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Now ready with this beautiful beast - My Punto 90 HP

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by abhi_k, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    What you said is very correct. 3M sealant is noting but synthetic wax. But many of us (first time car buyers) are not good at detailing and no matter what we may not be able to get good at it in near future. So since its a new car and that attachment is present, i guess its good that atleast for first few months we go for this treatments.

    At the moment its been a month since i got it on my car, though i do 2 bucket wash (1s so far), the car always stays outside and not under any shade. So far the paint sealant is working like charm. As per 3M, it stays min of 8 months. So by then we can wax it ourselves and make it look brand new as per you words.

    Please go as per your heart. One side there is technical stand point/arguments and other side is your emotional values with your car. As said in above lines, if you think its really hard for you to detail yourself for good, then go for paint sealant.
    Also regarding the under chassis, i too did not go for it in the first place for alike a month. After that time period i happen to go under the chasis (to tie up the ABS cable which was hanging, thanks to Krishna's suggestion) you also should do that btw.
    When i was scanning the under body zinc treatment, i could find few places the zinc layer was peeling off. So my emotional senses came into act and i add up an extra protection though from a technical stand point it was not necessary now/immediately but hey its monsoon now and i love my car ::V
  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    After speaking to the 3M guys and seeing them work on my car i can easily tell you that there is nothing called paint sealant.
    They are only going to wax/polish the car .
    I know this because when i went in for a swirl removal process about a year back i remember very well there way a swift fellow getting paint protection done on his brand new car.
    His was first in the queue and i simply observed what was done. These guys used the same bottle of whatever they had on his car and then on mine.

    I spoke to Ashok (3M JP nagar ) and directly asked him how they are using the same products with 2 different process and he skilfully avoided that conversation by telling me that there was prep work done before i came. I just smiled and let it be.

    If you want a proper way of sealing your cars then get a layer of clear coat (Like Sat-chit-anand) has .
    It will last for at least 6-8 months and costs about 3K (Sat correct me if wrong).

    Secondly technically sealing paint would involve an autoclave, heat treatment amongst other things to literally cook the paint into the metal underneath.
    It cannot be done over some rubbing compounds and wax.
    Dont get in for the ride you will simply waste money
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  3. Clear coat will last for at least 5-6 years, if proper care is taken it will last life time of the car. It will cost a bomb though.
    My suggestion would be just use 3M/Formula 1 liquid wax and use MF cloth to do the finishing part.Polishing the paintwork will always take away few microns of paint and clearcoat.
  4. abhi_k


    After going through the all discussions, I can just thought of that paint sealant does not have very convincing impact. When I had bought my Swift, I had gone for Teflon coating and anti-corrosion treatment immediately as there was no under chassis anti-corrosion was done from company side and also body paint quality didn’t look so convincing. But with Punto I am finding its paint quality is at top niche level and can go with it for some time. Yes another aspect is that I am not a detailing expert and mostly I don't do any cleanup myself.

    So I will like to take some advice on the basis of below given points, whether I should go for paint sealant job immediately or not:
    1) My parking is in basement so no direct expose to Sun. But whenever I take it to my office then it gets exposed to sun during office hour because of open sky parking in office
    2) Daily my car is being washed by some car washer guy who does the job for others also in my apartment. So I cannot expect a "proper care" kind of job
    3) And if I take my car for wash and waxing for every 3 months (this period can be increased or decreased as per your suggestion) to some specialist car care shop like car nation, car spa etc.
  5. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    As suggested by Sham and Sat, make sure that guy uses MF cloth and cleans neatly via 2 bucket method or better way. If not, youll end up having damages to the paint than good. I always prefer to do it myself, after all its our hard earned money spent well.

    Btw use Jopasu Duster on the dry body of car to clean it up before washing or even after couple of days of dusting the car surface.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2013
  6. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    All the points are opposite in my case,and i have done with 2 years :) .Now thinking of Paint sealant.
    Yes:- i used to do some detailing and i used only Duragloss.
    For initial one year no polish nothing only water wash.
  7. abhi_k


    Hi All,

    During my short driving experience with my new Punto 90HP I have observed some hick-ups which are mentioned below. Need experts advice here:

    1) Many times I struggle to get the correct spot for the first gear. It doesn't fall in place when try to apply the first gear many times. If anybody else has also observed the same?

    2) Many times I find it difficult to pull on incline from stop. Suppose I have to completely stop on inclined road/surface (around 30-40 degree) due to traffic, then I find engine comes to stall and starts rolling back as I try to move from halt in first gear. This creates complete chaos in between B2B traffic. I had never faced this issue with my Swift Petrol. But with Punto 90HP I am facing this very frequently. I have tried half clutch method and acceleration method also but still faced this issue. This may be due to being new with Punto and diesel car hence lacking proper sync. Any best known method need to be applied in Punto 90HP for avoiding this problem?
  8. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Are you sure you are trying to engage first gear only while car is standstill?

    Trying to do the same when car is rolling should be avoided.

    For taking off on inclines, you need to play with your handbrake, clutch and accelerator.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2013
  9. abhi_k


    Yes, I was engaging the first gear only.
  10. nareshov


    Abhi, you could defer the daily cleaning to perhaps weekly cleaning and maybe do it yourself! (burns calories for you ^^; plenty of guides on the net)
    On a daily basis, if there really is dust on the car, you could use something like the Jopasu duster to dust the car out.

    Your second point, I think, is the most damage-causing action (i.e. not caring for your car's exterior the right way: lack of use of microfibre cloth, car shampoo, soft water or drying the car during the day after washing with hard water, etc.) at the moment for you.

    If you can sustain this, you may not require wax polishing as frequently as once in 3 months (maybe 5-6 instead?)

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