evo spec. If it does it makes sense to wait.
  9. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor


    Sorry for the confusion, my post was not a reply to your post , but to abhinavkalra2006's post.

    The punto has been criticized on a lot of counts by plenty of people, but to outrightly label the interior 'fit and finish' as ''poor'' is something undigestable , to me.

    The ones who so blatantly label the interior fit and finish poor need not look at the Punto , but at Maybach's or RR's.
  10. hi gurjinder, i wasn't replying under any hard feelings. i dont have too much know how about the technical aspects. but i really felt the difference when i testdrove the 2012 emo, and thought it would be better in city traffic. though clutch is long still, it's smoother.

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