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Now Punto starts at 3.63 and linea at 5.5 ....stock clearing ?

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by nird_1976, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. nird_1976


    Thanks Marvin and Bala for giving your experiences of owning a punto/linea.
    Cuty Red may understand that we all three are fiat fans but, as expressed with broken heart by Bala (above and in his thread as well), the reality seems far from fan-dreams. While I endorsed the idea that Punto sales may be down becasue they misappropriated the models with price and features, Bala and many others have grave issues in ASS. While interiors do not give a feel good sense in Punto, the ride quality (if the machine runs well) is superior than almost all other brands.

    The biggest discount is given on petrol models. Now from Bala we know that even the price comes to 3 lakh he would not buy it !!!...This means, ASS has a major-major role in low fiat sales.
    Now we come to October(622) v/s November sales (1037), ASS has certainly not changed drastically within a month. It the offer which has reached the public and turned into little increased sales. This proves my earlier point.
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  2. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    I'm excited for new linea T jet !!!!! i hope so they add new features + no increasing in price......
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  3. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    Hi Nird ,

    Your arguments seem valid . Your claim seems reasonable that the discounts have triggered the sales . But calling ASS a reason for poor sales is definitely not done . OUt of the few thousand of us maybe a very very small fraction of us have had major issues with the car . And no other brand can boast of a very clean record . Heck even toyota which was considered the best in quality and reliability lost it when it came out with Etios . Skoda has its own ASS issues . Maruti too has issues . So ASS is a problem with every brand .

    Where FIAT took a hit was , in projecting itself in a new light after the disaster they did with the UNO and palio . The cars were gems but the after sales was bad . Now when they came up with punto and linea they should have done a better job in changing peoples perception . People still have the UNO and palio horror stories in their heads .

    The ASS is not even half as bad as people project it to be . Its actually pretty good .

    If only people would understand how good a product this car is , they wouldnt need to think twice .

    @Bala : I think your wiper firing up every time the ignition is turned out is not a very strong reason for branding a car useless . Its a nice car . Had this issue been existent in all teh lineas on road today then your point would have been valid .

    You know there have been numerous instances where people travelling in a fiat car have and come out scratchless in accidents .

    I would have been frustrated like you if I had the same issue . Dont quit my friend get it checked at a couple of more places . It might take a lil longer but at the end of the day its all fixable and once its fixed you might just regret what you'd said here .

    PLease take the above test on a positive note . Its not meant to hurt anyone .
  4. nird_1976


    Thanks gautamkhadse for giving a detailed reply on the points raised:cool: Also I take note of the points given by Cuty Red with regard to what has been said in long-long threads dedicated to fiat low sales.

    I was just curious over two point when I thought to begin the thread. First was second time lowering the prices within two months from Fiat and second was a news floating (now seems confirmed see link Fiat Linea & Punto 2012 Models - 3rd JAN 2012 - Team-BHP) at that time. Both the factors lead me state that prices might have come down to clear the old stocks of punto/Linea (as simplest of marketing genius) before new models are placed at a bit higher price or at the same prevailing price.

    Now, when we see the news is confirmed and fiat offers extra discount in December, how many would go for old punto/linea when they are getting new refreshed ones after a month or so. Hence, December, the fiat sales may fall again. But not necessarily so because, lower price may attract a few. Mind though, that prices are lowered for petrol models. Diesel models have only free insurance on real terms...which generally all other brands also give in many seasons....In fact fiat has been giving it without publicity for a long time.....

    In nutshell, assuming that I am a prospective buyer of punto Epk (almost purchased in October but for last moment diversion) and I (personally) liking to wait for new models and new fiat showrooms setup, it would be really interesting to see how FIAT-STORY changes with my purchase...:D
  5. Tarun

    Tarun Amatore

    Bhiwani, Delhi
    i just talked to a friend of mine who is the future owener of Fiat cafe. He insured that there is no info & news about any new models launching in india coming soon, and as well it doesn't makes any sense too. So fiat lowering the price to clear out the STOCK!! it just doesn't seem like it.
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  6. sandipan_r15

    sandipan_r15 Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3

    I have come to know from a source that 'new product training' has already been done for the upgraded PUNTO & LINEA.

    PUNTO ACTIVE will come with central locking(not keyless),music system,body colour door handles.

    PUNTO DYNAMIC will come with fog lamps,music system,ABS,height adjustable driver seat,keyless entry,body colour door handles.

    PUNTO EMOTION will come with air bag,music system with blue & me.

    Don't know much about EPK & PRICE.


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  7. nird_1976


    Hi Tarun, I also had similar confirmation from local fiat dealer here, but, the way news is spreading, it is undeniable that refreshed versions are on cards. Numerous sites are quoting it under variety of titles that both punto and Linea are going to be refreshed. You may test it yourself by typing similar keywords in google and check it with latest news on Internet.

    Thanks Sandipan for your post. I do not think, the information you gave was offtopic. It is the very much fortopic. I was interested to hear a lot more about what changes fiat makes as I am curiously waiting for the new punto. I hope, fiat takes the similar model-wise specifications as given by you. That would surely attract customers who do not want to pay for features they do not wish to use or would not bother their absence.

    As I have said in one my post above, i could find that FIAT didn't placed the features appropriately. If they do it now, assume How happy I would be:D
  8. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Talked to a known person in Fiat, he confirmed that facelifting is in process and interiors will be changed in new cars. Exteriors and engine would remain same. So I think Linea and Punto are about to receive improved fit-n-finish & plastic quality.

    Wait for some more time, prior to joy. Lets new version launched. It is Fiat , managed by Tata. Kuchh bhi ho sakta hai bhai....
  9. There will be no EPK
  10. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    If the facelifted/renewed GP and Linea were to be launched in Jan2012 as discussed, would the test cars not be doing rounds around the city by now and caught by cameras or am I missing something? This generally happens with vehicles prior to launches as we get to read on the internet.

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