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Old Linea v/s New 2014 Linea Mind v/s Heart comparing it

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by vinisini, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. vinisini


    Unlike most of the people here I am new to the Team Fiat family (Joined just couple of days back) & looking to own a Fiat Linea...
    I was reading each & every post related to Linea & specially MJD ...

    I might be booking the same in couple of days/weeks for sure.
    1 thing to say that The true fans for cars exist mainly for fiat .. every single post when a fiatian (fiat fan) say or express some views - the writing , the representation & the content of the post just say one word to me & the word is Pure sheer RESPECT.

    I am(was) in dilemma as most of new car buyers here
    Should i go for new Linea or the older one & here is what i feel now :-

    Well I have seen face-lifted cars in india & mostly the manufacturers just change the light or indicator color or few LED here & there to call it facelift but in case of Linea it is entirely a different story & somehow I feel that comparing it & getting puzzled to decide as which one to go for is obvious thing for most of us.
    New Linea v/s old Linea My way of looking at it.

    1. Old Linea is an Italian timeless Design & beauty :- I felt so multiple times but let me tell you the fact , The newer one looks an art of piece + the timeless design which new Linea still retains.
    2. Old Linea the front grill is better then the new one :- I also felt it couple of times but after doing multiple looks/time to both the cars from front , I now feel that the newer front looks ever better than older one IMHO. Also it distinguish the car from the Punto.
    Also I felt multiple times looking at punto from front thinking it is Linea coming & it turns out to be punto. I like the sibling nature but somehow want fiat to distinguish the cars from one another & truly now it looks like completely matured & good design.
    Unlike Manza-Indica,Desire-Swift,Amaze-brio brothers I would like the big brother to have it's own identity in looks & same good qualities.
    3. The grill size & holes/air intake is increased in new front design. While it might not have direct impact on car's performance however it is always better for the engine to get more air via front grill.
    4. Front grill in new Linea is a bit big in size & hence in direct light one can see the internals of it which looks really odd.
    5. Overdose of Chrome :- Well I now do not agree to it as the chrome is a dose whose overdose is always welcome specially for such a massive car which is much bigger in size in it's category . Even Somehow I feel that it is big chrome strips present at front & back which makes the high ground clearance looks more Carish size. The old linea with less chrome looks a bit over ground height-ed. But it is just my perception.

    6. Value For money :- Somehow I feel that most of us including myself who are still love the old Linea & compare & finds is better than new Linea is mainly because of 3 main reasons
    1. Most important reason is that we just love the old design no matter what
    2. The huge discount offered on the old Linea specially these days makes us finding better things in the old one & preferring the same.
    3. The resale value of old would be less depreciated if one buys the same today as due to huge 1 lac discount. Not sure how much this will
    impact as for resale it would be anyways an outdated model
    7. New & unique Car , as the model is complete makeover, ever the two colors given in the new linea are not present in older model.

    Even newer one is Better/equivalent Value for money :-
    1. It has cruise control, none of us might be able to use it more as it is India where roads/traffic does not allow, Also Linea is not automatic, but it is still worth to have it. Owning a car at this cost having cruise control just bring smile on your face & proud on everybody else (closer ones to you) who enjoys the ride with you.
    2. The dash board is gem of an art & looks complete uber cool with a mix of Italian design + Cockpit feel.
    3. The mood light is too small thing to talk about, but you see it in night & you admire it all the time .

    7. The Rear :- Old Linea rear looks brilliant , but then once again the newer rear with the Chrome looks even more upmarket. Yes it is the chrome & huge boot size which makes chrome looks even better on it.
    We say things are cluttered in new Linea but i feel it is the level of sophistication which they incorporated & every bit of it is really enthusiastic.

    Driving Comparison :-
    I have driven Old & New Linea (both test ride vehicle) as Old Linea 4 times & new Linea thrice. Out of which 2 rides of each were back to back i.e. Old Linea followed by new Linea & the other day New Linea followed by old Linea.
    The testride I did is on different fiat showroom just to make sure that My decision to choose one should be as less biased as it can.
    Initially I thought that since new linea has 58+ kg of extra wait it might impact or make the car slower but when i took a test ride the perception got changed:-
    1.The front seats are for sure better in new Linea, the cushioning is much better.
    2. The Back seat somehow I felt is marginally more comfortable.
    3.The gears specially the gear engagement is altogether changed, the gears are short & least time consuming to engage the same.
    4. The Clutch is no doubt is now lighter & driving dynamics specially in terms of changing the gears in city is whole lot better.
    5.IMHO the Speed console is much better in looks the older one with white dial is no where close to the newer one.

