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Of course it's a Linea T-jet

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by donzil_pinto, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. donzil_pinto


    It was in August 2004, when I brought home a FIAT Palio 1.2 NV Sport. The car was a beauty at that time. Sporty look, Alloy Wheels, spacious interior, Leather steering/gear knob and not to mention an excellent ride quality.
    All said and done the car was ahead of its time. This sounds so true even today for FIAT cars.

    Was quite satisfied with ASS when fiat had its own service centres. But it took a nose dive when I had to service my car at TATA-FIAT service centre. The first couple of experiences were really bad. But since then it has been improving and today I have a wide grin when I drive my car out of the service centre. Thanks to Rajendra and Fortune Motors Powai (Now @ Sankinaka).

    Just some months back I got an opportunity to get my car services at another dealer in the western suburbs. This is the time when Forture motors was in the transition of moving to their new location. The experience was really bad.
    So I really don't know if fiat ASS has improved overall or it's just that a few dealers now have expert technicians for FIAT cars. Anways I always service my Car at Fortune and hence I don't have any complains.

    In 2009 i.e after five years with my Palio, I decided to move on to another car. This is the same time when FIAT was resurrecting itself. Got to know about FIAT Linea and fell in love with the car at first sight.
    It was stunning couldn't take my eyes out of it. The decision was made, I was going to buy FIAT Linea. However decided to wait for the initial reports.

    Didn't know how to react. On one side the car was so much appreciated for its looks, ride and handling and the never ending list of features. One the other, the poor quality of fittings and the not so great power.
    I could have lived with the power as it was enough for me. But poor quality of fitting was a deal breaker for me. Decided to wait for the next generation as I was sure that FIAT would definitely improve on the Quality Control.

    Come Jan 2010 and got to hear about the Fiat Linea T-jet and duralogic launch. I knew my car was going to arrive soon. I was more focusing on the 1.6 duralogic diesel as I travel about 1700+ kms per month.
    Since then month after month I was try to gather info on when is FIAT going to launch the car.

    Got to know form a source that FIAT was working of a new gear system for the duralogic as the current GM gear was too old. This meant that the t-jet was going to be launched earlier and the duralogic was slated for Dec 2010.
    Months passed and the news of T-jet launch was confirmed but no news of the duralogic since then.

    I couldn't wait any longer and decided to buy the T-jet and started following up the Launch. From June It went to July, then August, then Sept and finally around somewhere between 15-20th Sept it was clear that the T-jet will be launched in the first week of Oct. Oct 8 was the date mentioned.

    I was excited. On around Sept 23, the net was flooded with quick first drive reviews of the t-jet. Thanks to the test drive at Amby Valley.The feedback was amazing. I have never seen the auto magazines and shows praise a FIAT. The two major issue of Linea were history.

    It was Oct 8 and I was glued to the website that was covering the press launch. I had scheduled a service of my Palio on Oct 9. So it was sure that I was going to be at the dealer at 10am in the morning.
    It was Oct 9th and as soon as I enter the showroom. I saw a hostess with the read FIAT jacket. At those talks about improved sales experience seemed to be true. I will talk a bit more about my sales experience a bit later.

    At around 10:30am, I saw the test car being brought in front. The workmen were busy making a designated space with spotlight, mat, etc.
    I checked out the car inside out and was very pleased with the interiors. couldn't take the test drive as the display car had not arrived. So went back home without the drive. My Sales rep told me that I could take the test drive later in the day or on the next day. Got a call from the service centre that my Palio was ready. Immediately told my wife and kid that we're going to check the new car. My 5 year old was exited. He had seen the windows logo on the steering as I was checking on the car on the net and he got the impression that the car comes fitted with a computer. He had also the plans to play games on the cars computer.

    It was a clear mandate from my wife that we were going to buy Honda City. I was avoiding that debate was more than a year now.
    Went to the showroom and got the test drive. My kid was overjoyed. Not only did the car had a computer, but it also had a bed. Thanks to the folding rear seat and the comment from the salesman that you can even sleep in the car while travelling.
    My wife was also pretty happy with the car and gave me the permission to buy T-jet.

    It was on 10-10-10 that I booked the car. The balance payment and loan clearance was done on 20-10-10.I got the car delivered on 25-10-10.
    At lot happened between those days. My post has become really huge and So I will talk more about it in my next update.

    By the way, I got a gift from FIAT on 30-10-10 along with a letter by singed by FIAT CEO. Mr. Rajeev Kapoor.

    Below are some snaps of my car and the gift from FIAT.

  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Wow, T Jet ownership report !!!
  3. donzil_pinto


  4. donzil_pinto


  5. Wow a gift and a letter seems to be a good touch when you are spending a million Rupee on a car. The scuff plates are also good. Looking forward to hear about the ride and features of T-Jet. Congrats! buddy for the first TJet ownership :clap
  6. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Wow! The first Fiat Linea T-Jet ownership thread in Team Fiat India. Congratulations and best wishes, donzil_pinto, on becoming a proud owner of a precious, prized possession. :) Happy and safe driving.

    It is another first from Fiat India to send personalised gift, which I haven't heard of for cars in this segment. :up
  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Wow, congrats. Nice to see real owner of T-Jet. Looks you are few first owners of this great car. Hope you enjoy more.
    Keep us updated.

    And the personaized gift really makes T-Jet owners exclusive.
  8. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Wow, Wow and then some more of wow!! A true fiat enthusiast you are Donzil! The personal touch by CEO is a great gesture. I am salivating for more of the report and some interior pics.

    With TJet, Fiat has partially removed the "undepowered" tag successfully. They now need to plonk a bigger heart in MJD and then the story of underpowered fiats will be history.
  9. Congrats donzil_pinto the scuff plates looks awesome. Can you post few pics of interiors also is yours T-JET or T-JET+?
  10. racingkid


    New Delhi
    Sweet and gorgeous T-JET :wow Linea TJET is looking fantastic.
    Congrats donzil_pinto for T-JET , Scuff plates are looking great and gift must have made it a whole different experience. :car

    More Pics are always welcome.

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