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Now Punto starts at 3.63 and linea at 5.5 ....stock clearing ?

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by nird_1976, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. nird_1976


    Just saw a new TV ad by fiat...the magic become even more sweet....punto starts at 3.63 and Linea at 5.5...Nov2011 sales show that there is a positive impact on car sales against last months offer, atleast sales didn't slipped further:D. So fiat thinks the very way we all think. Fiat models are overpriced to their competitors in present scenario. Giving further discount shall rise the volumes in December 2011.
    Other face of the coin is this- Wheter Fiat-india is clearing old stocks of both models, before they launch the refreshed punto and linea from their own showrooms ? This point seems stronger. Because, fiat began the offer from 23 Sep onwards and so far luke warm response is seen. No great turn in terms of sales. So, fiat may might have stopped making punto and linea a few months back. Now just clearing th stocks pending at Ranjangaon at the dealer door !

    Now waiting for the refreshed punto and linea announcement for a higher price...and ha ha ha .....they will again be overpriced :sadblue....come on fiat...see the competition around just sale a few thousand puntos and lineas with compromised profit...and earn a bit repute again....then think of pricing and profit....
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  2. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I purchased 90 HP before 2 months.:uh
  3. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    What makes you think Punto or Linea are overpriced when compared with it's competitors?
    I20, Swift almost all hatches cost more or same as Punto execpt someone even decides to rear leave power windows in top model (Ford), one wiper Liva etc
    Same with Linea too Vento, Rapid, Verna, Fiesta, City all cost more than the Linea while SX4 is priced almost same as Linea with much less features.

    If Linea/Punto were overpriced why didn't the Fiat Magic festival offer helped in increasing sales
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  4. nird_1976


    Exactly same is answered in my first thread....from 622 in October 2011, fiat didn't slide further down...thanks to these offers only ....Now in Nov2011, they sold crossing 1000 cars......I personally love punto, but probably the features are not well placed price wise.....first two base models do not come with ICE....see Vista...even lowest version comes...and if you talk Vista....other than blue and me of punto (replaced by blue5) its top end is very low priced than punto mjd Epk...Similar with Linea...

    Moreover, I personally feel that once you sit and drive punto, you feel the comfort in cabin and ride quality but, inside visual delight is lesser than e.g. i20 or vista and even for that matter Swift...So the exterior looks are killing ....the interior is depressing ....

    You may wait and watch...if punto is going to be refreshed...where they tweak the model...already we hear that , it would be interiors....and what about so called cramped music system of puntos...you pay about 7 lakh and can not hear a song in full volume to enjoy it...real KOLAVERI DI
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  5. Hi,

    I checked with the local dealer, he said Punto EPK > 5 K & 90 HP > 10K off + Insurance + RSA + EW + Basic Ass.

    Might be on Punto 1.2 they are offering much discount as well as Linea Petrol.

    I feel better to wait till Jan 2012 for new model than decide to buy.
  6. nird_1976


    Hi Rakesh
    Yes, they have been gving these discounts on Multijet options for last three months. But, problem is the real selling segment is diesel for punto, where cash discount is very less. I think, the petrol puntos are left in factory or at dealers stocks, which is not at all moving. The lowest prices (3.63 lakh) may attract a few petrol buyer towards punto, but it would not generate volumes per say.

    Unless, punto multijet cash discounts is higher than what at present, volumes from fiat are unexpected...
  7. nird ,
    I assume that you are just a fiat enthusiast and not a fiat car owner .

    Like most of other non fiat owners you to started to dance as per tunes of other forums and sources . Please get the facts correct before assuming about the sales figures / driving comfort / features about a fiat car ..

    And regarding you assumptions of stock clearing .. Please go through differnet threads in the same site where people have got even october 2011 manufactured puntos . And now if you call this as stock clearing then I dont have any comments ..

    Also please dont think that driving comfort in fiat vehicles is bad than i20 and swifts.. Please ask to any fiat owner and see whatt hey have to say about the drive comfort .

    I accept that ICE is not good in fiat cars . Also the interiors are not as good as i20s and swifts .. But compare the price and features of high end models of all 3 cars whihc you can do from internet and then comment whether they have to give any more offers ..

    And i wonder why you dont have any comment on price increase of swift ..

    Now about the sales figures .. Again we do have a pretty long thead where we discuss about the sales figures and the reasons behind these bad figures .. Please go through that once and you can put your suggestions and assumptions there ...

  8. nird_1976


    Thanks Cuty red for hitting the true nodes. In fact your discovery that I am not a fiat owner requires praise....

    Now coming to the point, it seems you are are just cursory reading all these threads which you mention again and again. A bright example is my own last thread quoting ...

    Then I read your reply quoted as ...

    Can you find that you are contradicting yourself:confused:....I have clearly mentioned that you feel (note you feel) the comfort and ride quality in Punto (I do not own it but have driven to tell it and have driven i20, vista and swift as well). But interiors are not good. Both the opint you reierated and accepted ..than where the question comes ?

    I have been reading all the referred material since one year now and well versed with what you say regarding reasons for poor fiat sales etc...

    I have never said either that Swift is VFM or for that matter i20 or Vista.....My point (if you read) is that fiat did not tag the price of models with features properly (my persona feeling)....
  9. marvin patrick gray

    marvin patrick gray Amatore

    Hey guys

    Just checked with the showroom here in Lucknow. Huge discounts with Tjet and Tjet plus.
    I made a general inquiry about Tjet's price and the first price he offered after no negotiations was.....Rs. 8,86,000/-
    This price can be negotiated further on visiting the showroom.

    Now isn't this a great price for a car packed with features like :-

    -turbocharged petrol engine
    -all disc brakes
    -leather upholstry
    -real fun to drive
    -a long list of features

    Can any other car match Tjet plus with this price ?

    Now the practicality. There would be less takers for the car cause :-

    - No brand value
    - No publicity of the features available
    - People perceive Fiat is as good/bad as Tata.
    - Unawareness of the product to the salespersons.
    - People are more leaned towards diesels these days.

    I hope to see this product on the top of C segment cars. But when will it happen ? Rather, will it happen ?
  10. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Why 3.63 lakhs,even if Fiat gives it's cars for 3 Rs,I would definitely not bring them home.Why would anyone buy troubles and headaches with one's hard earned money.Some time you learn lessons the hard way and this is one such after owning a Linea for nearly 3 years.After a host of problems,now in my car when ever the ignition is started,the wiper starts working along immediately,so what's the fun in having a car which can not be started?.I wish there is some kind of rating like crisil ratings for car,then Fiats would score ---A:(
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