    I thought of saving some 1+ lakh by opting for old Linea earlier but after doing some research & cross comparing between the two I now can say easily that the new Linea is worth the extra money.

    There are couple of things which might not be good compared to older one say the Front seat hand rest, The maintainability of new dash etc for example... but still I think that the newer one deserve to be what it is i.e. a true Makeover.

    The Last Stupid reason of mine but not the least :- If you like new Linea & you are buying older one just by thinking that it is better value for money & similar so big logics in mind & made the decision. You might be happy but after buying the car whenever while you are on road & see the new Linea parked/going near to your Linea , there is always a feeling somewhere inside your heart that i have not chosen it & now it looks much more better than what I have. So For me even this kind of a feeling is a big thing.
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  2. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Great comparo and I m happy to see someone comparing new linea with old one instead of comparing it with tin cans.

    Good choice... go for new linea as you spend all the time inside the car.
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  3. vinisini


    I was searching the same on various forums for the actual comparison between these two , since Last couple of months which can actually help me in deciding which car to buy among these two. However I am unable to find any relevant one to decide as what Linea to go for. So I decided to compare the same by my own.
  4. kailasmenon2000

    kailasmenon2000 Superiore

    The best reason is the last one you mentioned. There shouldn't be a chance to regret later. Good comparison. Go on with the booking...All the best :)
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  5. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Nice comparison there brother!!
    You cant go wrong with Linea. Be it either old or new. But its always better to go for the latest one.
  6. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Nice comparison. Good to know that you are devotedly opting between the old and New Linea instead of comparing it with other cars. New Linea will be anythime better than the old one purely from the enhancement point of view. The old Linea no doubt is a better looking car and will have economic benefits, but new Linea scores on the enhancements. What variant are you planning to buy? and what colour?
  7. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    vinisini, thank you for the comparison.
    i was looking for back to back comparison results. appreciate your efforts in posting here..
    pl go ahead with New Linea.

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  8. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    New linea has fixed most of the issues that has been reported by people like US. So it is indeed makes sense to go with the NEW.

    Some of the very handy features below
    1. USB is now reachable
    2. AUX-IN
    3. Bottle holders
    4. Cruise Control
    5. Ambience mood lighting
    6. Storage box at the driver side
    7. Short Hand rest
    8. Light in the glove box

    Make the move go with the NEW!!
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  9. Anup

    Anup Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Well the New Linea looks more Big and the new car with good interiors should be a attractive deal, it's better here to go with the mind then heart, The Pre Lift Linea is indeed a Time piece which you can keep forever and still wouldn't look old at all but the New Linea with its Features for a New Linea for a New Buyer it's something I would recommend. </SPAN>
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  10. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I am always inclined towards big mammoth cars with good looks, i don;t have problems with car's weight as long as it can perform. New Linea surely looks like it has grown up physically, Look wise, it's pretty much intact but they could have done a better job with that front grill and excessive Chrome job. Still a good looking car outside & much better inside, i am not disappointed as far as overall aesthetics are concerned.
    The worst part is obviously 1.3 Ltr MJD and world's first of it's kind, off-roader Sedan with some 250-260 mm ground clearance :A.

    Why FIAT WHY??? Only 170-175 mm, put 1.6 Ltr MJD or a detuned 2 Ltr MJD (with an FGT), this is what we wanted!
    Don't give those crappy reason like excise duty on engines less than 1.5 ltr bla bla... Every Auto-maker has been putting 1.6 Ltr engine in their cars since 6 yrs now. GM put 2 Ltr diesel in their Optra 5 yrs back. Better to be transparent to your followers rather than justifying things with ridiculous/fake reasons. I wonder if you cancelled launch of Jeep Grand Cherokee because 1.3 MJD VGT couldn't catch 100 km/hr in it:dancing.

    I hope, 1.6 Ltr MJD will be available next year else I don't see buying a FIAT as my next upgrade, as they don't have upgraded power/performance on offer. May be Skoda or VW but not no more 1.3 MJD VGT!
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2014
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