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OE Tyre Problem

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by feby_thomas, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. feby_thomas


    Hi All,
    Last week i was on a trip from Bangalore to Kerala, and the roads from Palaghat have become quite bad, coupled with the loong trailer truck i had to jump a few potholes. When i reached Cochin, i noticed that both the tyres on the left had a bulge. Since i had to get back to bangalore i managed to put the stepney and bought a second hand tyre and drove back to bangalore. I tried to put it through the warranty claim but the Goodyear Engineer rejected as the tyre had some crack on the inner wall when it was inspected out of the rim. My worry is that, the Goodyear GT3 are so bad that a few potholes can cause such bad problem??

    Any other experiences or suggestion why the problem would have occurred? The GY engineer claimed that something hit the tyre from the side, which i do not agree as on the outer wall of the tyre there is no signs of any damage.

  2. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    The most logical reason would be that the pot hole edge must have scraped the tyre from the inside...
    Tar/concrete road with potholes suggests the edges to be sharp..
    Its really good that you didn't end up with flat tyres or the rims edge and the tyre gave way to the air inside...
  3. gautam84


    New Delhi
    i have faced the very same problem in my linea. my car went thru a pothole which came all of a sudden n i cud not notice it. reaching home i noticed that there was a buldge on the sidewall of tyre which went thru d pothole..
    complained the same to goodyear.. they called me for he tyre inspection in gurgaon..
    opened the tyre and refused to claim it under warrenty. he said that the tyre has gone thru a pothole and the inner lining of the tyre has broken resulting in a buldge.
    i was on a speed of around 60 when this incident happened.. what sort of tyres are these when they cant bear such small potholes.. are these tyres meant to run on silk...??????
    newaz have bought a new tyre..luckily a guy bought that tyre for 500 bucks.. FIAT..provide a solution plz
  4. royj

    royj Esperto

    Goodyear GT3s are that bad? :thumbs down
    I have Bridgestones as OE Tyre, have gone through numerous potholes, no issues so far - touch wood.
    Once after going through a particularly large pothole a tak-tak sound started hearing. Took it to TASC, they found a loose ball joint, tightened it, and the sound disappeared.
  5. ThePunter

    ThePunter Regolare

    I had went thru the same stretch (Palakkad - Thrissur) a week before at midnight, had many as-u-said trailors all way round, so was stuck at times, with no clue on what is coming next, thus had encountered numerous potholes. Only one I remember, was a HARDHIT. But everything looked ok, when I checked outside after reaching destination safe.
    But the tyre getting bulged/damaged due to this is horrific. Everytime I get a thud next time, I would probably remember this and :A.
    With Alloys, the tyre should be able to stand slightly more beatings- am i right?
  6. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    happens to a lot of tires
    even otherwise, the goodyear gt3s are nothing to write home about.
    one of the lousiest tires i've ever seen on a car.
    at 23k or thereabouts, the rains were in full force and my tires, the same gt3s had no bloody traction.
    even a bald mrf (which is another lousy tire) wouldve fared better.
    drive safe and watch out for the potholes.
    if you are cosy enough with the dealers or the service center guys, they may change the tires for you just out of goodwill.
  7. ThePunter

    ThePunter Regolare

    Good god!.. somewhere there is a good will behind me.. :mrgreen:

    Just the same day in NH47, but few hours before in the evening and it was pouring like hell, I was doing 160+ with these shoes on with an equally crazy innova on the side ::OO ,
    Anyway there was no unlucky situation which demanded braking or anything urgent, but still anything would have been possible if the tires are like these, in those situations.

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